Subscription Terms for 7 Offers Have Been Changed

Andrey Novoselov Andrey Novoselov
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We have changed the conditions for offer subscriptions. We are launching a traffic pre-approval procedure. This procedure affects the following offers: Musement,,, ViatorGoEuro, TicketNetwork, RailEurope and GoCityCard.  Tiqets is currently unavailable. Traffic pre-approval will be set for all future offers from Travelpayouts.

Subscription terms for 7 offers have been changed

What Is Traffic Pre-approval

Traffic pre-approval is a standard network procedure. Before granting an offer subscription, we will ask you few questions about the types of traffic you are working with.

Why Did We Make This Change

Some affiliates have violated the strict offer rules in a branding context. Unfortunately, this violation affects all Travelpayouts affiliates.

Additionally, campaign rules will become stricter, and campaign rule violations will become more serious. From now on, accounts with an active balance may be blocked for any violation of campaign rules. Please pay close attention to the types of traffic allowed for each campaign.

Please be careful and check which traffic types are allowed for each offer.

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