The Travelpayouts Widget Challenge Has Been Successfully Completed

Natalia Tsvetkova Natalia Tsvetkova
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The Travelpayouts Widget Challenge was a success! During the challenge, partners learned how to work with widgets from scratch and maximize their revenue. Several of them even won a special prize!

Travelpayouts widget challenge

What Is the Travelpayouts Widget Challenge?

At Travelpayouts, we know that widgets can be a powerful tool for boosting earnings. According to our data, partners who use widgets correctly (and in combination with partner links) can increase their income by an average of 2.5 times.

With that said, using widgets may not seem very straightforward, especially if you’re new to it. To flatten the learning curve and help partners learn the ins and outs of using widgets, we created the Widget Challenge. From November 15, 2022, till January 15, 2023, we guided partners through the step-by-step process of using widgets.

How Did the Challenge Help the Partners?

With the Travelpayouts Widget Challenge:

  • 137 partners installed their first widget and optimized it for conversions
  • 73 partners learned through practice throughout every step of the challenge
  • 34 partners got the first income from widgets and maximized their revenue

Congratulations to the Challenge Winners!

All Widget Challenge participants had the opportunity to receive a free consultation from a Travelpayouts widget specialist and special prizes. All prizes are already available for you in your Travelpayouts personal accounts.

Thank you to all partners who participated, it was really cool! See you in the next challenges!

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