Grow Your Business Online: Best Social Media Groups to Follow

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Digital marketing is a rapidly evolving niche. To stay afloat, you’ll need to follow the news and industry updates. That’s why plenty of marketers around the world prefer to stay connected through social media, where they share the best practices and tricks, ask peers for feedback, discuss the latest trends, and help each other grow in the niche. This is why we’ve rounded up a list of some of the most popular Facebook communities for digital/affiliate marketing, blogging, and online moneymaking that you can join to continue growing your skills.

1. Millionaire Minders

This is a private group run by Jarod Froneman, the creator of the self-titled “Millionaire Mindset” YouTube channel. Here, Jarod shares exclusive tips on how to make money online through affiliate marketing, YouTube marketing, creating a personal brand, etc. The content is mostly in the form of videos, but there are also links to eBooks, courses, and other materials.

2. Social Masterminds

Social Masterminds is the community behind the “Mar_Jetsetter” travel blog. You will find tips on how to become a digital nomad and online entrepreneur, as well as how to manage your business. There are also business ideas, motivational posts, tips on how to prepare for an interview, links to relevant courses, and so on. Followers can also download a free eBook on growing their Instagram profiles.

3. Connect Setter

Connect_Setter is an incredible community that shares online and offline job opportunities in Europe, the United States, and around the world. You can find different kinds of remote job openings in digital marketing, copywriting, and web development, as well as internship opportunities and links to other job boards. There are also tips and guidelines on working remotely.

4. Blogging for Beginner Bloggers

This is a private group for both beginners and experienced bloggers to connect and grow. Group members can ask questions, share tips, provide feedback, create joint projects, and more. In the “Units” section, there is a free blogging course with tips on how to select a good niche, research keywords, write great content, and grow readership.

5. Digital Marketing, SEO, SMM, SMO

This is a private group for all kinds of digital experts (SEO, SMM, SMO, etc.) You will find useful tips on various topics from web development and choosing web hosting to growing your blog traffic and targeting the right audience. There is also a YouTube channel with free video lessons.

6. Affiliate Marketing For Everyone

Affiliate Marketing For Everyone is a public group with over 156,000 members that aims to create a space for affiliate marketers to communicate and share their success stories, struggles, and issues. Members can freely publish posts and leave comments. The group’s content is very diverse. You can find video tutorials, free courses, remote job opportunities, money making platforms, and more. Be sure to check the “Units” section to find a free introductory course for marketers.

7. Business Owner Mastermind

In this group, marketing professionals share tips and success stories of companies in different industries, as well as discuss the latest trends, content creation and marketing difficulties, growing an online business, email marketing, SEO, and social media. You can find podcasts and webinars. One of the admins and hosts is Jason Hunt, the owner and cofounder of Merged Media.

8. Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a market research consultant, media website, and Facebook community. In this community, you can find a lot of valuable tips on how to become an online entrepreneur and grow your business, in addition to webinars and event updates.

9. Digital Marketing Professionals

Digital Marketing Professionals is a private group and a space for experts in the niche to communicate and discuss the latest news. Once accepted into the group, you’ll find job opportunities and links to useful materials such as webinars and live training sessions on a variety of subjects from content writing to online entrepreneurship.

10. is a Facebook community for the Monetize media company. This group aims to help followers monetize their projects through SEO, social media, and blogging. There are a lot of useful tips for aspiring bloggers as well as job opportunities and links to outsourcing websites, online courses, and more.

11. Blogging for New Bloggers

Blogging for New Bloggers is a Facebook group hosted by the professional bloggers behind and the “TinyLoveBug” projects. This group aims to help aspiring bloggers create a successful blog and earn money with it. Creators have daily promo threads to help subscribers grow their blogs and host interviews and masterclasses with niche experts. A nice bonus for group members is the number of free and premium courses on how to set up a blog, promote on Pinterest, and more. Followers are free to ask for feedback, share their own experiences, and collaborate.

12. Guide Blogging – Blogging, SEO, Affiliate Marketing and Digital Marketing

This is the Facebook community page for the site. Umer Qureshi, the project’s creator, shares tips on blogging, affiliate marketing, and SEO. This is a pretty active community, in which group members discuss blogging questions and ask for feedback on their projects. Umer Qureshi also shares his blog posts, eBooks, videos, webinars, links to other useful resources, and more.

13. Blogging Lift – Blogging, SEO, Affiliate Marketing & Digital Marketing

This is a Facebook community for the followers of Sumit Sao, the author behind the “Blogging Lift” blog. Here, you can find tips on blogging, SEO, and affiliate marketing. Sumit Sao shares blog post alerts, eBooks, a free online course for aspiring bloggers, and interviews, as well as runs giveaways for subscribers.

14. Blogging Newbs

Blogging Newbs is a space for aspiring bloggers to communicate, ask for advice, share experience, get feedback, and much more. There are also many events for the members, such as live webinars, training sessions, joint projects with other communities, and more.

15. Blogging Cage

Blogging Cage is one of India’s leading blogs on SEO, affiliate marketing, and blogging. It is also a Facebook community. Here, aspiring bloggers will get advice on how to set up a blog and generate sales, as well as get updates for some of the most important events in affiliate marketing and blogging. You can also find work opportunities and blogging tools.

16. Digital Marketing Tips

Digital Marketing Tips is a Facebook community for the social media agency of the same name. You will find the latest industry news and tips on digital marketing. There is also a LinkedIn page.

17. Affiliate Valley

Affiliate Valley: Affiliate Marketing Insights is the Facebook community behind the “Affiliate Valley” online magazine. It is dedicated to affiliate marketing and traffic monetization. Followers will find tons of valuable content from case studies and success stories to guides and manuals to jumpstart their online business. There are also announcements for some of the world’s most important affiliate marketing events.

18. Affiliate Marketing Digest – CPA, CPL, PPC

Affiliate Marketing Digest is a news and media Twitter and Facebook community devoted to affiliate marketing and online money making. The Facebook group features the latest affiliate marketing news, case studies from marketers, analytics, and more.

19. Affiliate Marketing – Worldwide

Affiliate Marketing Worldwide is a Facebook group run by Kiran Kumar, an affiliate marketing expert. In this community, you will find the best tools and strategies for affiliate marketers to take their business to the next level and maximize their income.

20. Make Money Online

Make Money Online is a private group and space for subscribers to discuss online business opportunities. Members can freely share their success stories, post links to work opportunities, upload photos and videos, ask peers for advice, and more.

21. Make money online for free

In this group, members can share projects to earn money online without paying a fee or investing money. Members frequently post moneymaking sites and apps, links to webinars, YouTube channels, influencer networks, podcasts, and more. Members can freely post content, but it will be banned if it does not comply with the group’s rules. Dozens of posts are published on a daily basis.

22. Earn Online Worldwide

Earn Online Worldwide is a public group with over 101,000 members. The group aims to help members share online moneymaking tips and platforms, such as sites, apps, videos, work from home opportunities, and more. Subscribers can also join webinars and other online events that are often promoted in the group.

23. Make Money Online and Affiliate Marketing With Johnny Richard

This is a private group for online entrepreneurs and digital marketers. You can find tips on how to earn money online by leveraging email marketing, YouTube marketing, blogging, affiliate marketing, etc. Group members can freely share their experiences and moneymaking opportunities, as well as other useful materials. There is also a mentorship program for aspiring marketers.

24. Digital Business | Affiliate Marketing | Make Money Online | MLM Income

This is a public group with over 19,200 members and a space to share opportunities to earn money online. Subscribers can freely share news, job openings, educational materials, motivational posts, and more. The group is mainly dedicated to digital and affiliate marketing opportunities.

25. Make Money Online with Legit Apps and Sites

In this group, members share links to apps and sites that can be used to earn money online. You’ll also find links to interesting articles, motivational and entertainment posts, and other types of content.

How Social Media Can Help You Learn Marketing Skills

Social media is now one of the fastest ways to communicate with your peers and learn about the latest trends. Business is not an exception, as social networks provide marketers with the opportunity to share valuable industry insights and give feedback or connect with brands directly. The social media groups in this post will teach you how to run an online business, take on affiliate marketing and other monetization channels, and generate clicks/sales.

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