Webinar Q&A: “The Ultimate Winter Guide to High Affiliate Profits”

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November 7 we held a webinar “The ultimate winter guide to high affiliate profits” with Nick Lazarev, Valeria Molkova and Kate Zabolotnaya, Business Development managers at Travelpayouts. On this page, you can find answers to all questions from this webinar. To see the recording, click here.

R: Do you offer a deep link generator for Booking.com?

Answer: Yes, we do. After you subscribe to Booking.com program, you can find it in the tools section.

A: I’d like to know more about White Label.

Answer: You can find all the information about our White Label in our knowledge base and if you have any questions, you are welcome to ask our Affiliate Support team at support@travelpayouts.com 

V: Can we make an app, and is it available on iOS and Android ???

Answer: If you are not a developer, you can create your own White Label mobile app for iOS in a few easy steps. Or you can create a custom app using our SDK for Android and iOS.

A: I’m using Whitelabel, how can I change the homepage feed of promotional hotels and places? Is it available on Android? Can we customize it via GitHub?

Answer: You can customize the main page by editing the code under the Front Page Content tab of your White Label settings in your Travelpayouts account. White Label can be accessed only via Android mobile browsers at the moment, but the White Label mobile app is available for iOS. It is not possible to customize it via Github.

M: Where can I find the affiliate links to Booking.com?

Answer: Once you’re subscribed to Booking.com program, you can find affiliate links here

I: How to get accepted to brands like Hotels.com, Booking, etc. if I don’t have a website with traffic and much of content? How to work around this issue?

Answer: The best way is to create a content project, and when you have some content and visitors — it’s time to apply for these programs!

J: How much traffic on site will get commission about $100?

Answer: It all depends on your traffic quality and the program you will be working with.

M: Can you use WordPress plugin without opening search results into other brand results?

Answer: You can set up the plugin to open search results on your White Label.

M: What is the best way to get traffic to a just started white-label site made for a specific market (country)? Maybe someone here with experience?

Answer: If your White Label is on a primary domain and you don’t have much content, the best way is to use paid ads. However, we do recommend creating the White Label on a subdomain and make the main page of your website SEO-friendly. 

B: Do you have any advertisers that target Italy and Switzerland?

Answer: Sure, please check out Omio, Trainline, RailEurope, Rentalcars, AirHelp, Hotels.com and HolidayTaxis

A: For the app iOS and Android, what platform can be used? I want to use it as it is except for the name.

Answer: In the White Label app, it’s not possible to change the way it looks in the App Store. For SDK, you can customize all you need, you can read more about it here or contact our Affiliate Support team at support@travelpayouts.com if you have any questions.

B: Are you guys doing anything for Black Friday this year?

Answer: Definitely! We’ll tell all about it soon, stay tuned!

B: Which programs work well for content about seaside vacations?

Answer: Accommodation, Flights, Car rental, Tours & Activities, Transfers, Cruises and Bike & Scooter rental programs would work great.

I: If I don’t have a website and want to direct PPC traffic to Prelanders ( Landing Page that will direct to the deep links ), how can I be accepted to a program without a website?

Answer: Please check allowable traffic types for the program you’re interested in and provide the following details when applying to the chosen program: ads examples, geo, URL where traffic will be driven.

A: Can we make sub-affiliates?

Answer: It is possible — the way some cashback services work with us. You can read more about it here. As for the referral program, all the details are here

M: I have some reservations on Hotellook but they are staying for a long time in “Pending” in the dashboard, what is the average time for Booking’s approval?

Answer: Most hotel agencies pay commission and update booking status to “paid” within 2 months after the check-out date. Until then, the commission field can be zero and the booking stays in pending status.

T: Do Wizzair and Ryanair calculate commission?

Answer: No, both Wizzair and Ryanair are among the low-cost airlines not paying us a commission.

R: We didn’t receive the approbation to work with Booking when we started, can we apply again?

Answer: Yes you can. Make sure to provide as much info about your traffic sources as possible and please note Booking.com approves mostly content websites.

S: Is it possible to hide the Travelpayouts’ label?

Answer: If you’re using the White Label app, the description and images in the Apple Store are always the same for all affiliates. The images are neutral and not branded.

M: About the link to Booking.com – yep I know about the dashboard, I could not join the program – it has a pre-moderation, I have been waiting for approval for more than 1 week.

Answer: Some advertisers take up to two weeks to approve applications. If you still haven’t received a response yet, feel free to check with our Affiliate Support team.

S: Can we get paid for clicks?

Answer: Some agencies pay us for clicks on the links. Information about calculating the revenue isn’t disclosed. If we detect attempts to fake clicks, the affiliate account may be blocked.

M: Also I could not find the referral statistic after you’ve updated the dashboard, is the referral program still available? Where I can see the statistic?

Answer: You can find your referral statistics here

A: What about social media?

Answer: You can find lots of useful posts on our blog about working with social media. For example, Snapchat, Tumblr or Facebook.

L: Why now that I have more traffic, only my earnings per click have increased, but before I had little traffic and had more sales commissions?

Answer: The best way is to analyze what else changed about your traffic. A good idea would be to check your Popular Destinations report to see what routes your visitors search for most and if they bring any profit.

I: Is it allowed to direct link to an offer \ search result with PPC? ( Not with a bridge of site \ content \ blog \ landing page)

Answer: Every offer (program) has its own terms and conditions. Make sure to check the description of the program you are interested in to check allowable traffic types.

N: Do you have an example of affiliates who are doing extremely well?

Answer: Here is one of our affiliates.

B: Will you offer any increased commissions for Black Friday or Christmas?

Answer: Everything is possible! Stay tuned, we’ll tell all about it soon!

E: I am completely new to this, is there a knowledge base with user guides that can help better understand the affiliate business and the tools available?

Answer: We suggest to start with this article of our knowledge base to get to know how it all works and if any questions — our Affiliate Support team will be happy to answer them at support@travelpayouts.com 

T: What are the criteria to be verified for Booking.com affiliate? I was rejected twice.

Answer: Booking.com approves websites with lots of unique content.

S: What are the guidelines for a travel agency?

Answer: We have a suitable article in our knowledge base describing our relationship with travel agencies.

N: Is this right the format for a WordPress or should I have content and put links and widgets? I am in the process of building this site https://irresistabletravels.com/

Answer: We do have a Travelpayouts plugin for WordPress! You can read more about it here

R: We have a blog with over 40 articles in Spanish and English, more than 30 videos, etc, but we started with a new domain, were rejected at Travelpayout and then approved at CJ, but we want to have all materials in one website so I hope Travelpayouts can approve us too.

Answer: You’re welcome to re-apply and make sure to provide both of your websites’ URLs, please.

R: You were talking about the guidelines for the travel agency, can I use the customers’ credit card when paying through the affiliate links? Can I use my company’s credit cards to pay through our company’s affiliate links?

Answer: We recommend using your corporate bank card for these purchases. You can find more information about the process here.

J: How much content/how many articles would you recommend for a new website to start applying for Booking.com etc.?

Answer: The more the better.

T: Booking.com or Agoda?

Answer: You’ll never know until you try it!

A: Any HotelCombined product under Travelpayouts?

Answer: No, but we have other accommodation advertisers: check them out here.

P: To date, how many active “affiliates” do you have?

Answer: As of now, 226,286 affiliates signed up.

T: DA 7, I post on a weekly basis, 95 days old website, 15 articles. MPV 300-400 as per Google Analytics. Still, I am rejected by Booking.com. What are they expecting?

Answer: Feel free to contact our support team with your website URL to receive detailed feedback on your application.

V: Is the commission the same if you use White Label, a widget or a deep link?

Answer: Yes, it doesn’t matter which tool you use.

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