How to Earn Money With the Visitorscoverage Affiliate Program

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The pandemic has given rise to many new trends in the travel niche, one of which is an increased focus on safety. As a result, more and more tourists are buying travel insurance before setting off on their journey. With the VisitorsCoverage affiliate program, you can help your readers purchase trip insurance from one of the industry leaders and travel the world safely despite the pandemic.

How to earn money with the VisitorsCoverage affiliate program

About VisitorsсOverage

VisitorsCoverage is a pioneer insurtech company with a patented technology used to search for and purchase travel medical and trip insurance. Founded in 2006, the company now has 14 years of experience helping over a million travelers in over 175 countries explore the world safely.

VisitorsCoverage has a large selection of insurance plans for all kinds of trips, including visitor’s insurance, trip insurance, business travel insurance, and more. Clients can choose between travel medical insurance, which covers medical expenses during their international journeys, or trip insurance, which covers cases of travel cancelation and more.

The Advantages of VisitorsсOverage for Travelers

VisitorsCoverage is a customer focused company, which is continuously working to improve the user experience so that customers can search for, compare, and purchase travel insurance in a stress-free manner. Here are some key advantages of the company:

  • The most COVID-19 options offered: Travel medical insurance plans with COVID-19 benefits for healthcare, emergency services, or other assistance. Cancel for any reason (CFAR) travel insurance options which protect against trip cancelations and more.
  • Pre-existing condition coverage plans: one of the only sites providing INF Elite
  • Multiple proprietary plans found only on VisitorsCoverage. 
  • Exceptional customer service team with licensed travel insurance agents.
  • Quick and easy purchasing process. Customers can seamlessly purchase a travel insurance plan within minutes entirely online.
  • Lowest price guarantee. VisitorsCoverage offers plans from leading insurance carriers, and their rates are the same as other providers. As insurance is a regulated industry, no other company can offer you a lower or higher premium for the same plan.

The Visitorscoverage Affiliate Program

Join the VisitorsCoverage affiliate program and earn up to 10% from each purchase. The affiliate commission depends on the policy price.

Minimum policy priceMaximum policy priceReferral fee

Advantages of the VisitorsсOverage Affiliate Program

  • High affiliate commission — 10% from each purchase 
  • Unlimited potential to earn
  • Strong conversion rates
  • Variety of advertising and promotional options

Affiliate Tools

  1. Link generator
  2. Links
  3. Banners
  4. Widgets

You can explore these affiliate tools through the “Tools” tab on the VisitorsСoverage affiliate program page on the Travelpayouts dashboard.

How to Earn With the Visitorscoverage Affiliate Program

Below, we’ve accumulated information about the VisitorsCoverage target audience, popular insurance plans, and tips on how to promote the offer more efficiently.

Visitorscoverage Target Audience

VisitorsCoverage targets customers in more than 175 countries around the world. The audience is roughly 53% females. In terms of age, the average customer is 50-65 years old. Purchases are mainly done on a desktop, however, the percentage of purchases on mobile devices is growing. The majority of customers will purchase insurance within a week of their departure date.

Main audiences:

  • One of VisitorsCoverage’s primary audience  is South Asian parents visiting children and grandchildren in the US
  • Any traveler entering the US for tourism, business, or on immigrant visas
  • US travelers going overseas
  • International Travel – Residents of other countries traveling abroad
  • Travelers within the US who buy trip insurance for flights, hotels, vacation rentals, etc.
  • Cruise goers
  • International students

Popular Insurance Plans in 2020

Customers are understandably interested primarily in plans which cover COVID-19-related expenses. 

The most popular insurance plan is CoverAmerica-Gold for visitors to the US. This plan not only includes COVID-19 coverage, but also provides a COVID-19 screening benefit and quarantine daily allowance. INF Elite is a comprehensive plan that offers coverage for a worsening pre-existing condition (up to a specified maximum). 

How to Earn With Visitorscoverage: Best Practices

  1. Tell your audience in detail about the service and its advantages for travelers.
  2. Explain how to use the service and create a step-by-step guide.
  3. Describe different insurance plans and explain which categories of travelers would benefit from each one.
  4. Create useful content that people are looking for.

Currently, COVID-related insurance content is the most relevant and engaging. Explain to your audience: 

  • Why travel insurance is critical during a pandemic. 
  • Why traveling without insurance is risky. Try to explain possible drawbacks without scaring the audience. An educational tone works best in this case.

Tourists have become more knowledgeable about travel insurance since the pandemic started. As travel begins to pick up, there will be more of a demand for travel insurance policies than ever before. Help your audience travel the world safely by promoting VisitorsCoverage, a leading insurtech company with a large selection of travel insurance for all kinds of travel risks.

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