Earn a Fortune on Your Instagram With Lnkngo

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If you are looking for a way to add links on your Instagram page and wish to add an extra value to your Instagram account, you might have heard about LnknGo. This service allows to transform Instagram account to the travel blog and then promote as many advertisers as you like. In this post, we’ve gathered the most important facts about LnknGo, examples of projects it helped create and a step-by-step guide to building your LnknGo page.

What Is Lnkngo

What is LnknGo

LnknGo is an online tool that helps convert your Instagram posts into revenue whenever followers book flights and hotels through your links.

No coding skills are required, as LnknGo is easy and fast to set up. It is especially popular among travel influencers and affiliate marketers who want to monetize their Instagram.

The tool’s distinctive feature is that it is not particularly link-friendly. Normally, you can place one link in your bio or add it to a post. LnknGo, on the flip side, allows using your bio link to share more content and links.  

So what exactly does LnknGo do? It collects posts describing the same destination and displays them in one bundle along with valuable tips on traveling, a map and affiliate links for booking flights, accommodation and other experiences.

You can share any type of content you like. For example, review a hotel you’ve stayed at or an Airbnb host, leave tips on places to visit, types of accommodation to choose from, best airlines you’ve flown with, etc.

And on top of that, LnknGo built-in analytics allows you to check the traffic volume and sales on each post.  

Examples of Lnkngo Projects

Let’s take a look at some of the projects created with LnknGo. 

Tommy’s Travel Jam

LnknGo’s profile looks very similar to the Instagram page. You can add information about yourself in the bio field in the header and also leave links to other profiles on social media. Below, there are posts grouped by a destination. When you click on a photo, it opens as a general blog post with photos, text, links and a map.

For example, in this post about Rye and Dungeness Nature Reserve, the author briefly describes their experience of visiting the reserve: getting there – a map, a link to the reserve and a local pub. 

By clicking on a photo in the post, you’ll be redirected to the Instagram page of the blogger, and when you click on the plane icon on the map, it opens the airline website where you can book a flight.

The Travel Curve

This is another example of a LnknGo profile. The blogger shares her favorite places for traveling and points to them all on the map so that followers can better navigate and find the advice they need. 

In contrast to other blogs, The Travel Curve shares detailed travel tips on the Instagram page, but you also can see them by moving your mouse over the photo in the post on LnknGo:

Karen Chaiane

Karen Chaiane, a fashion and travel blogger, also uses LnknGo to share her knowledge and advice. Unlike others, Karen doesn’t provide any information in the head of the profile. While some of her posts don’t feature much information, others present detailed description, as you can see below:

The blogger shares affiliate links in the description of Instagram posts. 

How to Set Up Your Lnkngo Page

Setting up your profile on LnknGo is easy and doesn’t require much time. Here is what you need to do:

  1. First, sign up on LnknGo and connect it with your Instagram profile.
  2. Wait for LnknGo to analyze your posts, categorize them by trips and destinations and build a page with photos, maps and travel advice.
  3. If necessary, add more information such as links to social media profiles and blogs, tips, more links, etc.
  4. Link your LnknGo profile to your Instagram bio.

How to Integrate Travelpayouts Tools

You can add affiliate links to airports and hotels by using the integrated search tool.

How to Monetize Your Instagram With Lnkngo

LnknGo is not the way to monetize your Instagram page, it is the tool. With the LnknGo, you can monetize your account with any affiliate program that accepts traffic from social networks, for example:

LnknGo would automatically create the stand-alone travel blog based on your Instagram page, where you would be able to share the affiliate links:

Post specific affiliate links will encourage readers to click through more than usual calls-to-action like “click here to book a flight.”

The earning potential of Instagram profile monetization with LnknGo depends a lot on the number of followers you have and how much they are interested in a particular destination that you describe.

There are no minimum requirements as to the number of followers. In fact, you can start even without an audience and grow it along the way. LnknGo might be especially valuable for Instagram bloggers with few followers to attract sponsorship. It enables influencers to grow their audience and generate income from scratch.

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