White Label and Widgets — May Updates

Andrey Novoselov Andrey Novoselov
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We have continued to improve our affiliate tools. In May, we updated the widgets; now they work better with RTL languages, and we have also improved the White Label.

HTTPS Redirection for White Label Projects

You can enable the redirection of your White Label project to the https on the settings page in your personal account.

HTTPS redirection for White Label projects

Selecting a Default White Label Search Form

You can choose which search form will be displayed on your White Label project by default — search for airline tickets or hotels. To do this, configure the active tab of the form.

Selecting a default White Label search form

Hotels Heat Map

We added a heat map to a hotel map in the White Label. Thanks to this, your users now see the most attractive areas.

Hotels heat map

Marking an Exact Hotel on the Hotel Search Result Page

You can highlight a particular hotel on the hotel search result page.

Marking an exact hotel on the hotel search result page

The option is available only manually; no generator or visual interface is provided. Nevertheless, now you can use this function. To do this, add #selected_hotels_ids=8921521 at the end of the SERP’s URL. Where 8921521 is a variable, and is filled based on the ID number of the hotel. As a result, the URL looks like this:


The ID of a particular hotel can be supplied by API or manually copied from the SERP.

Improved Support for Rtl Languages for Widgets

We have improved the widgets of the calendar, a specific hotel and hotels selections. Now the tools work correctly with the RTL languages: Hebrew, Arabic and Kurdish.


In addition, thanks to the owner of the project aviabiletebi.org, our affiliate Makho Kevlishvili, in the near future, there will be support for the Georgian language in the search forms. We express our appreciation to Makho from the team and remind all partners that our tools are available in different languages. Right now, the autocomplete is available in 28 languages, and White Labels and widgets, in 59 languages.

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