Best Free and Paid Plagiarism Checkers and Anti-plagiarism Tools

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It is crucial to not copy other people’s work in order to grow as a writer. Basically, plagiarism means stealing someone else’s work and using it as your own product. It can be intentional and unintentional, but it is considered fraud in any case. To ensure that your content is unique, take advantage of one of the plagiarism checkers available today over the internet. Here is a list of the top eight plagiarism checker tools with free and paid subscriptions for any taste. 

Best free and paid plagiarism checkers and anti-plagiarism tools

Free Online Plagiarism Checkers

There is a great choice of free plagiarism checkers on the internet, so if you have to check your text fast, use one of the following services. Normally, you don’t have to sign up, just type in the text and let the program compare it with thousands of sources available online. It is useful to not only check the uniqueness of the text but also to add citations. Moreover, most programs offer additional features such as grammar and spell checkers, SEO tools or formatting your text to APA/AML style. However, free tools usually have limitations in terms of the text volume, so if you have a long-read article or constant inflow of content to check, it’s better to buy a subscription.

Dupli Checker

Dupli Checker

This is a free-of-charge tool available as a web editor. You can type a text in the interface of the program, upload a file or indicate a webpage URL. The plagiarism check is very fast. It takes only a few seconds to scan a text and detect if there is any convergence with other texts over the internet. It is possible to use the tool without registration, but you’ll only be able to check 1,000 words per search with one search per day. However, upon signing up on the platform – which is totally free – you’ll have 50 free searches per day.

Apart from plagiarism checker, the program also has a paraphrasing tool, keyword position checker, reverse image search, word counter, and other useful SEO tools.



Copyleaks has both free and premium subscriptions. It is a perfect tool to check your text for plagiarism, as it supports different languages. With a free account, you’ll be able to upload 10 pages per month with a maximum of 250 words per page, which equals to 2,500 words a month. You can use its web version or download a mobile app. Also, there are plugins for Google Docs and MS Office. Copyleaks is tailored for research purposes, so it is one of the best free plagiarism checkers for teachers, students, publishers, bloggers and other experts.

Take into account that every text uploaded onto the platform is added to its database. Also, Copyleaks might be less accurate than other resources, because it detects less plagiarism.

Small SEO Tools

Small SEO tools

This is a perfect platform for checking small texts. It is free and has a lot of additional features like text content tools (Word counter, Article rewriter, Grammar and spell checkers), image editing tools, keyword and backlink tools and more. Plagiarism checker is one of the numerous features available on the platform. You can type in a text, upload a document or indicate an URL. The number of searches is not limited, but one text cannot exceed 1,000 words (which equals to a four-page document). Furthermore, if you change the word order in the sentence, the platform won’t detect plagiarism at all, so it cannot be used as a self-sufficient tool.

Small SEO tools claim to offer an excellent alternative for paid services because the company believes that internet marketing should be available for anyone. With this program, you’ll be able to access a big number of search engine optimization tools for free and make your text rank higher among the search results.

Search Engine Reports

Search Engine Reports

This is another free resource, but it is only recommended for checking small texts or even a few sentences due to its algorithm. Every phrase in your text will be checked separately which decreases the chances to detect plagiarism correctly. Furthermore, sentences that are considered copied are not highlighted. The system leaves you with a number of links to the resources in which Google search found similarities to your text, so you’ll have to check manually what exactly coincides with other web pages. Also, you’ll face a lot of advertisements on the website.



Quetex claims to be the number one plagiarism checker software for over two million students, teachers, and professionals worldwide. However, you’ll be able to take advantage of its free services for only three plagiarism checks with up to 500 words per check after you sign up on the website. The monthly subscription is not that costly in comparison to other platforms – its price is about $10. There are some additional features like a Citation Assistant, and an opportunity to check PDF files as well. According to the website, documents checked on Quetext are not added to its database.


PrePost SEO

PrePost SEO is a free online plagiarism checker and an extension for Google Chrome. The program allows checking the uniqueness of a 1000-words text at one time. You can type in the interface of the program or upload a document. Plagiarism checker is available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Polish, Dutch, Czech, and Swedish. PrePost SEO also offers Word counter, Grammar checker, Reverse Image Search, and over 95 other tools that might come in handy for your blog. There are premium plans for $10 to $45 per month for a deeper search and bigger word limit.

Commercial Plagiarism Checkers

In contrast to free checkers, platforms with a paid subscription normally offer unlimited search and many additional tools useful for improving your writing, as well as ranking your text higher on Google search and other engines.



This is one of the best plagiarism checkers for research papers, as it has an extensive database with thousands of essays and other papers. Scribbr claims to have the most advanced plagiarism detection software (in collaboration with Turnitin) which is used by most universities worldwide. In practice, Scribbr has a very high plagiarism detection rate, and it shows all the sources matched with your text so that you can easily add a citation. The platform supports 20 languages (European languages, plus Arabic, Turkish and Russian). You’ll be paying for each document separately, and there are three options available:

  • Small document € 14,95 Up to 7,500 words
  • Normal document € 24,95 7,500 up to 50,000 words
  • Large document € 34,95 50,000+ words

Moreover, you can resort to proofreading and editing services. You’ll upload your work and specify the deadline, and a team of academic editors will help you improve the text and prevent a lack of clarity and other imperfections. The rate starts at € 0.011 per word depending on the complexity of your work.

In addition, there is a free APA Citation Generator. It is useful for flawlessly citing sources within your work, which is hard if you do it manually. You’ll type in the necessary information about the source you’ve used, and the program will present it in the proper format. This feature of Scribbr is free of charge, but you need to sign up to save the reference list in your account for future use.

Finally, Scribbr offers an extensive knowledge base with grammar rules, writing tips, guidelines to using different academic styles and more.



This is an online checker tool that has both free and paid subscriptions. It suits students, teachers, businessmen and everybody in need of delivering high-quality texts. Plagramme supports 18 languages and is compatible with Windows/Mac/Linux/Ubuntu. The program evaluates texts according to multiple scoring systems such as similarity score, plagiarism risk, bad citations and more.

With a free version, you’ll be able to make plagiarism checks regardless of the number of words and read the report online or offline in the PDF format. It is required to sign up on the website to access free checks. A paid subscription implies a detailed plagiarism report. You can also compare texts and access other features. To unlock it, you will pay for each document, the current price is $0.35 per page. However, according to Plagramme, you can access the premium options of this plagiarism checker for free after sharing the website on your social media.



PaperRater has both free and commercial subscriptions. The program includes multiple features like plagiarism detection, grammar and spell check, writing suggestions, vocabulary builder and more. Even though you can check your text for plagiarism for free, there are only 10 checks available with a free account. On the other hand, a paid subscription allows you to upload longer documents, work on readability and there are no ads! Moreover, all the documents checked on the platform are not saved to the knowledge base, so they remain solely yours. However, its accuracy might be lower in comparison with other programs.

Thus, for a price of $7.95 you’ll be able to access PaperRater services for a month. Here, you can find a comparison of free and premium options.



This plagiarism checker is advantageous because it supports almost 200 different languages. You’ll also be able to check grammar, use the article rewriter, Google Scholar and Google Books advanced searches. Plagiarisma is available in multiple formats and compatible with most devices. You can choose between free and paid subscription, and with the last one, you’ll have checks and other features without limitations. On the other hand, a free account allows you to do three plagiarism checks per day.

Comparison of Plagiarism Checkers

Below, you’ll find a comparison table for the checkers described in this article. They are compared according to the features they have, the format of the program, price and other characteristics.

Platform Free Premium Features
DupliChecker 50 checks/day SEO tools, reverse image search, word count, and more
Copyleaks 2500 words/month From $11 to $1300 per month, each subscription has word limits
Small SEO  Tools Unlimited number of texts (1000 words per text max) Text content tools, image editing tools, and many more
Search Engine Reports Unlimited number of texts (1000 words per text max) Paraphrasing tool, grammar checker and more
Quetext 3 checks with up to 500 words unlimited number of checks for $10 a month Citation Assistant and more
Scribbr Three paid options from € 15 to € 35 Editing services for € 0,011 per word, free APA Citation Generator, and Knowledgebase
Plagramme Unlimited number of texts $0.35 per page for a detailed plagiarism report Checkers for different types of content
PaperRater 10 checks/month $7.95 per month for unlimited checks Grammar and spell checkers, writing tips and more
Plagiarisma 3 checks/day Unlimited Article Rewriter, Advanced Google Scholar, and Google Books searches

All in all, if you want to be able to access your plagiarism checker online, there is a great choice of programs. All of them have a web editor, and most offer mobile apps and desktop versions.

Best Free and Commercial Plagiarism Scanners

When choosing a plagiarism checker, consider which features you’ll need the most. With such a wide range of free programs, it’s hard to settle for a paid one. However, free tools are limited in use. They have lower plagiarism detection rate, work more slowly, show a lot of ads and have limitations. But, most importantly, some of them might store or even sell your work! To avoid this, it’s better to buy a subscription if you have long-read articles, check for plagiarism quite often, need a high-quality tool and want to protect your work from being stolen. Thus, it is recommended to resort to free anti-plagiarism tools for checking small volumes of content and for testing the tool. Other than that, a paid subscription will provide you with a reliable and safe service that will facilitate your work.

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