A Message From Our CEO

Ivan Baidin Ivan Baidin
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Today we join many voices calling for peace. The idea of war between neighboring countries was beyond belief, especially for our company, created by a team of talents from several countries, including Russia and Ukraine.

Travelpayouts’ biggest aspiration is to make it easier for people to travel. By discovering the world, we become less estranged from each other. The invasion is against everything we believe in, and since the war began, we have been focused on making sure that our staff and partners in Ukraine are safe and supported.

Travelpayouts will match all the upcoming payments scheduled on the 11th of March for our partners from Ukraine. We understand the difficulties with traditional wire transfers and card withdrawals, so we are ready to offer payouts in cryptocurrencies if needed. And we will do everything in our power to help the victims of this war. 

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