Q&A from the webinar “Travel Affiliate Starter Pack”

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March 26 we held a webinar “Travel Affiliate Starter Pack” with Travelpayouts Marketing managers Olga Gachkova and Liza Rudykh and Account manager Natalia Pukhova. On this page, we have collected answers to all questions from the webinar.

travel affiliate starter pack

What is the best payment model? 

Answer: CPA is considered to be the most scalable and profitable way to monetize your traffic. 

Where can I sign up? 

Answer: Simply follow this link: elearning.travelpayouts.com

Maybe you can tell me how to get traffic? 🙂

Answer: There are many ways to get traffic, depending on the project you have. We have lots of tips on our blog you might find useful. 

Do you have any active promo codes?

Answer: We have a WEBINAR promo code which you can mention to our support team to get an increased commission for 3 months for Aviasales/Aviasales and Hotellook.

If I have a website dedicated to a specific holiday destination, do the widgets/ affiliate links need to be location/ destination-specific?

Answer: It would be a good idea to set up some of your tools for a specific destination where possible.

Can we choose specific brands or is it all a bundle?

Answer: There are no restrictions: you can use just one or as many as you want.

How to get promo codes once registered?

Answer: Just send an email to our support team and mention that you have a promo code WEBINAR! Our support superheroes will increase your commission for Aviasales and Hotellook manually.

Is that 5% from referrals ongoing? / If we recommend someone, do we get 5% on any and all brands we choose? What is validity?

Answer: That referral commission is ongoing! You only recommend the whole network, and in case such person signs up and starts earning with any brands within Travelpayouts, you’ll get an additional 5% of such person’s profit. 

I have 1000 impressions – what does it mean? Is it good news for my account?

Answer: It’s always good to have impressions! Though what matters most is conversions to bookings – or sales. 

The blog has to be in English or can be in other languages?

Answer: Your blog can be in any language!

What is eCPC?

Answer: ECPC is the effective cost per click. The income received from the bookings for the last 30 days is summed up and divided by the number of clicks.

Will the WP-Plugins show related destinations from keywords we enter?

Answer: Our WP Plugin doesn’t have such an option. But you can create a custom search form or widget that use our Data API to display related destinations based on keywords.

Can we promote our affiliate links on Instagram or other social media channels instead of blogs and websites? Also, can you pls share WordPress whitepaper that you mentioned.

Answer: You can use any social media for your affiliate business with Travelpayouts. As for the white paper, download it by this link.

The cookies last for around 30 days, so what if we start promoting it now and client clicks but he books after that due to the situation 🙁 Should we wait to promote and only configure now?

Answer: Probably, if the user prefers to book much later, they will definitely return to the article where they saw something they liked. Also, keep in mind that adding links and other promo tools is a very time-consuming process, so you’d better start now to be fully ready when the crisis is over.

On my dashboard I can see a payout for this month, how do I see my sale?

Answer: Go to Finance – all sales are listed there separately. 

If you were in our shoes, what steps would you take to make this your day job?

Answer: Affiliate marketing is an extremely scalable business. We would suggest reading this free guide to get the strategies you can use to turn it to a full-time job.

When is the next webinar?

Answer: We hope to schedule an online event with a travel blogger in the middle of April. Stay tuned and keep an eye on events.travelpayouts.com

Do you know what the average affiliate earns per period per month as an example? 

Answer: Since we have affiliates from all over the world, working in different countries, having different content projects in different languages, we don’t stick to the concept of “average” when we refer to our affiliates. However, we calculate the top payouts every month, and these figures are automatically updated on the main page by this link.

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