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The hotel niche has been hit hard by the coronavirus outbreak. Despite large losses in revenue, OYO Hotels does not plan to leave any of the markets where they are presented. Tourism will certainly recover. Join the OYO Hotels affiliate program and receive 6% of the booking value for accommodations around the world.

About Oyo Hotels

OYO Hotels is the fastest growing accommodation network. It is the world’s second-largest accommodation network and accounts for more than 44,000 hotels with over 1.2 million rooms in over 80 countries.

OYO’s main market and launching platform is the USA, where OYO has more than 300 real estate units. OYO Hotels are present in 107 cities throughout 15 different states. The company plans to rapidly grow to up to 5,000 hotels in all 50 states in the near future.

Benefits for Travellers

The service looks after the quality of all offers presented. OYO’s mission is to provide high-quality accommodations. The company believes that each person deserves to have a beautifully designed, comfortable space to live in. Everyone deserves a better life and OYO can change the way people live while travelling for work or for holiday.

Benefits for travellers

The company has a website and mobile application compatible with Android and iOS. The website homepage contains a search bar with filters and an option to show you hotels in your desired location with a single click. Your bookings are stored in your account dashboard.

OYO’s special service team is available to answer your questions online 24 hours a day. The average response time is 20 seconds, while problem resolution typically takes 1.5 hours.

Benefits for travellers

On the OYO Hotels homepage, accommodations are grouped into townhouses and apartments, as well as recently added and premium options. The buyer also immediately sees offers with discounts and more often chooses one of those.

The OYO property page is informative and descriptive with large photos on the upper part of the page, ratings, accommodation specifications, discounts, and free meal options.

Benefits for travellers

Oyo Hotels Affiliate Program

The OYO Hotels service is rapidly growing and potential partners can join the company to start making a real profit. The service is available around the world, but most real estate units are in the USA.

Generally, a major portion of the revenue within the travel market is generated in the USA ($163,111 million in 2020) and 88% of Americans prefer to book accommodations online. Join the OYO Hotels affiliate program and get 6% of the booking value.

The main OYO Hotels benefits for affiliates are:

  • Diverse choices, competitive prices (ranging from $30 to $80), and decent accommodation offers. These aspects will allow OYO to become a major player in the US hotel and hospitality industry.
  • The OYO Hotels website has a real-time dynamic price changer. For accommodation owners, this means 30% higher revenue on average per room, which leads to higher earnings through the affiliate program.

How to Earn With Oyo Hotels

Offering decent and comfortable accommodation options that are worth being part of a vacation or business trip is the easiest means of generating sales in this marketplace. In 2014, it was estimated that approximately 34% of travellers around the world went on a business trip within their country, while 16% of travellers went abroad during the same period. In 2016, the total number of sales in the business trip market comprised hundreds of billions dollars globally and ~$284 billion within the US.

When making an offer, take into account that the number of business travellers is growing and OYO Hotels has a great variety of options for them.

Oyo Hotels Target Audience

Your target audience:

  • Independent tourists who prefer to book accommodations online (typically millennials)
  • Single travellers, who account for more than half of all travellers
  • Business travellers and organizers of group business trips

Affiliate Program Tools and Advice on Accommodations

Tools include links and banners. It is helpful to use different tools on the same page, as your users may overlook a link but will see the banner and click on it.

Pay attention: Commissions are only rewarded for completed bookings that are confirmed on oyorooms.com. Purchases on other websites, such as www.oyolasvegas.com, do not bring in commissions.

Join the OYO Hotels affiliate program through your personal Travelpayouts account and start making a profit on hotel booking.

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