WayAway: Your Best Way to Earn on Flight Bookings

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People are always on the hunt for the best deals on air travel. Finding these deals, however, is the challenge, and travelers rely on travel content creators for insights on where to look. By promoting WayAway, the new innovative travel aggregator by Travelpayouts, you can meet your audience’s travel booking needs while also allowing them to save with cashback rewards. Read our overview of the WayAway partner program as well as best practices for getting the most out of WayAway.

WayAway: Your Best Way to Earn on Flight Bookings

How Much Can You Make With Airline Affiliate Programs?

Owing to the fact that 83% of US adults prefer to book their travel online, selling airline tickets online is a great way to generate a solid income — flights are one of the most sought-after products among travelers. Over the past 12 months, 23% of all Americans bought airline tickets online, which accounts for more than bus and train bookings combined:

Travel product bookings in the U.S. in 2022, Statista

In 2021, US airlines carried 674 million passengers. In addition, every month, millions of tourists arrive in the US from other countries on international carriers. All this travel creates a rich market where you can earn a decent profit online. 

Statistics show that, on average, each American travels roughly 7 times per year:

Countries whose people travel the most

People book flights all the time, so demand exists year-round. However, there are standard peaks during which people travel more. 

By joining airline affiliate programs, you will profit every time someone books a flight thanks to your recommendation. 

How much money you can earn with airline affiliate programs hinges on how many clients you can attract. The flight niche has a wide audience, so your earning potential is almost limitless.

Joining airline affiliate programs will allow you to earn commissions on each ticket sold thanks to you. Some affiliate programs pay very high commission rates, such as the WayAway program, which shares 50% of the income that WayAway receives from airline ticket sales offered by agencies and airlines.

Advantages of the WayAway Partner Program

  1. Income: Take advantage of the highest affiliate commission rates among other brands in the airline niche.
  2. Technology: Access detailed statistics on income, an easy-to-understand dashboard, and quick and easy money withdrawal.
  3. Scalability: Partner with a rising brand with two sources of income to maximize your earning potential.   
  4. Tools: Get easy-to-use and -integrate affiliate tools, including links, banners, widgets, and promo codes. 
  5. Support: Have experts on standby to answer any question and give instructions on how to use affiliate tools.
  6. Content: Get invaluable information and tips on how to work with the flights niche and affiliate marketing in general from Travelpayouts experts.  
50% revenue share
30 days cookie lifetime
$10 per sale of WayAway Plus
The WayAway Partner Program
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About WayAway

WayAway is a flight aggregator that gives travelers the best rates on airline tickets and other travel deals. It has been developed by experts at Travelpayouts, which means the service is backed by over 10 years of experience working in the travel industry with trusted brands such as Booking.com, Tripadvisor, and Expedia.  

In November 2022, WayAway was chosen as #1 Product of the Day on Product Hunt. Product Hunt is a place for tech lovers to share products and geek out about the latest mobile apps, websites, hardware projects, and tech creations.

The WayAway homepage

With WayAway’s innovative search, which compares airfares offered by all major US and global airlines and travel agencies, users can find options for any wallet. The service offers the best flight deals for specific travel dates as well as more affordable tickets on alternative dates. 

WayAway also shows all the information travelers need at the ticket selection stage:

  • Baggage requirements
  • Flight details
  • Layovers and overnight flights
  • Luggage recheck

The key feature of WayAway is its membership plan WayAway Plus, which gives users up to 10% cashback on bookings of airline tickets, hotels, car rentals, and other travel services. 

Why Travelers Choose WayAway

It’s no secret that the market is saturated with flight aggregators, and people usually have their favorites. Expedia and Kayak come to mind.  

However, WayAway can offer travelers something other aggregators can’t: a way to get money back on travel deals. 

WayAway is the first flight aggregator to offer a membership plan that gives hard cash cashback rewards on any type of booking. 

So, in effect, WayAway offers two services: an innovative search that is available for free, and a paid cashback program that helps travelers save even more on travel. 

Inside WayAway Plus 

To celebrate the launch, WayAway is offering a 50% discount on the WayAway Plus annual subscription plan. Now travelers can purchase it for $49.99 (the original price is $99.99).

Try WayAway Plus for free for 7 days. Get cashback on your next trip without the need for a subscription purchase!

To get rewards, all users have to do is make bookings with travel services that offer cashback on WayAway Plus. For example, someone who books a hotel on Booking.com through WayAway Plus will receive some money back after their stay.

And that’s the beauty of WayAway Plus: users receive actual cash, not points or miles. The money is sent directly to users’ PayPal accounts, meaning that they are able to spend it how and where they want. 

Cashback Rates For WayAway Plus Users 

Travel services that offer cashback on WayAway Plus
Travel services that offer cashback on WayAway Plus
  • Flights: up to 5%
  • Booking.com: up to 10%
  • Kiwitaxi.com: 10%
  • Tiqets.com: 7%
  • Rentalcars.com: 5%
  • GoCity: up to 3%
  • Klook: up to 7%
  • Viator: 6%
  • Hostelworld: up to 6%
  • AirHelp: 10%
  • GetYourGuide: 8%
  • BlueRibbonBags: promo codes for 15% off

Here is an example of WayAway Plus rewards in action:

Cashback for the WayAway Plus members
Cashback for the WayAway Plus members

In this case, the user saves 7.6% from the total travel price using WayAway Plus. And there is no limit! 

Premium Support

WayAway Plus members have access to a support team that is ready to answer any travel-related questions, such as how to find the best car rental deals or recommendations on local cuisine.

Premium support for the WayAway Plus members
Premium support for the WayAway Plus members

Expert Guides

WayAway ambassadors have created a fantastic collection of guides to cities across the US and the world. Users can use them to check out the best places to visit, eat, and take photos. 

Guides for the WayAway Plus members
Guides for the WayAway Plus members

The WayAway Affiliate Program

You receive 50% of the income that WayAway receives from airline ticket sales offered by agencies and airlines. No, we didn’t accidentally add a zero — the reward is that good. 

You also get $10 per sale of a WayAway Plus membership plan (paid once per user). 

The cookie lifetime for both the desktop and mobile versions of the website is 30 days.

But wait, there’s more! If the user installs the WayAway app via your affiliate link, the app is assigned to your Partner ID for 180 days, and rewards are paid for all bookings made by this user in the app.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a blogger, content creator, or just someone with suitable traffic — you will benefit from the WayAway program. You get detailed sales statistics, tools, and everything else needed to earn money in the airline ticket niche. The tools are customizable for websites, Instagram accounts, YouTube channels, and other platforms. All affiliate tools are available immediately after registration.

50% revenue share
30 days cookie lifetime
$10 per sale of WayAway Plus
The WayAway Partner Program
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Affiliate Marketing Tips to Boost Income

Integrate tools in both your new and existing content

You can audit the most popular pages on your blog and determine which attract an audience looking for flight tickets. Services like Google Analytics will be a big help.

For example, if you have an article on how to organize a trip to New York but did not have the time to enrich your content with information on flight tickets, do it now.

Share more about WayAway

Even experienced travelers are not always well-informed when it comes to travel platforms. Therefore, explaining the basics of the service to which you are sending traffic will go a long way.

When discussing WayAway, keep things brief by saying that you are sending the reader to a service that automatically — and for free — compares flight ticket fares from hundreds of agencies. You can even share more details that will be available on your Travelpayouts account. 

Drive traffic to a specific page if you know what the user needs

The WayAway homepage is a universal landing page, but you can take it one step further. 

If you know exactly what a user needs, then send them to a particular page. For example, you can direct the user to a page for a specific flight or a specific route on a specific day.

Use the program’s built-in branded URL generator to turn any WayAway link into an affiliate link. Make sure you don’t overdo it and decide everything for the user. If you are not sure of what they need, send them to the main page.

Perform experiments

This tip applies to any affiliate program. Try different tools and approaches to find the best way of reaching your audience.

For example, offer tickets from three providers at once, measure how your conversion fluctuates, change ad placements, and so on. Experimenting is the best way to increase your income.

Experimentation can help you better understand your audience. Learn how you can cater to your readers’ needs and influence their decision-making speed in the “How to Earn on Flights? Expert Tips & WayAway Program Review” webinar.

The WayAway affiliate program is exclusively available on Travelpayouts.

50% revenue share
30 days cookie lifetime
$10 per sale of WayAway Plus
The WayAway Partner Program
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