Best Pay-Per-Call Affiliate Networks

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Most of you probably use the term PPC only for the Pay-Per-Click model, but this abbreviation has a second meaning as well – Pay-Per-Call. According to MarketCall, the capitalization of the Pay-Per-Call market is estimated at billions of dollars. If you want to get your piece of the PPC pie, now is the right time to join this market. Below, we’ve discussed what Pay-Per-Call is, how it works and what the best Pay-Per-Call affiliate networks are.

Best pay-per-call affiliate networks

What Is Pay-Per-Call Marketing?

Most of you might have already heard of pay-per-click marketing when a publisher gets a percentage of an advertiser’s revenue after someone clicked a link and visited a page. The similar happens to a pay-per-call basis. So, pay-per-call is a type of a marketing plan where an advertiser pays a publisher, also known as an affiliate, for getting calls from potential customers.

This system may appear to be somewhat energy-consuming, because it involves both online and offline elements, however, with the proper pay-per-call networks, it becomes easier to make the best out of this stream of value.

How Does It Work?

  1. Advertisers set up a marketing campaign enabling customers to connect over the phone.
  2. The publisher applies for the campaign and chooses to track phone numbers.
  3. The publisher manages the campaign.
  4. A customer sees a phone number while browsing on the internet and calls.
  5. The call is tracked to the publisher.
  6. The call is connected to the advertiser.
  7. The publisher receives a commission for this call.

Advertisers usually set up some requirements to define if a call is commissionable. The settings can be different varying from a geographic location of a caller to the call duration.

Thus, such campaigns may generate lots of additional opportunities for business and attract more prospective customers. It can be especially useful for those industries which require human interactions of some kind. These are health care, insurance, legal services, home services, travel and more.

In the next chapter, you will see the list of pay-per-call networks and their descriptions which might come in handy when making your choice on how to start a pay-per-call business.

Best Pay-Per-Call Affiliate Networks

Summing up all the comments above, pay-per-call marketing may encourage you to make even more money as an affiliate. In this chapter, we have picked up the best pay-per-call networks so that you can receive high commission rates with affiliate marketing campaigns.



MarketCall reaches out to more than 300 million people through ad campaigns every month. They aim to treat affiliates as partners and pay up to $720 per qualified call.

With MarketCall, you will get:

  • Profitable proposals and constant additions of new verticals, such as auto sales, real estate, travel and more
  • Free advertising tools such as call tracking, reporting pages and others
  • Management help like how to get the highest profit
  • Weekly payouts with PayPal, card or any other method
  • Reliable working platform
  • 24/7 support

MarketCall has a large base of mobile and fixed-line phone numbers in many countries. You do not need to search for them yourself, just choose free mobile numbers or rent paid ones with the city area code.

Globalwide Media

GlobalWide Media

GlobalWide Media has been a leader in data-driven marketing for 10 years already. They connect advertisers with affiliates in the display, search, social media, email and video marketing industries. It runs campaigns in over 100 countries. GlobalWide generates over five million monthly conversions and $3 billion in annual sales. It gets 60 billion ad requests per day from over 240,000 websites and 70,000 apps, so the scale is huge.

They serve such industries as automotive, dining, education, e-commerce, health care, retail, travel and others. Among their clients, there are such giants as AliExpress, to name just a few.

Network distribution in the performance marketing department is spread across 80 countries. According to GlobalWide Media, an average pay per call conversion rate is at least 20 times higher of that with clicks and it provides publishers with the most competitive payouts and tracking solutions.

Astoria Company

Astoria Company

Astoria specializes in pay-per-call marketing, SEO, PPC, call centers, offline advertising and is constantly developing. Nowadays advertisers invest heavily in offline media, however, they are seeking a way to track all these expenditures online.

Astoria Company offers a complete suite of solutions for such businesses as:

  • Pay-per-call
  • Call tracking
  • Click-to-call
  • Call analytics
  • Search keyword call services

An advertiser can easily launch a campaign on the platform just within half an hour. As a rule, advertisers see the growth of average orders, which is twice as much as for the orders without the call function.

If you want to become a publisher, apply on the Astoria website. This service provider offers one of the best pay-per-call affiliate programs which includes:

  • Global campaigns
  • Real-time tracking and reporting
  • Transparent performance metrics
  • Monitored compliance systems
  • Many campaigns that offer weekly payouts
  • Commission paid by direct deposit or wire payments

Astoria provides all the details about every call tracked on the platform. You might wonder how to get a pay-per-call number. It’s simple. With Astoria, you instantly get active phone numbers that can be added to the mobile search ads.



This is another performance marketing platform that accelerates customer acquisition. Visiqua stands for visibility and quality. The company consists of professionals from the various fields of digital ad agencies, influencer marketing agencies and others.

Visiqua specializes in data, CPA and calls. There are some ways to encourage potential customers to make a call:

  • Use voice-activated performance marketing. A client can just ask a virtual assistant to find something and will be connected to a relevant company.
  • Use real-time call validation. All users go through so-called filters to make sure an advertiser gets a target audience.
  • Use mobile search. This is when the call is dialed clicking right from the search.

Visiqua works with auto, home and life insurance, health care, beauty and cosmetics, travel and others. Here are some of the company’s partners:


The Visiqua team is always happy to have new partnerships from both sides – merchants and distributors.

Publishers and Advertisers



Since 2012, this company has grown into a global affiliate network specializing in CPA marketing. Understandably, it has become one of the leading pay-per-call networks. For now, it offers:

  • Convenient and flexible payment system
  • Constantly updated platform
  • Meetups and loyalty rewards for partners
  • Diversified offers in many verticals
  • Worldwide net with offices in many countries
  • 24/7 support

With many tools offered to you, as an affiliate, to benefit from pay-per-call marketing, you can also earn points and spend them on the prizes from different categories. Each $10 you earn gives you a point.

ClickDealer partners with such giants as Huawei, AliExpress, and others. The platform mostly works with e-commerce, mobile entertainment, social networking, crypto, gaming and similar verticals.


Ring partner

RingPartner is a narrowly-designed pay-per-call marketplace that generates half a million calls across hundreds of verticals each month. RingPartner is introduced in such industries as auto and home insurance, health care, legal services, hotels and more. The solutions delivered are:

  • Dedicated Support
  • Accessible analytics
  • Custom solutions to the parameters of the call
  • Irreproachable connection with consumers
  • Trusted traffic
  • Quality assurance

RingPartner constantly looks for publishers who will generate high-quality traffic. The company offers on-time payments for the qualified leads and hundreds of campaign to take part in.

In the blog, RingPartner writes many articles on pay-per-call advertising network which you might be interested to read. Here is a detailed video presentation of RingPartner.

[youtube v=”zCLSbvRUqwo”]

Aragon Advertising

Aragon Advertising

The network of Aragon Advertising clients is scattered worldwide. They specialize in affiliate marketing, lead generation, and pay-per-call advertising and generate hundreds of thousands of calls per month across these numerous verticals.

Aragon Advertising will provide you with the companies matching your interests so that you can build up strong relationships with such partnerships and, as a result, could benefit from high pays and high converting offers.

Advantages of working with Aragon Advertising are:

  • Direct offers
  • Fast offer approvals
  • Direct publisher network
  • Quality assurance
  • Dedicated team
  • Publisher referral program
  • Global reach

As a publisher, you will get access to global CPA offers and monetize your traffic. They will help you create campaigns you can easily track and manage to get the best return. High payouts and exclusive offer opportunities are waiting for you.

Aragon Advertising has become a blue book global 20 winner twice.

What’s more, the company offers an Aragon Premium plan. It’s designed for publishers who produce their own content and want to monetize it. So, if you’ve got a blog or site and share or advertise it, then this offer might be of interest to you as well. You will get:

  • Access to the highest paying campaigns
  • Increase in traffic
  • Personal affiliate manager
  • Fast payments

Hypertarget Marketing

HyperTarget Marketing

HyperTarget Marketing is a performance marketing agency specializing in pay-per-call marketing services including call center, PR, SEO and mobile optimization. It delivers advertising content to specific interest-based segments. It is the cornerstone of performance marketing because ads are only shown to relevant people.

So, this is what they have to offer to an affiliate:

  • Exclusive long-lasting offers and top payouts
  • On-time payments
  • Experienced support
  • Real-time call tracking

You may also find their blog useful.

CJ Affiliate

This is the oldest company in the market. CJ Affiliate was established in Santa Barbara, California in 1998. They keep growing a global affiliate marketing network that influences consumers worldwide both online and offline.

On network, various advertisers and various models for publishers are available – Pay Per Click, Pay Per Action, Pay Per Call, and others. Check out a short video overview to get the notion of how CJ Affiliate deals with its partners:

[youtube v=”VC7wM6xTYyI”]

On the graph below you can see how network recruitment drives exponential growth.


Affiliate outperforms other marketing channels:

Affiliate outperforms other marketing channels.

CJ Affiliate generates almost $2B in annual publisher commissions. It offers affiliates verticalized expertise, innovative technology and integrations, as well as strategic support and enables you to earn commissions by partnering with the world’s most widely recognized brands. You will be greatly assisted here while being a publisher in pay-per-call campaigns.

How to Benefit From Pay per Call Affiliate Networks

Pay-per-call marketing is a win-win solution for both sides – advertisers and publishers. Advertisers get real customers from the targeted audience and publishers get their commissions for driving these customers to the advertisers. To become a publisher you just have to fill in a form on one of those platforms and wait for a contact. Networks do all the heavy-lifting and what is left is just skim the cream off the market.

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