Webinar Q&A: “Let’s Help Your Users Get Fair Compensation”

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November 12 we held a webinar “Up to €600 for travel worries: Let’s help your users get fair compensation!” with Jennifer Melody Marten and Silvia Sanchez, affiliate experts at AirHelp. On this page, we have collected answers to all questions from the webinar. If you want to see the recording, please use this link.

S: Where Are You Guys Based? I Mean Airhelp.

Answer: There are several offices in different countries. Our operation center is located in Gdansk, Poland, and our marketing headquarters is in Berlin, Germany. We also have a finance buro in Hong Kong.

H: Is delay time calculated based on the final destination arrival time or departing time? / A: Sometimes delay of the departure time is 3+ hours, but during the flight, the delay becomes smaller. 

Answer: The delay time is always calculated from the moment you can leave the plane in your destination. It’s the difference between the planned and actual time of arrival at your destination.

S: So if I Had a Delayed Flight Let’s Say One Year Ago, Will It Still Work?

Answer: Yes, definitely! In the majority of cases, you can submit a claim until three years after the flight.

H: Only European Carriers or Also Turkish? / A: Does This Compensation Apply to Africans Too? / A: Where Is Airasia?

Answer: Unfortunately, we don’t consider Turkish carriers as European, but AirHelp accepts claims for Turkish Airlines’ flights that start in Europe. That also works for other carriers’ flights that start in Europe.

D: What Was the Biggest Compensation That You Paid?

Answer: Passengers can get up to €600 per person (minus our service fee) if their flight covered a distance longer than 3,000 km while traveling out of the EU. So, groups and big families receive the biggest compensation payouts.

A: What if I Got a Voucher for Food/Beverage From the Airline, Can I Still Apply for the Compensation?

Answer: You should carefully examine the conditions of this voucher in case they include “I will not claim compensation.” So it depends.
We encourage you to check the fine print of any vouchers or clarify whether the voucher releases the airline of their obligation for further compensation. But the legislation requires the airlines to take care of you (including food) in addition to any compensation they owe you.

A: How Long Does the Compensation Process Take? 1 Month? 1 Year?

Answer: Always depends on the case, and the airline. Quick cases take around 1 month, but the process can vary from 2 weeks up to 3 years if the claim has to be taken to court.

D: I Want to Promote Your Offer on Social Networks. What Strategy Should I Choose to Do This Effectively?

Answer: The best strategy is to catch your audience when they really need it. If you have a travel blog, keep an eye on the news: if there is an airline strike at some airport, use it as a way to suggest the air passengers submit a claim for compensation. Or try to target people when they are at the airport. Also, it’s great to target families, since the overall compensation is higher.

K: 1) It Would Be Interesting to Know More About Your Marketing Strategy. How Do You Reach Your Audience? What Channels Work Best? Like Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram and Etc. 2) How Many Claims Do You Have This Year? What Percentage of Claims Go to Court? What Is the Average Time of Work With the Claim? 3) About the Affiliate Program, How Does That Work? You Are Saying in Your Offer 23 Eur for the Lead? What Exactly Do You Mean by Lead and on Which Stage You Make the Payouts for Publishers?

Answer: 1) We use all marketing channels to reach our audience. We have an in-house paid marketing channel, we use social media and PPC, Google ads, PR and others. The best way to engage the audience is to reach those who are in trouble and are searching for compensation procedure information.
2) While we can’t release exact numbers, since being founded in 2013, we have helped over 16 million passengers. We try to automate the process as much as possible, but if airlines aren’t cooperative, we have a team of legal experts who will work out the best course of action towards compensation – which may include court. The average time for the claim depends on the country and conditions, it’s always very different. We can name Hungary or Greece where this process usually takes longer, for example.
3) For the affiliate program, the payout depends on the country. Paying per lead means that we are paying before the airline provides compensation. So, we pay for claims that are fully filed and eligible.

A: What Is Anac 400?

Answer: This is the Brazilian national aviation agency’s resolution that obliges airlines to take care of clients. 

K: How About Ryanair?

Answer: It is covered! It has to comply with European legislation. However, they don’t have the best of track records when it comes to being responsive to claim requests. To find out which airlines have high claim processing scores, go to our AirHelp airline score.

K: Does Airhelp Actually Help if You’re Stuck at the Airport?

Answer: Well, if you submit your claim while you’re still waiting for the departure, AirHelp will start processing it and fight for your compensation on your behalf.

H: Where I Can Find Banners on Other Languages?

Answer:  All banners are available here. If there is a language that is missing, send us an email here: support@travelpayouts.com.

K: Does Airhelp Plan to Add Some Other Services Part From Compensations?

Answer: We are developing AirHelp+ which means that for a small yearly fee, AirHelp will take care of all your flight delay claims, and extra expenses (related to baggage or others) without taking the service fee.

N: If I Sign up What Is the Next Step? Do You Provide a Link to Be Published on My Site?

Answer: After you join the program, go to the Tools bar here, where you’ll find the link generator. Create the link correctly in this in-built generator, then simply copy it and add to your webpage or send to one of your contacts. 

L: It is also possible to request it for flights from Brazil to Europe and vice versa. For internal flights in Brazil and South America. 

Answer: Flights from Europe to Brazil are covered by European legislation, as are flights from Brazil to Europe when the flight is with a European airline. Also, AirHelp has started working with Brazilian national legislation which covers internal flights in Brazil and flights from Brazil to elsewhere in South America.

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