Travelpayouts Explained: How We Work, Earn and Help You Succeed

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There’s a prevailing misconception among travel bloggers that directly joining a travel brand’s partner program guarantees a bigger reward, as “nobody takes a cut.” Well, we’re about to reveal a little secret at Travelpayouts, we don’t either!

You may be wondering how on earth we turn a profit in that case, and that’s exactly what we’ll delve into in this article. Plus, we’ll explain why partnering with Travelpayouts could actually boost your earnings.

How Travelpayouts Benefits You Without Touching Your Earnings

What Does Travelpayouts Make Money From?

To understand our financial model, let’s first explore how Travelpayouts works. Essentially, we act as a bridge connecting travelpreneurs with various travel brands.

Here’s how it happens:

  1. A partner registers on the Travelpayouts partnership platform.
  2. They connect with any of our 60+ travel brands.
  3. They promote these brands on their websites.
  4. Readers visit the brands’ websites via affiliate links on the partner’s site.
  5. Readers purchase travel services.
  6. The partner earns rewards on sales made through their affiliate links.

As the ultimate intermediary, Travelpayouts facilitates faster and more lucrative earnings for partners, ensures they always receive their rewards, helps brands attract quality traffic, and prevents fraudulent bookings.

How Travelpayouts works

And Now for the Million-Dollar Question: Who Pays for Travelpayouts’ Services?

The answer is simple — the brands themselves. They compensate us for our valuable assistance, recognizing us as an effective and substantial channel for traffic and sales. This means the partner programs on the Travelpayouts platform reward partners just as generously as if they had joined them directly. We never skim off any commission from partners, ensuring they get their fair share.

“But I’ve Compared the Commissions, and Direct Affiliates Still Offer Higher Rewards!”

We can confidently say that, in most cases, our rewards match those of direct brand affiliate programs or other affiliate networks. In fact, sometimes Travelpayouts rewards are even higher. 

The perceived difference in rewards may be due to how they’re presented. A direct affiliate program might calculate the rate as a revenue share, while we express the reward as a percentage of the booking value.

Take for example. Their direct affiliate program pays a 25% revenue share, while we pay 4% of the booking value. However, the partner’s reward remains the same! Moreover, expressing the reward as a percentage of the booking price simplifies it for the partner, making it easier to understand their earnings.

Admittedly, there are a few brands where we offer slightly lower rewards than a direct affiliate program. However, the benefits we offer more than make up for the 1-2% difference, ultimately helping you earn even more, and we’re also constantly working to close that gap.

Let’s explore how we help travel bloggers earn more with minimal effort.

Unlocking the Power of Travel Blogging With Travelpayouts: Earn More, Stress Less!

Travel bloggers across the globe have discovered the secret to earning more while making their lives easier — and that secret is Travelpayouts. We’re proud to share why so many choose us as their preferred platform for travel affiliate marketing.

  1. The Travelpayouts platform is tailor-made for travel brands, offering a one-stop-shop for all your affiliate marketing needs. Our laser-focused expertise in the travel industry sets us apart. We don’t dabble in multiple niches, but instead immerse ourselves in all things travel. This deep understanding allows us to stay ahead of trends and create technological solutions that travel bloggers need most.

    We’re continually refining our unique tools and innovating new ones to make your blogging journey a breeze. From our handy Chrome extension to LinkSwitcher and more, we’ve got you covered. Use our tools to save time and energy, leaving you free to focus on what you love — exploring the world and crafting compelling content!
  1. Switching to Travelpayouts from other affiliate networks or direct partner programs is a cakewalk with our LinkSwitcher tool. Simply install one script on your site, and voila! All your links — even those that were not previously monetized — will begin generating income through Travelpayouts.

    Moreover, we offer the option to involve your team or freelancers in your content creation process. With our Delegated Access feature, you can grant them limited access to your Travelpayouts account, promoting efficient collaboration.
  1. Managing multiple travel partner programs has never been easier thanks to our all-in-one platform. In just a couple of days, you can seamlessly connect to over 60 trusted travel brands, most of which are instantly available upon registration.

    Our unified dashboard offers a comprehensive view of your performance across all brands. Say goodbye to logging into multiple accounts and piecing together data. With Travelpayouts, everything you need is right at your fingertips. Imagine the time you’ll save!
  1. Travelpayouts makes getting paid like clockwork. Once your earnings reach the minimum threshold of $50, we automatically send your combined rewards from all brands directly to your bank account or PayPal every month. No more tracking thresholds or managing payments across different platforms. Rest assured, we always pay, no matter what happens with other affiliate programs.
  1. Our support team is another reason why partners love Travelpayouts. We’re not just about template emails — we’re committed to providing exceptional, personalized assistance. From investigating issues to addressing concerns, we strive to make each interaction positive and productive. Unlike some support teams that may take weeks to respond or even ignore your queries, we tackle problems promptly to ensure you’re never left in the lurch. Your peace of mind is our top priority.
  1. With our extensive expertise in travel affiliate marketing, we provide invaluable advice on how to monetize your travel blog. Plus, we’re closely tied to a host of industry experts who frequently share their insights with our partners.

    Whether you’re a novice or an experienced blogger, you’ll appreciate our supportive community where no question or problem is left unanswered. Learn more on how you can benefit from Travelpayouts in our article.

Most importantly, our partners are at the heart of our business. We work tirelessly to ensure your experience with us is seamless, and your earnings continue to grow. After all, your success is our success! The more bookings you generate, the more you earn, and the more rewards we receive from brands. Together, we form an unstoppable team, making money from what we all love most — unforgettable travels!

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