Travelpayouts Affiliate Summit 2018: how it was

Andrey Novoselov Andrey Novoselov
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On Sept. 29, we held the second annual Travelpayouts Affiliate Summit 2018 in Moscow. We are grateful to everyone who shared this productive Saturday with us. We will share the best materials from the summit on our blog, and we want to share some photos and interesting facts about the event.

Outcome of the event

The Travelpayouts team has been preparing the summit for 3 months, and we are proud of the results achieved:

  • 200+ participants;
  • 20+ representatives of advertisers;
  • 8 speakers;
  • 3 workshops;
  • 1 panel discussion;
  • ∞ networking.

This year we made a convenient application for iOS and Android, there was a plan for the event, as well as the ability to schedule meetings and communicate with all participants. As a result, 65 appointments were made and 825 messages were sent. The most active networkers made 98 connections!

Travelpayouts Affiliate Summit 2018: how it went

Interesting fact, during the event, 115 bottles of wine and 70 liters of beer were consumed.

Travelpayouts Affiliate Summit 2018: how it went


  1. eTravel market: What to expect in 2019?
  2. Mobile traffic: Buy a “warm lead” and increase revenue by 30%
  3. How to get 2 billion traffic for your travel project with Facebook & Instagram
  4. Convert visitors into sales: The secrets of the top webmasters
  5. Pump your SEO and get to the top without any costs. What is new this year?
  6. SEO-promotion of travel sites to foreign markets
  7. Sale of excursions on the internet. Revenue growth of 200% per year
  8. Working with the big community in social networks
  9. Google tools, or how I fell in love with analytics and stopped losing money
  10. Non-standard marketing and selling content
  11. Experience of Localrent. How to sell bus tickets: Hacks and tools for webmasters
  12. Panel discussion: Cashback services vs Webmasters

Travelpayouts Affiliate Summit 2018: how it went

We already have published photos from the event on our Facebook page. In the near future, we plan to post the useful information from the summit on our blog. Share your thoughts about our summit with us in the comments.

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