The Most Popular Transfers and Other Data in a Kiwitaxi Sales Report

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Our colleagues from Kiwitaxi presented a detailed sales report. You can find out about the most popular routes, seasonal fluctuations, and other data. The information is useful for everyone who works with the Kiwitaxi affiliate program in the niche of transfers. The detailed report is available here.

Kiwitaxi – The most popular transfers and other data in a sales report

Kiwitaxi Sales Report

The report includes data on the sales of transfers throughout the world. You will find information about routes. Thanks to this information, you will be able to:

  • Identify the most popular destinations;
  • See seasonal dependence;
  • Follow the logic of growth and decline in demand for specific routes;
  • Find niches you can work in;
  • Make analysis of the transfer market.

For example, you will find that more than 30% of transfers are made for round trips. This means that you can earn twice from one person: when he travels from the airport to the city and when he comes back. Also, you can clearly see when and which directions are in high demand, which cities are subject to seasonality less than others, and much more.

This is excellent information for starting as an affiliate of Kiwitaxi program. Analyze the data to earn on transfers more. And do not forget to use our manual, how to write a text that could help you sell thousands of transfers. This guide, combined with today’s report, is an unbeatable source of information for successful sales in a transfer niche.

Share your interesting perspectives and experiences related to the report in the comment. Let’s discuss them together.

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