Direct Affiliate Programs vs. Travelpayouts: Unlocking Greater Profits for Travel Bloggers

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Time and time again we stumble upon the same old question across the vibrant travel communities of Facebook… Why opt for the Travelpayouts platform when you can directly connect to several travel affiliate programs separately by yourself? Allow us to shed light on why connecting to brands through Travelpayouts often makes more sense for travel bloggers in terms of ease and convenience, and how we amplify our partners’ earnings.

Let’s begin by highlighting some of reasons why travel bloggers choose Travelpayouts::

  1. Our platform exclusively showcases travel brands.
  2. We boast extensive expertise in travel affiliate marketing, enabling us to continually enhance our platform and make it user-friendly for travel bloggers.
  3. We offer valuable advice on monetizing your travel blog. Additionally, we associate with numerous industry experts within this niche who frequently provide our partners with their own insights.

Our partners are the heart of our business, and our top priority is ensuring that your career with us is headache-free and that your profits grow consistently. After all, your success is our success!  So let’s dive deeper into how we bolster our partners’ endeavors and share some firsthand accounts from those who have been collaborating with us for quite some time.

With the Travelpayouts All-In-One Platform, Earning With Multiple Brands Becomes a Breeze

How many partner programs do you currently work with directly? We’re willing to bet it’s no more than three. Beyond that, the mundane task of managing statistics, payment requests, and affiliate links begins to get in the way of having a life. Travelpayouts is an all-in-one platform that simplifies management by consolidating all these things into one user-friendly interface. Let’s take a closer look at what it has to offer.

The Main Advantage of Travelpayouts Lies in Its Catalog of 60+ Travel Brands

Once you register, most brands are readily available for you to connect with. While a few might require approval, you normally won’t have to wait more than a couple days. Our aim is to ensure our partners have access to as many brands as possible, so we expedite the affiliate brand approval process whenever we can.

If your site has been rejected by a brand’s direct affiliate program for any reason, consider partnering with it through Travelpayouts. There are instances when direct affiliate programs may hastily dismiss a site without thoroughly analyzing the partner’s traffic. We handle this matter with great care because we value each partner tremendously. That’s why we assist every partner with quality traffic in getting the partnerships they need to take their earnings to the next level.

Travelpayouts features trusted and household name travel brands that bloggers profit from the most, including, Tripadvisor, GetYourGuide, and more! 

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A Unified Dashboard With Aggregated Statistics Across All Brands

The Reports section presents extensive data in one convenient dashboard, which can be viewed within your account or exported as a CSV file for in-depth analysis. Instantly identify the brand driving the most profit or analyze statistics individually for each brand.

One Automated Payment. Once a Month. For All Partner Programs

Bid farewell to the hassle of tracking minimum payment thresholds and managing payments across different platforms. Travelpayouts combines rewards from all your affiliate programs into a single automated monthly payment, directly deposited into your bank account or PayPal. There’s no need to request a monthly payout, it’s simply sent to your designated account when the payout threshold is reached.  

The best part? These transactions are carried out using our resources, ensuring your payouts remain unaffected by any issues within direct affiliate programs. Rest assured, payments always arrive on time, as attested by the positive feedback received from our satisfied affiliates on Trustpilot.

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Unique Tools That Help You Earn More Easily

With Travelpayouts, you can swiftly generate affiliate links in mere seconds without the need to log into your Travelpayouts account. Additionally, you can assign routine tasks to assistants, granting them limited access to your account, and effortlessly convert regular links into affiliate links using an easy-to-integrate script.

Create Partner Links Effortlessly With the Travelpayouts Google Chrome Extension

Creating three affiliate links for different brands, like GetYourGuide, Viator, and Booking, no longer requires logging in to multiple sites. With Travelpayouts, you only need to log in once or use our Google Chrome extension to generate an affiliate link to a specific brand page in seconds.

Review from Shivam Mishra,

Switching from’s direct affiliate program to Travelpayouts was the best decision I ever made. Now it is super easy for me to manage my affiliate dashboard.

The main reason I switched from the Booking direct affiliate program to Travelpayouts is the Travelpayouts Chrome extension that allows me to quickly get the link for So far I have not experienced any delays or problems with Travelpayouts.

Delegated Access: Leave the Nitty Gritty to Your Assistants

Building and expanding a travel blog is no walk in the park, especially if you’re going it alone—everyday life tends to get in the way. It’s wise to delegate routine tasks so you can pour your resources and attention into more significant strategic goals.

Travelpayouts offers a feature called Delegated Access that lets you grant certain people (like your content team members) limited access to your account for specific jobs. Each person you assign a task to will be able to access only designated areas of your account, depending on their role. This way, delegates can manage these responsibilities on your behalf without ever needing to know your password or having access to your private information.

Linkswitcher to Automatically Replace Links on Your Blog With Travelpayouts Partner Links

LinkSwitcher is a tool designed by Travelpayouts to seamlessly convert your blog’s existing links into partner links. This clever JavaScript code identifies and assigns your unique Travelpayouts ID to each link, ensuring you get credit for any travel sales generated through your blog. It’s user-friendly, requires no coding expertise, and can be installed right from your Travelpayouts account.

Our Dedicated Support Team Is Ready to Assist You at Every Stage

The Travelpayouts support team goes above and beyond the typical template email, providing exceptional assistance. We diligently investigate and address any concerns or issues you may have, striving to make every interaction pleasant and helpful. Unlike other support teams that may take weeks to respond or not reply at all, we tackle issues head-on, ensuring you never have to grapple with lingering problems on your own. Your peace of mind is our utmost priority.

Our unique position as a mediator and a significant source of bookings allows us to swiftly resolve any brand-related issues, as our inquiries receive quicker responses from brands compared to direct support requests from individual partners.

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Additional learning resources available to partners include:

  • Help Center: A comprehensive repository of documents guiding you on how to work with Travelpayouts.
  • The Travelpayouts blog: Delve into reviews of different affiliate programs, success stories from our partners, and valuable tips on SEO and affiliate marketing.
  • The Travelpayouts Academy: Access fantastic video courses that cater to beginners looking to get started or enhance their affiliate marketing skill set.

Review from Aleksi,

Travelpayouts has been an excellent partner in my travel affiliate projects. Their easy-to-use interface has allowed me to easily implement travel campaigns on my sites.

Their automatic payment system has made sure that I get the payments on time from all these campaigns they have, which saves a lot of time on my end. Whenever I’ve needed to ask something, I’ve received a professional reply quickly.

Recap: How Travelpayouts Takes Your Earnings in Travel Affiliate Marketing to New Heights

  1. The Travelpayouts platform exclusively showcases travel brands. Within days, you’ll be seamlessly connected to over 60 trusted travel brands
  2. Our all-in-one platform makes it extremely easy to manage several travel partner programs. 10? Now problem. 15? Why not! The sky’s the limit.
  3. We pay out your commission monthly automatically once it reaches the minimum threshold of $50. No matter what happens with other affiliate programs, we always pay. 
  4. Thanks to our extensive expertise in travel affiliate marketing, we can offer you valuable advice on monetizing your travel blog. Additionally, we associate with numerous industry experts within this niche who frequently provide our partners with their own insights. Meanwhile, our lightning-fast support team is always at your beck and call.
  5. We’re constantly improving our unique tools and coming up with new ones to help you make your travel blogging experience a pleasure. Use our Chrome extension, LinkSwitcher, and other tools to make your job easier and spend your energy on what you really enjoy – traveling and creating cool content!

Our mission is to empower travel bloggers to live their dream life: traveling the world while earning an income doing what they love. We take great pride in our success in aiding them on their journey. If you haven’t joined us yet, get on board and become a member of our joyful community of travelers!

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