3 Ways to Increase Your Travelpayouts Commission

Andrey Novoselov Andrey Novoselov
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The affiliate reward for Travelpayouts is 60–70% of the affiliate network’s revenue. The commission rate depends on the volume of your income, so with growth in your turnover rate, your commission also increases. This is the first way to increase your commission but not the only one. You can receive an increased commission from Travelpayouts in four different ways.

4 great ways to increase your Travelpayouts commission

Method №1: Earn More

The more you earn, the higher your commission. We raise the rate by 10% for all affiliates with an income of more than $3,000 per month. Affiliates with a high turnover rate earn 70% of Travelpayouts’ revenue. You can find more details in our knowledge base.

Method №2: Share Your Experience

We will increase your commission if you share your experience on the Travelpayouts blog. For the best posts, we give a 90% rate for three months. Click here for details.

Here are some examples of successful cases from our affiliates:

If you think that your experience will be useful to other webmasters, then send your letters to andrey.novoselov@travelpayouts.com with the subject “Case to blog.” We will gladly thank you with an increased commission!

Method №3: Attract New Affiliates to Travelpayouts

Attract new affiliates to Travelpayouts, and you will earn 7% of the total revenue generated by your referrals from all affiliate programs for two years.

Important: We pay the referral reward at the expense of Travelpayouts. This means that the income of the referred affiliate does not decrease, but you earn more! More information about the referral program can be found on this page.

We launched a feature: automatic referral attraction. With a couple of clicks, you can activate the “Powered by” feature and show your referral link under all the tools you use and attract new affiliates automatically.

New feature for automatic referral attraction in Travelpayouts

There is another way to attract referrals: describe the Travelpayouts partnership platform and how content creators can cooperate with famous travel brands. Users who aren’t registered on Travelpayouts can view a full list of brands or affiliate programs in a specific category in the brands directory.

The main advantage of the brands directory is that it supports a referral marker. You can recommend your audience the category of partner programs or a specific brand via your referral link. Any user who follows your link and joins Travelpayouts will become your referral. Furthermore, you’ll receive 7% of the earnings of such users. You can find out more about the brands directory and other ways to attract referrals in our post.

Higher commissions apply only to Travelpayouts products: flights from WayAway and hotels from Hotellook. Rates for the offers — Booking, Kiwitaxi, Tiqets, etc. — remain unchanged. Advertisers sometimes raise the rewards themselves, and we will always inform our affiliates of any changes.

The terms and conditions for each company can be found on the relevant advertiser’s page one your Travelpayouts dashboard.

If you are still not with us, join Travelpayouts today and use these opportunities to get a higher rate and earn more with Travelpayouts!

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