How to Make Money From Hotellook Hotel Affiliate Program

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Hotellook hotel affiliate program gives you the opportunity to earn on hotel booking. It also provides your visitors with access to a robust hotel search service. You can convert the advantages of the Hotellook’s search engine into your own benefits, making it possible for users to find and compare hotel room rates around the world. Join the hotel affiliate program today and earn on booking through the Travelpayouts travel affiliate program.

Hotel Affiliate Program

How to Make Money on Hotel Booking

You need a traffic source to be able to make money on hotel booking. A personal site, a social network group or email distribution can all serve as traffic sources. You can also earn on hotel booking via contextual advertising or teaser campaign. Please, read this article to find more about making money with Hotellook hotel affiliate program. In the hotel affiliate program from Hotellook, you can earn 50% of the revenue generated by the service on each booking made thanks to you. The more bookings you secure, the higher the percentage of the total revenue of the service you will earn. For more details about your commission percentages, please check this link. You can get detailed information from the below video:

How Much You Can Earn

Your total amount of income depends on how many bookings you secure. The average cost of one booking is $400. Hotellook receives about $30 and shares $15-20 with the partner (webmaster) that brought the traffic.

Partners have access to several language versions of the Hotellook website — such as English or Thai languages. There is also a mobile app available in 19 languages. You can earn both from booking via the website and via the mobile app that is installed through your referral link. For those who want to customize a search service on their own website, there is an API for developers of own services, as well as a convenient hotel white label. The system has no minimum traffic or other major requirements. The following can be the project partners:

  • Travel agencies;
  • Owners of online projects;
  • PPC arbitrage affiliates;
  • Developers;
  • Tourists.

Detailed instructions on how to make money on the hotel affiliate program can be found here. PPC arbitrage affiliates are advised to familiarize themselves with the available types of traffic.

How to Connect to the Hotel Affiliate Program

Hotel affiliate program from Hotellook is available through the Travelpayouts affiliate network. You can sign up to the hotel affiliate program via this link. To register, you don’t need to specify anything other than your email address and password for the service. After registration, you will receive access to dozens of tools for making money on travel traffic.

For hotel booking earning, there are a lot of tools:

  • Search form;
  • Links;
  • Hotel Map;
  • Landing Pages;
  • Widgets;
  • Hotel Selection;
  • White Label;
  • Mobile App.

Your own website is not the only source of traffic that you can use. Social network groups, email distribution (without spam), teaser campaign or contextual advertising with some restrictions, as well as doorways are all suitable. You can earn on hotel affiliate programs even if you are traveling by yourself. To do this, look for hotels through your own affiliate link and then book, receiving a commission for your own booking.

Tools for Hotel Earnings

Tools for earning are available after signing up to the Travelpayouts affiliate network. A large knowledge base is available in a special section. The information in this section will boost your income and make your activities in the affiliate program more effective.

Search Form

There are 3 kinds of search forms: combined form (combines hotel search form and flight search form), hotel search form and flight search form. The hotel search form is intended to be embedded in your online projects. You can customize the appearance of the form, and also set the default city or hotel.

The embed code is provided automatically after the form has been fully customized and saved. You can go back to editing later; the compact code for embedding the form will remain the same. This allows you to experiment with the form without having to replace the code on the project each time.

Hotel Map

Hotel Map is an ideal tool for website owners. The map displays hotels in a specified area. You can customize the display of not just the area, but also a particular hotel with the price on the map.

If you need to monitor the statistics of bookings made from the hotel map, it will be useful to add an additional marker. There are also settings for the design, zooming, dragging and map scrolling.

Text Links

Referral text links are a universal tool suitable for your own site and for some other traffic sources. A referral link to the home page of the Hotellook search service can be generated or a link to a particular hotel, search results or an already filled in search form can be generated.

For more detailed information on how to generate referral links, please check this article.

Landing Pages

Traffic from contextual advertising, teaser networks or other sources can be re-directed to the landing page. These are special landing pages from where the visitor enters the Hotellook service.

Landing is available on the domain of the affiliate program or on your own domain. Source codes are available in your personal account, which you can use to create your own landing page.

Hotel Widget

Hotel widget displays brief information about a particular hotel. A widget for a hotel present in Hotellook service is created in your Travelpayouts personal account. After customizing the widget, a code is provided, which can be placed on your own website.

You don’t need to edit the code of the widget, because it automatically contains the referral code. Your site visitors who will be redirected to the Hotellook website through this widget are assigned as your referrals. To massively implement hotel widgets on a project, it is easier to use data access API. The API can automate generation of widget code.

Hotel Selection

Hotel selection is another kind of widget. This tool offers several hotels at once under a given attribute. Already selected hotels based on popular attributes are available in the personal account. You can also create your own collections.

White Label and Hotel Search API

The White Label enables you to deploy the Hotellook service on your own domain or subdomain. This tool is suitable for those who want to create their own service, similar to the Hotellook service, and develop their own brand.

Users can access hotel White Label customization tools which do not require serious knowledge in programming. For major projects, there is a hotel and hostel search API, requiring a professional approach and knowledge. Access to the tool is only available on request. The search API allows you to create an independent service based on the Hotellook service. More information about the terms of connection is described in this article.

An important feature of the White Label and search API is that these tools do not contain data from The reason lies with the policy on White Label and API.

Mobile App

Partners can earn on a hotel booking made via a mobile app. To do this, you need to manually create a referral link to the app for one of the following mobile platforms:

  • iOS link:
  • Android link:

The affiliate ID is available in your personal account in the Travelpayouts affiliate network. The app is assigned to a partner forever, which means that you will continue to receive income from booking even when the partner stops distributing the app.

Benefits of Hotellook Affiliate Program

A large selection of tools for earning would enable you find a suitable option for each partner. A novice webmaster, an independent traveler, a content project, a PPC arbitrage provider or a travel agency can all connect to the hotel affiliate program. Favorable cooperation conditions, which improve as sales increase, would enable you earn 50% of the total commission in the service.

Practice shows that the percentage of hotel bookings is greater among those who came to the site from price comparison engines. Thanks to Hotellook hotel affiliate program, partners secure not only good earnings, but also audience loyalty. The Hotellook service provides users with up-to-date information about the lowest prices for hotels around the world. The database lists international online booking systems, such as,,, and

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