Q1 2017 Results and Q2 2017 Plans

Andrey Novoselov Andrey Novoselov
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One of our partners asked us to shade light more on our development plans for the near future. We liked this idea and decided to talk not only about the plans for the next quarter, but also about notable achievements the Travelpayouts team has made.

Our Achievements in the First Quarter of 2017


  • We added a low fare calendar in the flight search White Label.
  • We improved search form widgets for mobile devices — we made beautiful and convenient pop-up windows for selecting dates, passengers and guests.
  • We optimized the core engine of the affiliate network, which allowed us to increase the speed of the entire Travelpayouts app by at least 10ms. We reduced the load and the system is now ready to handle increased traffic.


  • We improved a ticket display on  flight search White Label and made a huge bunch of corrections.
  • Our White Label received out-of-the-box SSL support. The Let’s Encrypt certificates are automatically released and installed on our servers within 48 hours of White Label creation.
  • We improved and accelerated the speed of our GeoIP service WhereAmI which determines the nearest airport to the user’s location.
  • We rolled out affiliate network service in Docker. Developers say it’s cool and will help us in the future.


  • A bar showing prices for flexible dates when searching for round-trip flights.
  • We have significantly accelerated the work of flight data API.
  • We have improved the appearance and functionality of our knowledge base, made the process of requesting for support more convenient, reworked the structure of articles.
  • History of changes in account balance and payment details. Not yet visible to partners, but is being gathered inside the system. From now on, you will be able to see the exact structure of your payment and even the composition of a specific booking.
  • We have almost completed the update of our WordPress plugin — it features hotel collections. Very soon you will be able to insert into your content indexed tables containing information about hotels in a given city.
  • Of course, we have eliminated a huge number of bugs and made tons of minor improvements.

Q2 2017 Plans

Our main focus of development will be on implementing new hotel White Labels which will receive an updated design, a technological core engine and will be adaptive.

Hotel Search API

We also plan to improve the hotel search API as follows:

  • Increasing the response speed.
  • Ensuring a more stable operation under high load.
  • Simplified authentication process.

Travel Sdk

A big release is expected from the mobile development team — Travel SDK. Our mobile SDK will have a new version (so far it’s only for iOS). The new version will include flight and hotel search. Below are brief details about what will be added.


  • All the screens of the current flight search engine will be updated.
  • New localizations will be added.
  • There will be several preset color schemes that you can use.
  • A low fare calendar.
  • The About Us page.
  • Integration with one of the mobile analytics services to enable you analyze the actions of your users within the application.


  • There will be a hotel search similar to the Hotellook app.
  • Close integration between the hotel and flight parts, with points of transition from one to the other.

Travelpayouts WordPress Plugin

Our plans:

  • To add more tables to hotels and not only selections.
  • To redesign the plugin interface — make it user-friendlier.
  • To work on refactoring and to improve performance.

We also plan to add to the affiliate network 3rd party offers, such as insurance, tours, activities, cruises, etc.

As always we look forward to your comments, suggestions and wishes in the comments section.

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