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On August 19th, we held the SEO Traffic Show in collaboration with our partners from Serpstat and Netpeak Software. At this show, leading SEO experts picked apart three affiliate websites and shared tips on how to improve their optimization. The format of the show allows marketers to get their website reviewed for free or learn from the mistakes of other affiliates and take a proactive approach. It’s a win-win!

Traffic Show program

  • How to perfect the technical aspects of SEO for your site.
  • How to optimize your site for Google search.
  • How to drive traffic and retain it.
  • What mistakes are the most common on affiliate websites and how to avoid them.

About the speakers

Eugene Lata is the VP of Marketing at Serpstat, an all-in-one SEO platform. Eugene has over six years of experience in SEO and marketing and has come a long way in this field from being a link-builder and assistant to the head of the marketing department with an in-house team of SEO experts. He believes that he is most competent at content and conversion rate optimization. Before diving into marketing, Eugene was engaged with television and documentaries and even worked as a cameraman on the National Geographic channel. 

Kosta Bankovski is a Product Marketing Manager at Netpeak Software. The team is actively working on developing desktop programs for SEO experts and webmasters. During his time with the company, Kosta analyzed over 1,000 websites to help our clients attract more traffic from search engines. He participated in some of the most popular conferences about SEO in the CIS, such as 8P, Optimization, and BDD. Kosta also runs Netpeak Software’s YouTube channel and shares tips on how to use the company’s product to solve common issues.

Kosta Bankovski

Previously on SEO Traffic Show

You can also watch recordings of previous SEO Traffic Show episodes. There, Tristam Jarman, the Co-Founder at Purple Smudge, and Jason Barnard, the Brand SERP Guy at, shared optimization tips for some of our affiliates’ websites. For example, in episode 2, you’ll learn how to properly use backlinks, avoid Google crawler issues, and more.

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