The Orbitz Affiliate Program

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Orbitz is one of the leading USA online travel websites offering a full range of travel products and services, including: hotel stays, flights, rental cars, travel packages, tickets to events and attractions, and cruises. By joining the Orbitz affiliate program, you can earn on each travel service by recommending the Orbitz platform to your audience.

About Orbitz

Orbitz has been helping travelers in the USA create memorable vacations for over 20 years. Today, brand includes the main Orbitz website as well as several regional divisions, including:

  • CheapTickets in the Americas
  • HotelClub and RatesToGo in Australia
  • And others

More than 60 million people visit the company’s websites each month. Orbitz offers each client a simple and intuitive interface for self-booking all services. Therefore, everyone from beginners to experienced travelers will be able to find a suitable ticket and hotel in 150 countries.

The Orbitz brand is well known in the American market as a handy tool for finding flight tickets. This is not surprising, since over 400 airlines are available for booking on the site, which covers all major destinations in the USA and beyond. In reviews of Orbitz, customers often write that the platform is much more convenient than the process of manually comparing prices on different airline websites.

In addition to flight tickets, Orbitz also offers other travel services to customers, such as hotels or car rentals. Currently, there are over 150,000 properties available and the number of available options is constantly increasing, which has allowed the company to remain a useful travel planning platform for over 20 years.

You can earn on most of the services offered by Orbitz by joining the official affiliate program.

How the Orbitz Affiliate Program Works

Orbitz offers owners of travel blogs and other travel-related websites the opportunity to earn money by selling travel services. All you need to do is:

  • Connect to the Orbitz affiliate program through one of the affiliate platforms
  • Place affiliate tools on your blog (e.g., share links to flight tickets in your articles)
  • Every time someone books a flight or other service on Orbitz through your referral, you will earn revenue

This is a classic affiliate program model. You help the brand sell their product and receive income in return. Most alternative programs work the same way, including WayAway, CheapOAir, and

The difference between Orbitz and most other airline affiliate programs is that you can also earn on other travel services. For example, you can offer your audience the opportunity to book a hotel or car rental in addition to a flight ticket.

Unlike the United Vacations affiliate program, you don’t always have to offer flights in combination with other services. Instead, you can, for example, offer only a tour or car rental. It’s completely up to you.

Terms of the Affiliate Program

The commission rates of the Orbitz affiliate program depend on the travel service:

Flight Tickets$3.00
Car Rental$4.00
Retail Hotel3%
Merchant Hotel 6%
Merchant Hotel (with Promo Code) 2%
Activities 5%
Packages (with Promo Code) 2%

For some services, such as flights or car rentals, you receive a fixed income that does not depend on the cost of the service. Some services, such as hotel stays, are billed to you based on the cost of each traveler’s stay.

At the same time, the cookie lifetime is the same for all products: 7 days. This period is lower than most alternative affiliate programs offers (usually 30 days).

Benefits of Joining the Orbitz Affiliate Program

  • You can earn on more than flight tickets (e.g., other tourist services, such as hotels or car rentals)
  • Orbitz is a familiar and trusted brand to over one million US citizens
  • Partners have timely access to promotions and newsletters
  • Orbitz accepts traffic from the USA as well as some other countries

Review of the Orbitz Affiliate Program

Orbitz is the leading travel planning platform in the US. The company also has branches in other regions of the world, but none of the branches abroad have reached the same popularity as the main Orbitz division in the USA.

In reviews of the Orbitz affiliate program, partners note that they receive newsletters and useful tips from the brand. This is especially helpful for novice partners who do not know how to earn money on a travel blog.

The weakness of the Orbitz affiliate program is the low commission rate for expensive services. A fixed fee that does not depend on the price of the flight ticket can lead to low earnings. 

For example, if a flight ticket costs more than $200, it is more profitable to work on the rev share model through other affiliate programs. Let’s look at an example of return airfare from New York to Los Angeles for two at the price of $873. Here is the average income for Orbitz as well as an alternative option:

  • Orbitz: $3
  • WayAway: ~$14

Even in the case of cheaper tickets, it may be more profitable to work with alternative affiliate programs, since Orbitz offers only a seven-day cookie lifetime. In practice, you may receive a higher income if the cookie lifetime is at least 30 days. This way, more sales will be taken into account, which means your final income will be higher.

To join the WayAway affiliate program, you don’t need to pass moderation. Simply sign in to your Travelpayouts platform and join the program.

50% revenue share
30 days cookie lifetime
$10 per sale of WayAway Plus
The WayAway Partner Program
Join Now

The fact that numerous travel services are available at once on Orbitz is not convenient for everyone. This is especially true if your audience is accustomed to booking travel services with relevant providers, such as flights on WayAway, hotels on, activities on GetYourGuide or Viator, car rentals on Rentalcars, and so on.

Therefore, if you choose an alternative affiliate program, you can independently offer your audience the necessary set of services from specialized suppliers and earn money on every sale. On the Travelpayouts partnership platform, you will find over 100 different brands to monetize your website.

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