Webinar: “Travel Blogging Amidst the Crisis: A Live Talk With Somtoseeks.com”

Alexandra Belski Alexandra Belski
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On 14 April we held a webinar “Travel blogging amidst the crisis: A live talk with SomtoSeeks.com” together with Olga Gachkova, Marketing Manager at Travelpayouts, and Somto Ugwueze, Founder of somtoseeks.com.

COVID-19 is representing a threat to global travel, with millions of bookings being canceled and trips reversed. This results in destinations, brands and travel affiliates missing out on a crucial sales period. But, it doesn’t mean that you need to sit around and wait until the crisis is over. 

What we suggest instead is that you now focus on your blog’s content, SEO, marketing strategy, and design and use this downtime to refine it. First, you’ll be busy and the crisis will be over before you know it. Second, you’ll take your business to the next level once the market is back on track.

Webinar Program

  • COVID-19 Survival Kit for travel bloggers
  • Tactic steps to seize the impact
  • Somto’s tips on the crisis strategy
  • Monetization opportunities for the future: Pinterest and affiliate marketing
  • Brief Travelpayouts product tour


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