Jetradar Is Now Aviasales — All About the Brand Changes

Andrey Novoselov Andrey Novoselov
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There will be changes in the Aviasales/Jetradar affiliate program in the near future. Aviasales is stopping the development of its second brand — Jetradar. The company decided to concentrate its efforts on the development of one brand — Aviasales. The multilingual versions of Aviasales will replace Jetradar.

Jetradar is now Aviasales — all about the brand changes

Why is it good news for Travelpayouts’ affiliates? 

Now, all Aviasales resources will be aimed at promoting one brand, and the company has big plans for international expansion.

What will happen with the affiliate traffic to Jetradar? 

We will gradually “turn off” Jetradar domains and replace them with similar Aviasales domains, redirecting visitors to Aviasales.

At the same time, all affiliate widgets and links will be replaced automatically, and there won’t be any difference for the user. Accounting for statistics and sales will work smoothly.

This is a lengthy process and we will definitely notify the partners who work with different language versions of Jetradar about upcoming changes for a specific language version.

What should affiliates do? 

  1. Don’t worry. All sales will be counted correctly.
  2. Start updating the content on your resources, using only the Aviasales brand.
  3. After being notified of the disconnection of the Jetradar domain you are working with, you can replace the affiliate links with new ones (but this is not necessary).

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask them in the comments to this article or write to Travelpayouts’ support.

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