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Q&A From the Webinar: “Boosting Tours & Activities Profits in Low Season”

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October 30 we held a webinar “Boosting Tours & Activities profits in low season” with Jiangnan Yang — Strategic Partnerships Manager at Musement. On this page, we have collected answers to all questions from the webinar. If you want to see the recording, please use this link.

I: How We Can Catch Traffic? Can You Share Your Experience on How to Catch Traffic? I Am Interested in the PPC Network. Where We Can Buy Travel Audience Traffic? Except for Google Ads and Bing Ads

Answer: Google Ads and Bing are of course the key networks, but there are many more options. We’ve collected 10 best PPC networks in this article. In our blog we have a set of articles about traffic, you could find them by tag “traffic”

A: I’m New to Affiliate Marketing…do You Have Any Tools for Those Who Develop Groups on Social Media? I Don’t Have a Website Yet.

Answer: Sure! We will recommend starting with custom links. All tools for each partner program are located on the program’s page. Follow this link to Musement’s program, subscribe, build an affiliate link and put it to the first post on your social media page. 

A: As for Popular Destinations – Which Countries/Package Tours Are Going to Be Popular in Winter?

Answer: It’s quite different from market to market. For example, the DACH area will go to the Alps to ski, and the Chinese will go to New Zealand and other ocean-near countries, or Northern European countries for the northern.

H: Can I Focus Our Target Countries to Just Africa?

Answer: It’s up to decide which region you’d like to target, but we certainly have offerings in Africa, especially in Northern Africa. 

A: So you say you are the leaders, but for some reason, GetYourGuide converts way better on my website. I kinda think your API might change this, is there any way to get your API through travelpayouts? / H: How do I get the full API / M: can we get help with developing using the full API. 

Answer: Just write to Daria and she will give you the key. As for the conversion, it also hugely depends on the region.

A: Do You Have Good Coverage of South America in Terms of Your Products?

Answer: We’re just starting in South America. We are well presented in Mexico, but the share of South America is rather small in our offerings.

A: Do You Have Any Statistics on Best-Converting Destinations and Especially Tours in the Most Popular Cities of Europe and Us? Where Can I Get This Information?

Answer: We actually have statistics and can show the most popular cities or destinations based on your target market. Simply contact Travelpayouts by and she’ll send you the information.

A: And My Last Question Goes to Travelpayouts: Do You Guys Have Any Plans for the Upcoming Black Friday? This Would Be an Awesome Thing for Your Webmasters

Answer: Yes, sure! We are planning an awesome activity for webmasters – with coupons and so on. Just keep an eye on our blog (

A: Are there other tour&activities programs in Travelpayouts? I’d like to compare.

Answer: At the moment we have 7 Tours & Activities programs in our network and are looking to integrate more. You can check all of them here: 

A: And How Much Do Affiliates Earn With Musement on Average?

Answer: As I mentioned, I think it’s 5-30 dollars per order with as much as 2000 dollars monthly. 

M: Is There an Approval Process for Musement?

Answer: Simply push the “Join” button by and you are ready to go!

A: Any Plans to Add Airbnb to the Network?

Answer: Not in the nearest future.

M: I Have an Instagram Account for Travel on How I Can Make Money From This Program?

Answer: Instagram is a great way to promote your website. Some of our affiliates are travel bloggers, most of them use Instagram as one of the sources (along with other channels such as a website or blogs in other social media), but it is also possible to promote affiliate links if you don’t have a website.

A: I Would Like to Recommend You Provide Us More Useful Tools, e.g. Activity, City Tours or Food and Wine, Something Like That? And More Search Tools Will Be Perfect.

Answer: We’ll be glad to consider your ideas and wishes — feel free to tell about them at

A: I Have a Lot of Visitors From China, Do You Support Payment in Rmb?

Answer: Sorry, our current website doesn’t support payments in RMS, but we are working on adding new payment modes, like, Alipay. However, I don’t think this is going to happen any time soon.