Q&A From the Webinar: Travelpayouts’ Tools and Offers Review

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On February 13th we held a webinar “Travelpayouts 101: Tools and offers review”. On this page we have collected answers to all questions from the webinar. If you want to see recording, please use this link.

Alaa: when the android sdk will support hotels?

Alaa, currently we are working on the other tools and services for affiliates. There is no exactly time when SDK for Android will support the hotels.

Margaret: Where is your Head Office located?

The main part of our team is located in our office in Thailand.

Best cheap flight finders: How to create widget with flight, hotel, car and full inclusive offers?

United widget is available only for flights and hotels. To combine another services, such as cars, tickets and so on, try to create your own solution. For example, slider to change widgets on the page.

Bigfattourist: back to those browser widget – what is it? where I can find it?

Browser widget now is unavailable.

Erica: are there vacation/cruise/car offers we can advertise?

For cruise we have HopaYacht.

To provide full service for your audience on their vacation you can use different offers, such as Agoda for hotels or KAYAK for flights and other offers.

For car rental we have Localrent, Auto Europe and Economybookings.com.

Margaret: The search boxes, can they be set up so they do NOT show “Aviasales”?

Margaret, yes it is possible to remove our brand name. Check widget settings — there should be a checkbox you’re looking for.

However, Aviasales brand has users trust, so you also gain trust (which means you get sales) by leaving this “Powered by Aviasales” line.

If any difficulties, feel free to contact our support team at support@travelpayouts.com

Mithun rajkumar: please do some mechanism in Android & iOS sdk so that apps should look trendy

Mithun, you could change the design of Android or iOS application based on SDK as you wish. With our SDK you can build your own app with your own design.

Margaret: My business is new. There are two websites. Regular website and a booking website. Will you cover how to load information onto a website? Thanks

Margaret, in our blog we have some articles on how to maintain the websites, it may be useful for you.

Mithun rajkumar: why the fares are showing different in website and apps on same flight ticket

Some of the agencies websites are not mobile friendly, so we exclude them from mobile search

Idris: Do you have any plugins for Joomla?

Idris, not at the moment, sorry

Martin: I need to be able to create Single Hotel Destination pages, is that possible?

You can create the link to any hotel or destination page. Use the link generator in your profile.

Best cheap flight finders: How to get coupon code?

All our codes are connected to events and have limited validity. Currently we do not have any valid promo code.

Jeremy: How many request can we do with the API?

Jeremy, no more than 100 queries per hour for one IP for search API

Igor: Do you have WordPress assistance? Can not launch additional tools.

Our support team may help you with the issues about our WordPress plugin. In case your question is related to WordPress CMS itself, it is better to get a help on the WordPress official website or community.

hacking point: can i edit meta content on Travelpayouts coding

You can edit meta content on White Label. You can set your own Title, Description and Keywords.

Danka: Is it OK to use own links? For example: for a car rental booking? I tried booking through my own links (was hoping for some cashback) but it’s not visible on my dashboard.

Danka, yes in most of the affiliate programs in our network you could use own link to make a reservations and get a cashback. There are some programs, such as Booking.com affiliate program, that doesn’t allow to use own link. All information is provided in your personal dashboard.

Best cheap flight finders: When the first click paid started?

We have a last click model – that means, the last affiliate who has attracted the buyer, would get the reward.

Syed: I have a new website…how do I add cruises?

Join HopaYacht affiliate program and embed their tools to your website.

Best cheap flight finders: What is the best strategy for making money and what is the best strategies of your best marketer?

There is no universal way or strategy that is the best one. In our blog we regularly share the cases from the practice of our affiliates, their experience is helpful for understanding.

Danka: Question, do you have any tutorial for WIX blog + Travelpayouts collaborations?

We have a manual on how to place our tools in Wix site, you can check our knowledge base.

Caroline Lewis: Have I understood correctly that you cannot use a wordpress site to use white label Travelpayouts? On your Help Page it says You must have your own hosting. Due to the technological features, the White Label can’t set up to the hosts, that provide of various website constructor (like WordPress and others).

You have two ways to create White Label: setup on the subdomain or on the primary domain. For example, on the primary domain – example.com you may have the WordPress website, and on the subdomain, such as flights.example.com you could set the White Label. This topic was described in more detail in our knowledgebase.

Martin: Why is the Hotel Selection Widget too slow on my page?….It is very very slow to return results, after entering the check in and out dates.

Martin, our widget has to check the data, so it takes a time. We care a lot about the speed and provide the best, usually the results return back within couple seconds. In case you have longer, please contact our support service.

Idris: So that means wordpress has plugins to set all of this up on your own server if you have one?

Travelpayouts WordPress plugin provide a convenient way to embed the tools to your website.

Marcela: why some of the links are in russian only although they are in the english bottom? … thank you

Marcela, could you please specify to our support team, where did you met this problem? It should not work like this, English language tools must be only in English.

Eddy: Can I use the promotional widget just to show the promotions from the current location. Example Thailand: Is it possible to just show promotions for Thailand (Tickets, Hotels, Transport)?

Yes you can. Use “Filter by routes” – http://prntscr.com/mnj2kl

Olajide: I need few clarification: I made flight booking : Toronto – Dubai return $1090 , how common I’m supposed to get and what is the commision plan looking like

Average commision is 1,6% from the flight ticket. So from the 1090$ averagely you would get $17,5.

Alam: I have my domain. Need to make a white label site. Do I need to buy my own SSL? I need further assistance regarding setting up my site. So do you think I should ask assistance from your support team later on?

SSL is provided from our side. Just be patient, it may take up to 48 hours.

Best cheap flight finders: Can I modify your landing page collect emails?

Our landing page was designed for the flights and hotels sale, not for the collecting emails. You may try to collect emails as well, but we worked to increase the conversion just in sales, not email collecting.

Idris: Is that SSL certificate recognized by browsers like Edge? As even commodo and other free certs get rejected by browsers

Comodo free certificates for 3 months don’t get rejected. Our SSL is also full certificate that is accepted by all modern browsers.

Michel: Are you planning to include in API results Portuguese language and Brazilian Real (currency)?

Available languages (locales) in which API search results can be displayed: en-us, en-gb, ru, de, es, fr, pl. Chosen locale defines the selection of available partner agencies/airlines. You can translate it to your language independently.

Bob M.: what is the name of the wp plug in?

Travelpayouts: Flights & Hotels Travel Search

Eddy: Can I use one Travelpayouts account for multiple websites? Can I make multiple white label site under one account?

Yes you can do both.

Olajide: Can you share customer details who book through the link, such as email and telephone number for marketing purpose?

We don’t receive any passenger details from agencies

McKelvin: I have a new booking site, can you assist me in integrating APIs into my site for my clients?

McKelvin please use our guide or contact our support team.

Maura: How can I make website bilingual or add KAYAK Spanish option?

If you use WordPress, you may use ready made solutions or create your own. To add KAYAK Spanish option, choose the Spanish language on the website.

Panagiotis Vasileiou: When you add “API Flight Data Access” in wordpress plugin?

Currently we don’t develop WordPress plugin and plan to build completely new plugin. Unfortunately, for now we don’t have even the estimated time when it will be done.

Syed: If a website is built on TPO rules, can they use the site to advertise widgets from outside vendors?

Yes you can use widgets from outside vendors.

Asaad: What is the average commission rate should we expect from hotel bookings?

The average hotel reservation is worth USD 400. This means an average income for us of $30 per reservation, of which our affiliate receives $15 to $20.

Danka: Any chance you can make a commision calculator so we don’t bother you with the commission questions? 🙂

I’m afraid it’s not possible as commission depends on multiple factors, such as agency, airline, route and individual agreements between agencies and hotels

Theo: can I programmatically pass an argument for any of the widgets or are they only configurable via my dashboard?

Yes, some of our widgets parameters can be configured in the code.

McKelvin: Can I integrate your APIs into my booking site via your site?

API is provided upon the request. Please provide us more information how would you use API.

Asaad: Does white label website be accessible to search engines for SEO benefits

Yes they are.

Olajide: How does white label account benefit from Kayak offers

White Label is based on Aviasales search engine, whereas KAYAK is a different metasearch. So they do not correlate.

Maura: How can I add a Spanish language option?

Choose the “Spanish” in the settings of every tool, for example here is settings of search form: http://prntscr.com/mnje32

Syed: Is there a widget or plugin for Kayak on my site?

Yes, there is KAYAK widget. It’s available in your Travelpayouts dashboard.

Patrick: I have noticed, that many flights I find on Kayak are not found in my whitelabel (i.E. KLM ZRH->AMS) or that they are significantly higher priced than from the airline directly (easyjet + EUR 25 on a EUR 70 flight). Any idea, why this is?

White Label and Kayak are different services with different sources of prices and options.

Shahram: why your hotels price is usually higher than others, like hotelscombined?

Sometimes prices are higher on Hotellook, sometimes on Hotelscombined. There is not direct correlation, that prices are usually higher or lower in some website. Hotellook and Hotelscombined don’t sale hotels, services compare the prices on all top website, and display the results what is provided by those websites.

Alaa: why the prices different on ios sdk and whitelabel?

Some of our partner agencies are not mobile friendly, so we exclude them from search results in mobile.

Coast Break Holidays Africa: Hi, my name is Tom Njiri and I am writing to you from Mombasa Kenya. Our site two site www.coastbreakholidays.com and www.tomasiholidaysafrica.com. Can I add links to these site from TravelPayOuts?

Yes of course. Your websites seems as a great platform to embed Travelpayouts tools. Wish you good luck and high income.

Olajide: i have white label account www.countryandpeople.com, however I’m working on new white label account citytraveller.ca do i have to start from scratch or i can using existing white label codes

You should change in your Travelpayouts account the domain of your White Label project and then set new domain to the White Label, as is described here. This how you wouldn’t need to start from the scratch.

Syed: Dose Aviasales look at KAYAK when looking for flight prices?

Nope! These are two different metasearch engines

Alaa: why the search on whitelabel we can’t search city with hotel name?

You could search all city and hotel names that are in our database.

Olajide: Do you have training on email marketing strategy?

We do not have special training, but we have useful articles in our blog – http://travelpayouts.com/blog/how-to-build-an-email-list-for-affiliate-marketing/ and http://travelpayouts.com/blog/email-marketing/. Hope it would help you.

Syed: When is the next webinar?

We will announce it in our blog and Facebook page, so stayed tuned.

Warit Saenghiranwatana: Sorry if the questions are duplicate. Just got in. I want to know how much the Kayak commission is estimated. Also, how can I find the promotion, promo code, discounts for each merchants?

KAYAK shares 50% of own income. The income volume vary for the each order. We do not provide the information about promo codes and discounts, and I want to clarify, that some affiliate programs don’t allow to use their promo codes for affiliates to promotion. Please read the rules of every affiliate program before using the promo codes.

Ignacio: Question if i make a booking on my ios app is that booking still credited to my account

If your iOS has connection to your account, than yes. Just pay attention, not all offers count the purchases done by affiliates themselves.

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