How to Boost Your Conversion Rate: 8 Tips from GetYourGuide’s Experts

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According to GetYourGuide, a healthy conversion rate from visitors to clicks starts at 3% and can reach 6% and above for the top 25% of GetYourGuide’s partners. In this article, GetYourGuide’s experts share tips for boosting your conversion rate.

How to Boost Your Conversion Rate: 8 Tips from GetYourGuide’s Experts

1. Highlight the Advantages of Booking Tours and Activities Online

While booking online has become increasingly popular every year (for example, according to this report from Skift) , many travelers still have objections with this practice. As a result, it is important for you to highlight as many of the advantages of online bookings as possible, including:

  • best prices
  • native language websites
  • opportunity to choose the best option
  • the convenience of having everything on your phone
  • special communication and deals
  • cancellations and refunds are easy to solve
  • real reviews of a product
  • saving time
  • personal recommendations

2. Create Content Based on Your Experience

Great value comes from authenticity. So, try out tours and activities and share your own insights and travel expertise. The way you describe the experience will drive the highest number of conversions, as you are building authority and trust for the products you present to your audience.

GetYourGuide offers partners vouchers for activities, so you can try them for free.

3. Create Content Based on Users Booking Behavior

There are tons of tours on the market, so choosing the right one can be overwhelming. Arival found which factors play the most important role in the decision-making process. Create content about tours based on this information. For example, given that convenience is a popular reason for choosing a specific tour, make content about specific tour schedules (e.g., Relax After Work: Short Evening Tours in Paris).

Top reasons why travelers choose certain tours,
Top reasons why travelers choose certain tours,

Compare Different Tours

Give users an opportunity to choose the right tour for them. Use top 10 lists and comparison tables.

4. Embed Partner Tools in the Right Places

Add affiliate tools to places where users are most ready to buy tours and activities. For example, users most likely click on a link or widget after a detailed description of a tour.

3 Days in Jaipur: The Ultimate Jaipur Itinerary,
3 Days in Jaipur: The Ultimate Jaipur Itinerary,

Briefly explain what users will get if they click on a link or widget: the best price, a wide selection of offerings, and so on.

5. Mix Links, Widgets, and Banners

There’s no need to choose only the best available tool. Instead, the secret to success can be found in a good mix. Put links and several widgets in the text, and add a banner in the sidebar to make your page even more appealing.

Port of Ibiza Cruise Guide, Things to Do, Shore Excursions,
Port of Ibiza Cruise Guide, Things to Do, Shore Excursions,

Keep in mind that not everyone knows what a widget is. Briefly explain how to use a widget if it is not obvious.

6. Select Tours With the Best Conversion Potential 

  • Choose tours focusing on their relevance to your content. Play around with the GetYourGuide platform to explore different categories that will appeal to your audience.
  • Search for the destination on GetYourGuide ranks activities based on popularity (best-selling and top-rated tours).
  • Prioritize new activities or tours with high ratings and a large number of reviews.

7. Use Tricks to Grab Your Readers’ Attention

  1. Try to add affiliate links as buttons. Sometimes, buttons perform better than highlighted links. Make the button’s CTA clear, for example “Book Now”.
  2. Include persuasive points, such as “skip the line”, “last-minute availability”, “best-sellers”, and “top picks”.
  3. If you integrate affiliate links into your text, highlight them in a bright color. You may think that this looks obtrusive or outdated, but users find it very helpful.
28 Best Places in India For Solo Female Travel,
28 Best Places in India For Solo Female Travel,

8. Create GetYourGuide Brand Awareness

Your audience may not be familiar with GetYourGuide yet. Tell your readers why they should trust GetYourGuide. A personal introduction is key for higher conversions!

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