Webinar Q&A: “Q1-Q2 2020: What We Did in the Shadows”

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On July 16, we hosted the webinar “Q1-Q2 2020: What we did in the shadows” with Liza Rudykh, Head of Marketing, and Tatiana Buyanova, Head of Business Development at Travelpayouts. On this page, we have collected answers to all questions from the webinar.

What Are the Primary Platforms Which We Should Consider for Travel Content Growth?

Answer: We’ve collected some ideas in this free guide.Check them out!

When Can We Travel Internationally Again?

Answer: Domestic tourism will resume first, followed by regional strategic partnerships, such as those within the Baltic countries, between Australia and New Zealand, and among Czech Republic, Germany, and Austria, while international travel may still be a long way off. Here are two great articles that might be really helpful:

Is it safe to travel now internationally? 

Answer: It depends on the region. We suggest obeying the government restrictions and exploring the surroundings of your city with all the precautions and safety measures. Online tours by GetYourGuide is one of the coolest (and definitely the safest) products on the market right now.

I Have Noticed You Have Cheapoair on Your Platform, but It Is Not in “Hot Programs.” Is It Live or Suspended Due to the Pandemic?

Answer: CheapOAir is live and is now listed in the hot offers section. Thanks for noticing! Subscribe to CheapOAir here.

What programs are on pause? 

Answer: KAYAK and Airhelp affiliate programs are temporarily on pause. All the traffic from KAYAK is redirected to Aviasales affiliate program, and Airhelp is redirected to Compensair. 

How Do You Pay Commission to Nigeria Affiliate Members? / How Do You Pay Commission to Ghanaian Affiliates? I Just Joined Travelpayouts a Few Months Ago.

Answer: There are several ways to withdraw your earnings, they are all covered here.

What You Guys Can Suggest for a Beginner Travel Blogger?

Answer: You shall definitely consider this free guide and decide what monetization strategy to choose. You can also find a lot of valuable suggestions here in the Facebook group.

Can You Give Us Some Courses or Articles on How to Market the Mobile App?

Answer: Learn how to build and monetize your mobile app in our blog.

I Am Working on a New Website, Where Is the Best Place to Refer To?

Answer: Here is a nice guide for those who are starting their travel websites => How to build a website in 2020: The ultimate guide

I Have My Travel Content on Social Media. What Should I Do?

Answer: If your content is on social media, use affiliate links as the primary promo tool. You can find more recommendations in this free guide and our blog.  

Hey guys, please let me know if you have any guides for the COVID-19. 

Answer: We do have a guide on COVID for travel bloggers!  It’s called The survival kit for travel bloggers.

Do you have a list of recommended developers that I can contract to help me with the monetisation of my new site?

Answer: No, we don’t have such a list. Try to use the Money Script to turn all links on your site to partner links! And another way to sort it out is ask your community about it, join the group here.

Just One Question: Is the Website Really Necessary?

Answer: You don’t necessarily need to have a website! You can have a group on social media or even a channel on Telegram or Whatsapp. We’ve collected some ideas here in the guide on travel traffic monetization.

I Need an Easy Installation Method for the White Label.

Answer: Please take a look at our knowledge base – it has all the necessary info. Also, you may find this video useful.

Do You Have Affiliate Programs for the UK?

Answer: We absolutely do! All programs are listed here. Pay attention to the geotargeting section.

What Will Be at the Travelpayouts Summit?

Answer: The event brings together key players of the international travel market such as big advertisers, best-performing affiliates, SEO experts, and representatives of travel services. We want to share knowledge and grow the travel niche and affiliate marketing together that’s why we help market players make useful acquaintances, exchange insights and discuss trends, and all it is absolutely free! 

The summit program features lectures and workshops on topics that are relevant for every participant: earning on the travel market, writing quality content, creating marketing strategies, etc. 

This year the summit will be held online, so we’re inviting everyone to join! Register by this link.

Are You Planning Any Events in Thailand in the Near Future?

Answer: In fact, while it’s not easy to travel and organize events, we do not have any particular dates to share, but we’d love to hold a meetup in Thailand some day! The full list of our upcoming events is here.

How Do Cancellations Norms Work Amidst the Pandemic?

Answer: To help customers make purchases with fewer risks, many travel companies have changed the terms of return, cancelation or exchange. As for Travelpayouts’ affiliates, we have compensated all the bookings canceled because of the COVID-19 with our own financial assets. 

 If I have a travel agency, how could I promote the products they offer?

Answer: You can monetize your website or social media account or earn additional profit offering your clients transfers, tours & activities, etc. via Travelpayouts.

I Prefer to Focus Only on SEO. Is It Worth It at All? Are Facebook Ads Too Expensive to Get Conversion?

Answer: Traditionally, most of our affiliates are content project owners, which means they are focused on SEO. But please bear in mind that this way requires your patience, because SEO optimization always takes time. Consider mixing your strategy with some other promotional channels like media partnership with other affiliates, paid promo, PR and selling your own content (like paid webinars and whitepapers).

You can also discuss this question in our travel community.

Is booking.com Not Available in White Label?

Answer: Sadly, Booking.com doesn’t allow marketers to place their properties on White Labels. Try using the Hotellook White Label instead. Hotellook is a hotel search engine which also includes the results from Booking.com and Airbnb. Read more by this link.

How to Bring Traffic for Offers as a Beginner?

Answer: First, try to buy a travel product for yourself. Then ask your friends to use your affiliate link when they’re planning their trips. This is how you’ll get a first impression of how it actually works.

We’ve also collected some ideas here in the guide.

You can also discuss this question in our travel community.

What Is an Example of Someone Who Started a Travel Site From Scratch With You and Became Very Successful? (Greetings From Singapore)

Answer: Here are a couple of cases for you here and here.

For Affiliate Marketing, Links Can Do Stuff, Right? Or Is There Anything Else to Add?

Answer: You’re right, links are the most popular tool used by our affiliates. However, we have also a great set of tools in the network, i.e. banners, widgets, link generators, API, white labels, SDK, etc. Check them all here.

P.S. Don’t forget to read this guide to learn how to place affiliate links.

Does Travelpayouts Have a Private Facebook Group And/or a YouTube Channel?

Answer: Sure! Here is our official Facebook page and our Youtube channel. And here is the most useful link, the link to our community.

Hi, Can You Give Us Some Insights on the Markets of the Middle East, Including the Gulf States, Size, Share, Etc. Thanks.

Answer: We’re not the best experts in this market, however, try to address this question in the group of travel affiliate experts.

If SEO Is Working Well, Should Google Ads Work to the Best Extent Possible, Right?

Answer: The formula to success doesn’t really look like this, however, good SEO probably means that you have conversions from your organic traffic. If it’s true, it means that your landing pages will also convert well with Google Ads.

How Can I Have Insight on Market in Africa Because Satguru Is Pulling Well in Nigeria.

Answer: We’re not the best experts in this market, however, try to address this question in the group of travel affiliate experts.

Thank you from Spain/Sweden from http://travel.tic.life. Can we somehow integrate our own payment gateway for our bank-customers? (https://tic.ilfe)

Answer: Most of our programs provide travel service metasearch. They just search for the cheapest tickets and hotels and compare prices that they receive from different providers. We transfer our users to providers’ websites for booking and purchasing. The metasearch service often does not accept any payments or issue tickets, so it’s not possible to integrate your own payment gateway.

Do You Guys Do Social Media Accounts Audits? I Mean, Just Check the Content and Share Some Feedback to Work On?

Answer: We didn’t have it planned, but thanks for your great idea! Keep updated, I guess we’ll try to bring it to life soon.

 Do you audit new websites as well?

Answer: Sure! Submit your application here.

How Many Total Affiliates Do You Have?

Answer: It’s over 250,000 registered affiliates worldwide.

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