Webinar Recording: How to Have the Most Success With Travel Affiliates

Alexandra Belski Alexandra Belski
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On March 16 2021 we hosted a webinar called “How to have the most success with travel affiliates”. Together with Sharon Gourlay, the Founder of digitalnomadwannabe.com and one of the top blogging, SEO, and affiliate marketing experts, we discussed ways to turn your blog into a real business in 2021. We also talked about strategies for the future and uncovered what working in the travel industry is like right now.

Webinar Program

  • Affiliate marketing sweet spot
  • How to align affiliate marketing with SEO while picking appropriate keywords
  • How to present affiliate links to maximise clicks: examples on websites
  • What’s working now as travel opens up in some destinations


You can download the presentation from the webinar at this link.

Use the Google docs leak to benefit your blog. Check out the tl;dr with SEO tips