How to Quickly Switch to Travelpayouts From Other Affiliate Platforms

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Use LinkSwitcher to automatically replace links on your site with Travelpayouts partner links in seconds so you can start earning with Travelpayouts’ brands without going through the agonizing manual process of adding each link one by one. Don’t miss out on potential earnings due to invalid URLs. You have full control over which links to change using the simple and flexible settings in your Travelpayouts personal account.

Are you currently working with direct brand partner programs or affiliate networks, but want to start working with the same brands on Travelpayouts? By doing so, you can receive regular monthly payouts automatically, accumulate money faster with a lower minimum payout, and receive quick support that will help solve your problems and answer your questions.

Your head must be spinning when you imagine how much time it will take you to find all the existing partner links on your site, generate new partner links in Travelpayouts, and manually add them… Sounds agonizing, doesn’t it?

Well, we have a solution: LinkSwitcher! It’s a tool that will automatically, in seconds, replace links on your site with Travelpayouts partner links, so you can start earning with Travelpayouts’ brands as soon as possible. The choice of which links to change is up to you.

In addition, we at Travelpayouts regularly work on improving our tools. So, as of March 2024, LinkSwitcher can be used to find invalid links. The tool automatically analyzes the URLs on your site and shows any broken ones. All so you won’t lose a single cent of earnings from your partner brands.

What is LinkSwitcher?

LinkSwitcher is a tool developed by the Travelpayouts team for all platform partners.

Here’s some context: each Travelpayouts tool that partners use contains a unique ID. This ID helps track which partner recommendations have led to a travel service sale and determines who should be rewarded.

If you haven’t started working with the platform yet, your existing links to brands’ websites won’t have that ID. Without adding Travelpayouts partner tools to your site, you won’t be able to receive rewards through the platform.

That’s where LinkSwitcher comes in handy. Here’s how LinkSwitcher comes in handy:

  • сonverts links leading to travel brand websites into affiliate links, so you can start earning with Travelpayouts;
  • converts affiliate links from direct programs or networks into Travelpayouts links, so you can get started quickly with this platform;
  • automatically analyzes all URLs on your site and finds broken links, such as those with typos or those that lead to errors, so you don’t miss out on earnings from brands.

Don’t worry if you’re not a developer or have no coding knowledge. It is very easy to install LinkSwitcher without technical skills right from your Travelpayouts account.

Who Can Benefit From LinkSwitcher?

1. Bloggers who worked with direct partner programs or through other affiliate networks, but want to switch to working with these brands through Travelpayouts

Most of Travelpayouts’ brands have their own direct partner programs, but the desire of partners to start working with them through the platform is understandable.

Travelpayouts is a partnership platform that allows you to work with 100+ partner programs of well-known travel brands from a single window. You can connect to different programs, create partner tools, and track statistics, all in one place.

When switching to the platform, partners have to replace all direct program links with Travelpayouts links. LinkSwitcher will do this automatically in a couple of clicks. It also leaves full control in the hands of the partners, who can choose whether to change all their links or leave some unchanged.’s partner link from the direct partner program on the Merry-Go-Round blog. Slowly.’s partner link from Travelpayouts on the Girl Takes Mundo blog

What Are the Benefits of Working With Travelpayouts?

  1. Free and profitable. We don’t take any money for registration or a percentage of your sales. We even cover the cost of outgoing transfers from our bank, PayPal, and WebMoney when you withdraw your earnings from your Travelpayouts account.
  1. Automatic regular monthly payouts. With Travelpayouts, you’ll receive automatic payouts from the 11th to the 20th of the following month once you reach the minimum payout amount. There are no delays. Minimum payout amounts vary depending on the payout method. For example, for PayPal, you only need to reach a balance of $50 to receive your payout.
  2. Reward rates are comparable to the commissions offered by direct partner programs. With Travelpayouts, you earn a flat 4% commission on each booking made through This is equivalent to the amount offered by’s direct program, which it is listed as 25% of the commission from third parties.
  3. Special deals for Travelpayouts partners. For Travelpayouts partners, brands often hold contests and promotions with increased commissions as well as share promo codes for travelers. As a result, there are always opportunities to earn even more.
  4. All in one window. You can connect to several partner programs, all in one place. Here, you can also copy partner tools and track brand statistics without leaving the Travelpayouts account.
  5. Reactive support. All questions and problems can be addressed by our reactive and responsive support team.
  6. Take advantage of easy and fast partner link creation thanks to the built-in link generator, and link shortener. In addition, you can make use of Travelpayouts Google Chrome Extension, which allows you to create a partner link from a tab with a brand’s website without providing access to your Travelpayouts account.
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2. Bloggers who like to experiment and want to try working with some partner programs through Travelpayouts

Affiliate marketing is all about trying new things. Some projects work better with specific partner programs, while different audiences may benefit from different partner tools.

LinkSwitcher is perfect for you if you’re interested in experimenting. You can test out some partner programs through Travelpayouts while:

  • continuing to work with other brands through direct partner programs
  • continuing to work with other brands through other affiliate networks (like Awin and CJ)

With LinkSwitcher, you can revert back to your old links just as easily as you can convert them to Travelpayouts links.

3. Bloggers whose sites contain regular (not partner) links to travel brand sites

Let’s say you run a travel blog and recommend accommodations from, but you haven’t yet participated in partner programs and don’t receive rewards for your recommendations.

In this case, LinkSwitcher from Travelpayouts will replace all regular links to the travel brands’ websites with partner links. From that moment, you’ll be rewarded every time your readers click on your links and book accommodation on

4. Travelpayouts partners who want to make sure that all their links are functional

If visitors to your website are unable to book a travel service because of an invalid link, they are likely to close the website page. As a result, you won’t get any earnings from the brand.

Install LinkSwitcher and check the performance of your links through your Travelpayouts account. The tool analyzes all links on your website. If there is something wrong with them (such as a typo in the URL or the link leads to errors), you will see a notification on LinkSwitcher page.

Advantages of Using LinkSwitcher

  • No more wasting your days manually replacing links. LinkSwitcher will automatically handle everything for you automatically in just a few clicks.
  • No need to spend extra money on hiring a virtual assistant. LinkSwitcher is a free tool that will do everything you need without any errors.
  • You don’t need any programming knowledge to use LinkSwitcher. LinkSwitcher is a powerful, yet user-friendly solution that anyone can install, even without coding experience. Just follow the simple instructions in the LinkSwitcher section of your Travelpayouts personal account or in our Help Center.
  • There’s no need to constantly generate new partner links. Once LinkSwitcher is installed, the tool will automatically convert your regular or direct program links into Travelpayouts partner links. Simply enable this feature in the tool settings in your account.
  • You have the freedom to experiment with different brands. Work with some brands through Travelpayouts and maintain other direct relationships or connections via other affiliate platforms.
  • Full control. LinkSwitcher allows you to choose which links to change and which to leave the same. You can also quickly roll back these settings if necessary from your Travelpayouts account.
  • Partners no longer have to lose earnings for brand and site traffic due to broken links. LinkSwitcher automatically finds all invalid links on your site. Check their relevance with a single click on the tool’s page to make sure your readers don’t end up on an error page and search engines don’t underweight your webpages because of non-functional URLs.
  • More opportunities for fast and efficient work thanks to technological developments, including AI. The Travelpayouts team is continuously developing the LinkSwitcher tool and adding new functions by leveraging the latest technologies.

How to Install LinkSwitcher in a Few Clicks?

To install LinkSwitcher, you must have access to edit your site’s code. If you do, follow the steps below:

  1. Join Travelpayouts, add your site as a partner project, and connect to any partner programs you want to continue working with on the platform.
  2. In your Travelpayouts account, open the following tabs: Home → LinkSwitcher.
  3. Select the project for which you want to replace existing links with Travelpayouts partner links.
  4. Copy the script code with one button and add it to your site. Follow the simple instructions, which you will see after clicking on the “How to install?” button.
  5. Select which of your brand links you would like to replace with partner links. The drop-down list will show the programs your project is connected to on the Travelpayouts platform.
  6. Don’t forget to click the “Apply changes” button to save your changes.
  7. If LinkSwitcher finds invalid Travelpayouts affiliate links on your webpages, you will see a status notification on your Travelpayouts account. Click “Open” to see the full list of pages.

Detailed instructions for installing LinkSwitcher can be found in our Help Center.

Please Note: LinkSwitcher doesn’t work with all Travelpayouts partner programs at the moment. This list continues to grow and can be found here.

When Our Partners Turn to LinkSwitcher for Help

Many experienced affiliate marketers became Travelpayouts’ partners when:

  • Direct partner programs don’t connect partner projects, even though a blog fits all the requirements. There’s a good chance you can get approval for the same project by going through Travelpayouts.
  • They receive payouts from direct partner programs at different times. Travelpayouts’ finance department works like clockwork. Partners get paid automatically from the 11th to the 20th of each month. This process is effortless and there are absolutely no transfer fees.
  • They work with several partner programs and are tired of switching between different personal accounts for different brands. Travelpayouts makes it possible to work with multiple partner programs, and track reports on those brands, down to the effectiveness of specific sites, campaigns, and articles, all in one place: your personal account on the platform. LinkSwitcher will help you switch existing links to Travelpayouts links quickly and without losing earnings.
  • They need help from the support team of a direct partner program, but it doesn’t respond or takes a long time to resolve the issue. The dedicated Travelpayouts support team responds swiftly and will help to solve any issue, from helping connect to partner programs and creating partner tools to deciphering reports. Partners are the top priority for our support team.

Improve your affiliate marketing experience. Join Travelpayouts, say goodbye to manual link replacement, and start maximizing your revenue today via LinkSwitcher from Travelpayouts.

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