Webinar Q&A: “Boosting Tours & Activities Profits During the Low Season”

Andrey Novoselov Andrey Novoselov
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October 30 we held a webinar “Boosting Tours & Activities profits in low season” with Jiangnan Yang — Strategic Partnerships Manager at Musement. On this page, we have collected answers to all questions from the webinar. If you want to see the recording, please use this link.

I: How We Can Catch Traffic? Can You Share Your Experience on How to Catch Traffic? I Am Interested in the PPC Network. Where We Can Buy Travel Audience Traffic? Except for Google Ads and Bing Ads

Answer: Google Ads and Bing are of course the key networks, but there are many more options. We’ve collected 10 best PPC networks in this article. In our blog we have a set of articles about traffic, you could find them by tag “traffic”

A: I’m New to Affiliate Marketing…do You Have Any Tools for Those Who Develop Groups on Social Media? I Don’t Have a Website Yet.

Answer: Sure! We will recommend starting with custom links. All tools for each partner program are located on the program’s page. Follow this link https://www.travelpayouts.com/programs/83/tools/links_generator to Musement’s program, subscribe, build an affiliate link and put it to the first post on your social media page. 

A: As for Popular Destinations – Which Countries/Package Tours Are Going to Be Popular in Winter?

Answer: It’s quite different from market to market. For example, the DACH area will go to the Alps to ski, and the Chinese will go to New Zealand and other ocean-near countries, or Northern European countries for the northern.

H: Can I Focus Our Target Countries to Just Africa?

Answer: It’s up to decide which region you’d like to target, but we certainly have offerings in Africa, especially in Northern Africa. 

A: So you say you are the leaders, but for some reason, GetYourGuide converts way better on my website. I kinda think your API might change this, is there any way to get your API through travelpayouts? / H: How do I get the full API / M: can we get help with developing using the full API. 

Answer: Just write to Daria daria.sukhoroslova@travelpayouts.com and she will give you the key. As for the conversion, it also hugely depends on the region.

A: Do You Have Good Coverage of South America in Terms of Your Products?

Answer: We’re just starting in South America. We are well presented in Mexico, but the share of South America is rather small in our offerings.

A: Do You Have Any Statistics on Best-Converting Destinations and Especially Tours in the Most Popular Cities of Europe and Us? Where Can I Get This Information?

Answer: We actually have statistics and can show the most popular cities or destinations based on your target market. Simply contact Travelpayouts by daria.sukhoroslova@travelpayouts.com and she’ll send you the information.

A: And My Last Question Goes to Travelpayouts: Do You Guys Have Any Plans for the Upcoming Black Friday? This Would Be an Awesome Thing for Your Webmasters

Answer: Yes, sure! We are planning an awesome activity for webmasters – with coupons and so on. Just keep an eye on our blog ( https://blog.travelpayouts.com/)

A: Are there other tour&activities programs in Travelpayouts? I’d like to compare.

Answer: At the moment we have 7 Tours & Activities programs in our network and are looking to integrate more. You can check all of them here: https://www.travelpayouts.com/programs?categories%5B0%5D=6 

A: And How Much Do Affiliates Earn With Musement on Average?

Answer: As I mentioned, I think it’s 5-30 dollars per order with as much as 2000 dollars monthly. 

M: Is There an Approval Process for Musement?

Answer: Simply push the “Join” button by https://www.travelpayouts.com/programs/83 and you are ready to go!

A: Any Plans to Add Airbnb to the Network?

Answer: Not in the nearest future.

M: I Have an Instagram Account for Travel on How I Can Make Money From This Program?

Answer: Instagram is a great way to promote your website. Some of our affiliates are travel bloggers, most of them use Instagram as one of the sources (along with other channels such as a website or blogs in other social media), but it is also possible to promote affiliate links if you don’t have a website.

A: I Would Like to Recommend You Provide Us More Useful Tools, e.g. Activity, City Tours or Food and Wine, Something Like That? And More Search Tools Will Be Perfect.

Answer: We’ll be glad to consider your ideas and wishes — feel free to tell about them at support@travelpayouts.com

A: I Have a Lot of Visitors From China, Do You Support Payment in Rmb?

Answer: Sorry, our current website doesn’t support payments in RMS, but we are working on adding new payment modes, like, Alipay. However, I don’t think this is going to happen any time soon. 

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