16 Creative Travel Blog Post Ideas

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When launching a website or a blog, one of the burning questions many online creators have is how to come up with original ideas for blog posts and draw in quality traffic. It often seems like an uphill battle as the competition on the web is so fierce that even top-quality blog posts fail to provide a trickle of traffic. A viable solution to this problem is to generate unique blog ideas as the audience craves out-the-box content and a fresh perspective.

16 creative travel blog post ideas

Why Look For Low-Competition Topic Ideas?

The web is a crowded place. That’s why moth-eaten posts with standard headlines like 10 best hotels in Paris are not likely to rank high in search results. To secure the top place in the SERP and drive more hits, be sure to explore less obvious blog post topics. To help you solve this knotty problem, this post contains some of the best creative low-competition blog content ideas which are a perfect fit whatever destination you want to describe. 

For more ideas, explore low-competition keywords in your niche and use them to generate new topics. Here’s a good overview of some other handy practices and tools you can leverage to research keywords.

Creative Travel Article Ideas

After a little lateral thinking, we’ve come up with a list of creative blog topic ideas to rope in the audience and be a cut above your competitors. So, let’s get the ball rolling.

Cheap Places to Visit In…..

Who doesn’t love a good bargain? So, why not help people reduce their travel costs and write about the places or hotels that don’t require paying over the odds, yet offer the best value for the money. What points should you cover to garner the attention of your most money-savvy readers? Tell them about:

  • The amazing sights and activities they can do on a shoestring budget
  • Budget-friendly places to stay at
  • Places where they can have affordable, yet delicious meals
  • Transportation options
  • Average budgets for different types of travelers

That’s exactly what Cris Mercer does in his article about 8 top cheap Spanish student destinations

Best places to visit in… 

The world is full of places to visit and even if you live on the road, one life isn’t enough to visit all of them. That’s why when making a travel bucket list, or just picking another travel destination, people are always trying to find what the best places on earth are. To help them out, write posts about must-see places. 

You can create lists of top places in a country of your choice and aim at readers who already have this country on their radar. Figure out the best places to visit there and share some actionable tips with your readers.

Another option is to fuel the wanderlust of those who are on the fence about a travel destination and tell them about the world’s top places to visit. 

You can also write a travel blog post about the best places to go to aiming at a specific type of travelers, for example, backpackers or families with kids.

Where to Go In…

The web provides tons of information on spots to visit in any country or city. However, it may be pretty challenging to pick what one person might be interested in from a multitude of opinions. 

To help your audience create their wish-list itineraries, make a list of must-visit places in a certain country or city. You should also explain what makes these sights so exceptional and worthy of your readers’ attention. Provide information on ticket prices and booking platforms, share insider tips on how to save on tickets or skip the line or, perhaps, share discount coupons.

Besides, you can create posts for different groups of travelers focusing on the places to visit if they’re traveling with kids or planning to party all night long. 

You can also give a helping hand to those who are at their wit’s end about where to spend their long-desired vacation. Create an article about places to go to in October, March, or any other month, and make it your most traffic-driving blog post about travelling. 

Things to Do In…

Modern travelers are spoilt for choice. When going to a place, they want to make the most of their visit and experience a local adventure. That’s why you should make sure you create a post helping people explore all the incredible things to do in their destinations. What exactly should you write about? A lot depends on your audience and niche, but the common topics are:

  • Tours and cultural events
  • Museums and attractions
  • Places to have a good night out
  • Best restaurants
  • Places to shop ‘til you drop
  • Spas and salons to relax at
  • Sports and recreation 
  • Waterfront activities, etc.

Free Things to Do In…

Almost everyone likes doing things on a shoestring budget or for free. So, why not help your readers save a buck and create a post on free things a budget-conscious traveler can do somewhere? So, what freebie should you choose for the post? Write about: 

  • Free museums and exhibitions
  • Free gigs and performances
  • Incredible picnic spots
  • Parks and gardens
  • Free guided tours
  • Best hiking and running trails
  • The quaint hidden streets of a city
  • Best shops and markets to explore and enjoy their buzzing atmosphere
  • Best monuments, bridges, etc.

Activities that won’t cost a cent largely depend on the season. So, you can also write posts about free seasonal activities and events.

How Many Days Do You Need In…

No matter how travel-savvy your readers are, the idea of planning their time and itinerary may be pretty daunting when going to an unknown place. People are usually pretty strapped for time. That’s why it would be a great idea to create a post to help our readers weigh all the factors and calculate the number of days they should spend in a destination.

This number mostly depends on personal preferences and vacation length. So, you can cover the factors that influence this decision, such as budget, interests, a person’s pace, the number of times the person has been to the destination. Also, you can provide a ready-made itinerary to make planning easier for your readers.

What’s more, the number of days in a city is determined by what type of traveler a person is. For example, Days in a city helps different types of travelers—including globetrotters, vacationers, and culture buffs—plan their next adventure. 

Packing list for… / What to pack for… 

Packing is a nightmare for many travelers. What should I take with me? Should I travel light or heavy? Should I take some just-in-case items or can I buy them there? The questions are numerous. Unfortunately, there can’t be a one-size-fits-all answer as packing lists differ greatly according to the type of trip the one is taking and the destination they are heading to.

So, to help your readers solve the problem, write the ultimate packing guide for different destinations and holiday types. What should you include in your packing checklist?

  • Clothing
  • Shoes and accessories
  • Toiletries
  • Tech
  • Documents
  • Things to pack in your carry-on
  • Things not to bring, etc.

Handy tip

Create a free downloadable checklist to make the task easier for your audience and generate some leads. It’s a win-win. Also, you can naturally integrate affiliate links in such lists and earn some affiliate commission.

Backpacking Tips For…

Going off the beaten path may be pretty challenging, but it also proves to be a life-changing experience. However, when planning the trip, it’s best to learn from the mistakes of others and get some advice from experienced backpackers. So, share some actionable tips with your audience to make their trip a one-in-the-lifetime adventure. You can provide advice on:

  • Choosing a backpacking destination that won’t turn the hike into a miserable experience
  • Packing for the trip
  • Planning their food
  • Choosing a top-notch trekking company
  • Getting ready physically and mentally, etc.

Also, it’s vital to keep in mind that the tips you share widely depend on the destination and would be absolutely different for a hike in Brazil vs. Northern Ireland. So, you should create a list of tips with the weather conditions and types of hikes in mind. 

Food markets in… 

When visiting a place, it’s natural that people want to explore its cuisine. Nothing can serve this goal better than the local food markets. However, there is more to them than just discovering authentic food. Local markets can provide invaluable cultural insights, colorful photos, and a chance to communicate with the locals and boost your language.

Give your readers a chance to discover the best markets for these purposes and write a post about the best markets to visit in a place. What information can you share?

  • The market history
  • The opening hours
  • Ways to get there
  • Authentic food quest tips
  • Haggling hacks
  • Attractions to explore nearby
  • Foods the market is famous for 
  • Prices

Things You Can’t Miss In…

The world offers so many things to enjoy and explore. Modern travelers are always on the hunt for the best. Help your readers turn their travel FOMO into a tool to make their travel experiences unforgettable. To that end, create comprehensive posts on the sights and activities they simply can’t miss in a destination. Tell your readers about attractions, places, and events that set the place apart and help you get a feel of its unique ambiance and vibes. These can be:

  • The most important sights
  • Local events and activities
  • Shopping malls
  • Museums
  • Streets and districts
  • Bars and restaurants
  • Theaters, etc.

 What can you do in … in 3 days?

Though more and more people are extolling the benefits of just roaming the streets and soaking in the atmosphere of the place, most travelers still need an itinerary so they don’t  miss top attractions on their buckets list.

So, make sure you create a perfect, ready-made three-day itinerary for a place including all the top spots. To create a seamless itinerary and provide an unforgettable travel experience for your readers, write about:

  • Resources they may need, including city passes, maps, apps, etc.
  • Top attractions to visit and entrance fees
  • The opening hours of different landmarks
  • The amount of time they’ll need per visit to a site
  • Places for a quick bite 
  • Some fun facts about the landmarks
  • Transportation options

How much spending money do I need for … 

Most money-wise travelers want to plan their travel budget before their trips. For this, they spend hours googling the average prices in a place they’re going to visit. So, why not save them extra legwork and create a post about how much they should budget per day?

What aspects should you cover?

  • Average daily spend 
  • Food and drink
  • Accommodation
  • Transportation
  • Entertainment
  • Some handy money-saving tips

How much is an average meal in … 

Many people don’t just travel to check some must-visit places off their bucket list, but they are also eager to explore the culinary world map. But even for those who are not into gastronomic tourism, food is one of the major daily expenses. Hence, it’s vital to understand how much an average meal will cost. This may prove one of the most in-demand travel topics to write about. Some ideas for covering food expenses in a destination:

  • Share tips on how to cut down on food expenses
  • Enumerate places where travelers can buy meals and food, including convenience stores, restaurants, fast foods, street food stalls, etc.
  • Recommend the best places of every kind
  • Give an average price per meal
  • Make a list of the must-try local food

How Many Days Is Enough For…

When mapping out a trip, people often doubt whether they’ve planned enough time for a place. Help users out and offer them 1, 3, or 5-day day itineraries to make the most of their stay. You can also tell them about how much time first-timers should have on their hands, what highlights there are to hit and share some money-saving tips and tricks. 

Where Should a First-Time Tourist Stay In…

Given the size of such tourist magnets as Sydney, London, or Paris, picking a city area to stay in may be a daunting task. However, this choice may make or break one’s visit as different city areas have a different atmosphere and provide different travel experiences for visitors.

Help your readers choose the best district to stay in and save them time and money on commuting to the city landmarks. You can either describe the pros and cons of different city districts or categorize them as the best areas for shopping, sightseeing, nightlife, staying with kids, etc. 

What Is the Best Time of Year to Visit…

There is a factor that can ruin long hours spent planning, packing, and booking. The weather. So even before planning a long-craved vacation, it’s necessary to pay close attention to the climate of the place and when it’s the best season for visiting it.

To make this stage hassle-free, create posts on the best time to visit different places. Cover the specifics of the weather and activities available in different seasons. You can write about the best periods for:

  • Sightseeing
  • Festivals
  • Enjoying the sun
  • Surfing
  • Shopping
  • Backpacking, etc.

What Are the Best Topics to Blog About?

Even the most creative bloggers are short of ideas from time to time and wish there was a ready-made list of what to write about in a blog. To overcome the writer’s block, make the most of the list we’ve shared with you. What if you want to unearth more unique travel topics to write about? In this case, dig deeper, study your niche and the makeup of your audience, and focus on the travel article ideas that can strike a chord with them and solve some of their pain points.

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