Webinar Q&A: “Getting Ready for the Peak Travel Season of 2020”

Alexandra Belski Alexandra Belski
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February 26 we held a webinar “Getting ready for the peak travel season 2020” with Travelpayouts Business Development and Marketing managers. On this page, we have collected answers to all questions from the webinar.

Just a Quick Question. Where Can We Find a List of Your Upcoming Webinars? Is There Any Chance I Can Offer a Topic for One of Them?

Answer: Here is the platform where we announce all upcoming events you can join! 

I am going to integrate most of the hotels in India. Is it possible to have a tie-up with other parts of the world onto my platform? 

Answer: In case you have a partnership proposal, please, send an email to support@travelpayouts.com.

I See a Huuuge Drop in Traffic on All My Asia-Related Resources and Honestly, I Have No Idea How to Use It as an Opportunity.

Answer: Well, we can’t call it an opportunity and really hope that the virus will be eliminated soon. But keep in mind that any conditions that cause public interest, can help you rank well in search results if you cover that topic on your blog, too. Consider creating articles on the effects of coronavirus on tourism in general or certain regions – that’s the way to get a new audience and gain SEO-weight for your future affiliate business.

Can You Please Share Examples From Travelpayouts Affiliates That Make a Living From This? Thanks.

Answer:  Here is one of the cases 

What’s the Reason for This 3 Month Hold Period for Hotels?

Answer: We pay you a commission immediately after we get it from an agency. Not all agencies pay commission so late, only Agoda and Booking.com have a delay period of up to 90 days, but most of the others pay their commissions within 1 month.

Do You Guys Have Any Plans to Add Amazon to Your Network?

Answer: As a travel affiliate network, we are adding travel brands only, but adding travel goods from Amazon might be a good fit! We’ll definitely consider it, thank you for the suggestion!

Do You Offer Programs Purely in Package Holidays?

Answer: Yes! Join Tourradar’s partner program by this link.

I Am Not a Blogger, I Am a Travel Agent, Is There Any Way to Learn to Be a Blogger Too?

Answer: That’s a great idea to become a blogger! First, start from this free guide and learn how to build a website in 10 simple steps, and then carefully read our blog articles by this link. Good luck to you on that rewarding journey!

Suriya Why the Commission Keeps Running Down and Up?

Answer: If you witness any unusual activity, please, send an email to our support@travelpayouts.com.

How to Create an App Related to My Website and Travelpayouts Without Programming Skills?

Answer: Start with a White Label app. It’s very easy to set up. Also, check out our template app. However, it needs a little more commitment and time to set up. But in the end, you’ll get your own branded app!

Do You Suggest Using the Travelpayouts Plugin in WordPress or the Links Straight From Your Portal?

Answer: The WP plugin works really well, so we’ll recommend using it since it’s much more convenient! 

How Can I Make an Advertisement Directly With a European Agency, if I Live in Brazil and Make the Money Profit From Here?

Answer: You can advertise for any geo no matter where you’re located.

Will You Have Travel Insurance & Cruises Advertisers?

Answer: Yes, we’re working on it!

Do You Have a Basic Reading Summary for Beginners to Work With Travelpayouts?

Answer: Please check this article from our knowledge base: 

Can You Tell Me How I Qualify for the White Label?

Answer: Our white label solution is open to everybody, so simply go to this page and follow the steps described here.

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