Musement Increases the Affiliate Commission for the Summer 2019

Andrey Novoselov Andrey Novoselov
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Join the Musement affiliate program and receive an increased commission from the beginning of June to the end of Aug. 2019. Musement increases the commission for the whole summer – affiliates can get 54% of the advertiser’s revenue.

Musement increased commission summer 2019

What Is Musement

Musement is a platform where travelers can buy tickets to sporting and cultural events, amusement parks, exhibitions and museums, gastronomic tours and excursions, and skip the line later.

You might find it convenient to sell excursions as a complement to air tickets and hotel bookings. When a traveler chooses their flight and accommodation, it’s time to think of the leisure aspect. You can find more in our article “Earn on tours and activities with the Musement affiliate program”.

Popular Destinations and Activities

Musement is particularly popular because it allows customers to avoid waiting in line later on. Travelers have a win-win situation – they skip two lines. One to buy tickets and the other one at the entrance to the attraction. Thus, both time and energy are saved, which is especially important when you travel with children. You can find more information about popular countries, cities and excursions in our article “2019 most popular summer travel destinations”.

How to join the musement affiliate program

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