The American Airlines Affiliate Program

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American Airlines is one of the largest airlines in the world. The carrier flies to over 1,500 destinations worldwide and is in the top 10 in terms of the size of the fleet and passenger traffic. Therefore, it is not surprising that travel bloggers want to join the American Airlines affiliate program to earn money by selling tickets. On this page, you’ll find out how to earn on flight tickets from American Airlines.

About American Airlines

American Airlines is often referred to as “AA” or simply “American”. The company’s main office is located in Fort Worth, Texas, though the carrier operates throughout the country and beyond.

American Airlines operates most of its flights in the USA. For the convenience of passengers, AA has hubs in five cities around the USA.

Among foreign AA destinations, the most popular are: 

  • Canada
  • Caribbean region
  • Latin America
  • Asian countries

To serve flights within the USA and outside the country, the carrier uses 650 airliners, among which are mainly different models of the Boeing and Airbus.

For frequent flyers, a loyalty program is available called AAdvantage, which allows passengers to receive miles not only for flights on American Airlines but also on flights of partner airlines. These miles can later be used in a variety of ways, such as additional flights, upgrades to business class, and booking hotels and taxis from partner companies.

Does American Airlines Have an Affiliate Program?

American Airlines offers flights to the most popular destinations in the USA and beyond. Therefore, it would be great if there was an affiliate program with standard conditions. You recommend tickets for AA flights and receive a commission on each sale.

Even though there is no official American Airlines affiliate program, you can earn money on American Airlines flights by selling tickets through online travel agencies or metasearch engines that cooperate with AA.

For example, you can join the WayAway affiliate program and earn money by selling American Airlines tickets. These tickets are available to various destinations, such as from Miami to Los Angeles:

The WayAway affiliate program suits various travel content creators. For example, if you write about a vacation in one of the US states or do a project for those who want to get out to Europe, American Airlines tickets as well as tickets for flights from other airlines are available on the site.

With a large selection of tickets on WayAway, your audience is sure to find the right flight for them. And even if a ticket turns out to not be from AA, but from another company, such as JetBlue, Delta, etc., you will receive income from most of these sales.

WayAway shares 50% of the revenue from each ticket sold. If we express this in terms of a commission on the ticket price, then the American Airlines affiliate program commission would be around 1.2% of the ticket price.

You can join the WayAway affiliate program through the Travelpayouts platform.

Review of the American Airlines Affiliate Program

There are a lot of reviews about American Airlines, but there are no reviews about the American Airlines affiliate program. This is unsurprising, because the airline does not offer an affiliate program either directly or through affiliate networks such as Travelpayouts, CJ, AWIN, Partnerize, etc.

In addition, some people confuse the American Airlines affiliate program with the partnership program that is available on the official website. This is not a program for webmasters or content creators. This is just a detailed description of how the airline cooperates with partners. As there is a lack of reviews and the American Airlines affiliate program itself, it is worth considering the offer from the side of the client.

If AA flights suit your audience, you can recommend them through online travel agencies or metasearch engines that provide affiliate programs, such as WayAway. This will allow you to help your audience find the right tickets, while you make money on every sale.

50% revenue share
30 days cookie lifetime
$10 per sale of WayAway Plus
The WayAway Partner Program
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