Provide Your Audience with Discounted Car Rentals with the QEEQ Diamond Membership

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The car rentals segment is expected to reach $83.02 billion in 2022 with an annual revenue growth rate of 8.23%. Notably, most income is generated in the USA. This year, the segment is projected to reach over $25,590 million. This growth might be due to the post-pandemic interest in domestic travel and outdoor experiences. QEEQ is one of the great affiliate programs that allows you to earn on car rentals in the United States and around the world. We have a detailed overview of the QEEQ affiliate program at Travelpayouts and, in this post, we’ll discuss how you can earn by promoting the QEEQ Diamond Membership.

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QEEQ is an award-winning company and one of the world’s leading online car rental booking platforms. It offers over seven million cars and RVs throughout 200 countries. Since its foundation in 2017, the company has served over five million travelers around the world and gathered more than 60,000 positive reviews.

Customers can take advantage of QEEQ’s best price guarantee to be sure that they are renting a car at the lowest price. The Price Drop Protector allows for automatic rebooking when rental prices go down so that customers can book at the best rate. Thanks to the member discount, new members and app users can receive exclusive coupons for the QEEQ Rewards Club. Should any questions arise, the 24/7 multilingual customer service team is available to assist. Payments are accepted in 34 currencies and there are no credit card fees.

QEEQ Affiliate Program

With the QEEQ affiliate program, affiliates can earn 5% commission on car rental bookings made through their affiliate link. The average order value is $450 and the cookie lifetime is 30 days. The program is available in English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Japanese, Thai, and more. It also accepts worldwide geotargeting. The brand often runs promotions, so you can follow updates in the news section on the program page.

Affiliates can also take advantage of the QEEQ Diamond Membership and earn you a 10% commission on each sale of the subscription. Note that the reward is paid out 30 days after the user purchases the membership, as they can request free cancellation within the first 30 days. In addition, affiliates will be rewarded for the second year of the membership if the customer extends their subscription.

In some cases, affiliate rewards may not be paid. For example:

  • If the customers book car rentals at the Diamond discounted price with their QEEQ Diamond Membership (repeated car rental bookings of Diamond members), no commission will be rewarded.
  • If the customers book car rentals together with the QEEQ Diamond Membership, only the QEEQ Diamond Membership commission will be rewarded (see screenshot below). 
An example of a booking with Diamond Membership
An example of a booking with Diamond Membership

In short, if the booking is made with the Diamond discounted price, no commission will be rewarded. If the booking is made with the standard price, no matter if it is made by Diamond members, a commission is available. If Diamond members book a car rental without the Diamond discounted price (e.g., for postpaid bookings), the related commission will be rewarded to affiliates.

About QEEQ Diamond Membership

QEEQ Diamond Membership
QEEQ Diamond Membership

The QEEQ Diamond Membership is a premium membership that provides subscribers with private rates from over 800 car rental companies as well as other additional benefits. Here are some of the main advantages of the QEEQ Diamond Membership for customers:

  • Average 10% discount on thousands of cars
  • A free upgrade to a higher car class or better insurance for 80% of cars
  • Private rates from over 800 rental companies
  • Free driver and passenger protection on postpaid bookings
  • Free one-year flight accident protection with $200,000 coverage (worth $39.90)
  • Free one-year international driver’s permit (worth $12.99)
  • Free cancellation within 30 days
  • And much more

How to Earn with the QEEQ Diamond Membership

To maximize your earnings with the QEEQ affiliate program, here are some tips that will help you promote the QEEQ Diamond Membership more effectively:

QEEQ Target Audience 

To ensure the most efficient promotion, it’s always important to identify the ideal customers for the product. Here is some information about QEEQ’s target audience and market:

  • There are two types of target customers for QEEQ:
    • Frequent traveler, road tripper, business traveler, etc. renting cars more than once per year.
    • Long-term traveler renting a car for longer than one week.

QEEQ Bookings Statistics

  • The top five markets for the QEEQ Diamond Membership sales are: the United States, Great Britain, Australia, Canada, and Thailand.
  • On average, a customer makes more than 1.5 bookings per year with the Diamond discounted price.
  • Average savings per Diamond member account to less than $97 per year.
  • Average savings per booking is more than $60.

QEEQ Best Marketing Practices

  • Use the following CTAs to promote the QEEQ Diamond Membership more efficiently:
    • “Become a QEEQ Diamond Member now and save 60%”
    • “Original price of USD $200/year, limited time price (60% off) of USD $80/year”
  • To convert users into buyers, you can also appeal to the following benefits:
    • If you rent cars more than once per year, the QEEQ Diamond Membership is the best value because it will save you an average of USD $62 per booking. 
    • If you rent cars for longer than one week, the QEEQ Diamond Membership is the best value because it will save you tens or hundreds of dollars per booking depending on the selected car type.
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