2021 in Review at Travelpayouts

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2021 brought us hope for a full travel recovery. New destinations emerged and some travelers were even able to visit places that are currently closed.

Several brands have already regained their pre-COVID levels of income from 2019, while others actually doubled their revenue thanks to a rise in domestic tourism. In general, the travel niche has recovered to some extent.

For Travelpayouts, 2021 was a pretty good year and we have some info to share with you.

2021 in review at Travelpayouts

2021 in Figures

This year, we rejoiced at some magnificent numbers. Ever since the creation of Travelpayouts, we’ve paid out $32,421,950.

Do you remember when we celebrated having paid our affiliates one billion rubles ($17,806,767)? Well, reaching the second billion took far less time!

  • Paid out to our affiliates during 2021: $5,091,212
  • Maximum affiliate commission on single bookings: $1,224

Brands Connected to Travelpayouts in 2021

In 2021, we connected with 10 new brands.

New brands at Travelpayouts
New brands at Travelpayouts

Big Product Update — Travelpayouts Becomes a Platform

This change will be implemented gradually and subtly, but most of the necessary work has already been done. We have even shared this news at Phocuswright, one of the world’s largest travel conferences.

Our partners won’t see global changes. Personal accounts and tools will remain the same. Starting next year, we’ll be connecting more brands, including local companies and rare verticals.

To join Travelpayouts and create their own program, it will only take brands a few minutes to register and a couple of days to sign a contract, integrate the program, and formalize the terms of the affiliate program in their personal account.

Even a small brand can launch its own affiliate program at Travelpayouts. This will allow them to access links, banners, and other tools. Upon request, we’ll help them create their own widgets and other advanced tools.

Updating the Travelpayouts app for iOS and Android 

We have almost fully updated the Travelpayouts app for iOS and Android, which now includes much more detailed information about searches, bookings, and finances. 

  1. Updated general statistics and added detailed statistics for each program. 
  2. Added detailed financial reports: you’ll now see all pay-outs and events for your balance.
  3. Added a way to contact the support team or find information in the “Help Center”. 

We Opened the Travelpayouts Academy

To help aspiring affiliate marketers start earning faster with Travelpayouts, we opened our own academy. Through short videos, you’ll learn how to choose an affiliate program to start with, how to use affiliate tools, and how to place them most efficiently, as well as many other tips.

Just signed up at Travelpayouts? Watch videos from our academy right away. We assure you it will be much easier to start and earning your first income won’t take long.

Thank you for being with us in 2021, it’s only going to get better! See you in 2022!

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