Webinar: Go Mobile“Mobile Marketing: Things You Did Wrong”

Andrey Novoselov Andrey Novoselov
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On January 31st along with Go Mobile, we held a webinar on “Mobile marketing: Things you did wrong”. Alex Drobson from the Go Mobile agency shared his insights on making a profit from mobile marketing that’s properly set up.

What Will You Learn?

This is a webinar for those who already work with mobile applications and for those who have just begun. From the recording you will learn:

  • Do you really need an app or is a website enough?
  • When should you start thinking about mobile marketing in your branding strategy?
  • What is the proper adaptive web design (AWD)?
  • What is the difference between ASO in Google Play and the App Store?
  • How can you get the maximum from ASO without huge budgets?
  • What is mobile app usability?
  • How can white label apps avoid being banned?

What Is Go Mobile

Go Mobile is a mobile marketing agency specializing in the promotion of mobile applications and mobile versions of websites. Learn more about the company on their official website.


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