Webinar: “Let’s Help Your Users Get Fair Compensation for Travel Worries!”

Maria Kuznetsova Maria Kuznetsova
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November 12 at 2 p.m. GMT we held a webinar “Up to €600 for travel worries: Let’s help your users get fair compensation!” with Jennifer Melody Marten and Silvia Sanchez, Affiliate experts at AirHelp. On this page, you will find the webinar recording and the presentation. Here you can read Q&A from the session.

Did you know you can get paid for helping air passengers get the compensation they deserve? Under European law, when a person is left stranded due to a flight delay or cancellation, they could be eligible for up to €600 in compensation. That’s where AirHelp becomes your best partner!

What Is Airhelp?

AirHelp is the world’s largest organization specializing in air passenger rights, both educating travelers and helping them get compensation for delayed or canceled flights. All travelers need to do is submit their flight details and, if they are eligible, AirHelp will handle the claim process on their behalf for a fixed fee. As the world’s #1 flight compensation company, AirHelp has already helped over 13 million passengers since 2013.

Webinar Program

  • Everything you need to know about flight compensation
  • What AirHelp does to help travelers: Procedures, USPs and new products
  • How to teach your audience to trust the brand
  • Tips to convert lookers into bookers
  • Useful statistics: A list of out-of-schedule and best-paying airlines, best destinations, seasonality and more
  • Tools for bloggers and webmasters


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