TBEX: The Must-Attend Event for Any Travel Blogger

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In April 2022, Travelpayouts’ Serge Pitinov took part in the TBEX North America travel conference in Tri-Cities, Washington. For 11 years, TBEX has been uniting hundreds of travel creators and industry professionals to help them network and build partnerships. In this article, we’ll discuss Serge’s impressions of TBEX and why it is an essential conference for anyone in the travel industry today.

TBEX: The must-attend event for any travel blogger

The TBEX Atmosphere

“Welcome to the TBEX Family!” 

This was how Rick Calvert, CEO of TBEX, welcomed Serge Pitinov. And these weren’t just empty words — the entire event had a familial atmosphere. Many participants even came with their partners and family, which makes sense given that travel is usually a family affair. 

“TBEX brings together inspiring, open, and positive people. Everyone communicates warmly so that even new conference-goers will feel comfortable. The [event] organizers are friendly and attentive to every participant,” Serge Pitinov

TBEX: Organization and Location

In April 2022, TBEX took place in Tri-Cities, Washington. The event organizers thought of everything, including interesting and interactive tours where participants could learn about different facets of the city’s history. 

“I remember the Reach Museum tour. It was obvious that the people of Tri-Cities honored their history, and it was very exciting to get in touch with the city’s culture. I also fondly remember our tour to LIGO (Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory),” Serge Pitinov

Next-level organization 

  1. Clear, well-thought-out agenda of events and tours
  2. Efficient and comfortable transfers via shuttle 
  3. Attention to food and local cuisine 

Why TBEX Is a Must-Attend for Travel Bloggers

  1. Meet your community. Travel bloggers rarely have the chance to meet with their peers in real life – they usually communicate online through platforms such as social media. TBEX is an incredible opportunity to network with the best creators in the travel industry.

    “It was interesting and amazing to finally meet the bloggers with whom I’d only communicated via email.” Serge Pitinov
  2. Learn new things. At TBEX, bloggers can attend many helpful lectures that give practical advice on topics such as SEO optimization, how to earn on tours, and more.
  3. Forge future partnerships. The event offers a unique opportunity for creators to meet fellow creators as well as brands they could potentially work with. It is not uncommon for creators to leave the conference with several contacts that would eventually turn into lucrative collaborations (or even a partnership contract). 
  4. Explore new places. TBEX always takes place in an exciting location, offering creators the opportunity to explore a new city and gather content for their blogs. 

Why TBEX Is a Must-Attend for Travel Brands

  1. Best leads. Brands need conferences to collect leads and form partnerships. TBEX offers the greatest concentration of potential leads in the industry. 
  2. Expertise sharing. TBEX gives brands a platform to present their expertise to interested creators and partners. For example, in April, Serge gave a presentation sharing helpful strategies for partners who want to increase their income and travel bloggers who are just starting their affiliate marketing journey. 

We at Travelpayouts were so inspired by the conference that we took part in TBEX Marbella in June 2022 as well. Looking froward to reuniting with the TBEX US community in October in Lafayette, Lousiana. Join us!

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