Earn Money on Travel Insurance Worldwide With EKTA

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Insurance is one of the leading markets in the US and a major employer that employs 27% of the workers in the country’s financial sector. Join EKTA’s new affiliate program and earn 20% on travel insurance costs.

EKTA affiliate program

About EKTA

EKTA is an insurance company that offers unique programs in travel, tourism, aviation, medical, and appliance insurance.

EKTA homepage screenshot
EKTA homepage screenshot

On the company’s official website, you can learn more about: 

  • Travel insurance. Travelers can insure their luggage or trip cancellations for air and train tickets.
  • Appliances insurance. EKTA offers insurance for large and small household appliances, electronics, and portable gadgets. This is important if tourists leave home for long periods or travel with expensive appliances. 
  • Medical insurance. EKTA’s medical insurance covers emergency and hospital care, allows for comfortable hospital accommodations, and enables customers to see a doctor and receive all their necessary medication.

EKTA is a direct service provider that is fully responsible for the quality of services provided. The company bears responsibility in cases in which a product fails to meet the client’s expectations. The EKTA Travel Med Insurance Terms and Conditions guarantee that the policyholder will pay a fine for every day the insurance benefit is not paid on time.

Most insurance companies don’t focus on tourism, which allowed EKTA to occupy its own niche and develop useful offers for travelers.

EKTA Benefits for Travelers

  • Simple and user-friendly interface. EKTA’s website features clear sections with the company’s three main lines of activities (travel, technical, and medical), FAQs, main benefits, and customer testimonials. Policyholders can quickly select the appropriate package of services and find answers to frequently asked questions. The website is mobile-responsive, so users can make purchases on both desktop and mobile.
  • Openness policy. EKTA users can access documents, such as registration certificates, offers, and licenses, which increases the level of trust among policyholders.
EKTA provides access to all necessary documentation
  • Support service. Travelers can get in touch with the insurance company at any time (even abroad), as the support service operates round the clock.
  • Efficiency. You can arrange an insurance policy online in a few clicks or by contacting a support operator. The travel insurance section already has the rates available. The user only needs to choose the appropriate one: Basic, Standard, or Premium.
EKTA insurance rates
EKTA insurance rates
  • Price. Depending on the tariff, a traveler can get insurance ranging from $0.99 to $5.80 per day.
  • Personalized approach. If necessary, EKTA can develop a personalized insurance plan.
  • Technological approach. You can arrange a travel insurance policy on the desktop and mobile versions of the website via the application or one of four instant messengers: Telegram, Viber, WhatsApp, or Messenger by Meta. Sign up and pay via any convenient method to get insurance sent to your email. There is no need to print out the paperwork, as the electronic version is quoted.

EKTA Affiliate Program

The partner is paid for purchases made by users both on the desktop and mobile versions of the site. You can promote the offer with links and banners. Allowed traffic sources include: arbitrage, content projects (such as email newsletters, social networks, messengers, etc.), cashback projects, as well as coupons and promo codes.

Find the full list of terms and conditions and join the program on the program page.

Advantages of the Affiliate Program

  • Monetization of global audiences. EKTA insurance products are available all over the world and the company website is multilingual, which helps partners attract more clients.
  • The advertiser makes custom creatives. EKTA will prepare banners according to the partner’s request and help create content.
  • A comprehensive range of insurance products. EKTA’s priority is travel insurance, but the partner can also earn money on technical insurance, health insurance, or individual products.
  • Adaptive design of landing pages. The user can purchase products on both desktop and mobile, which increases the conversion rate.
  • High check. The partner receives 20% of the travel insurance rate. For example, if the Standard insurance costs $100, the affiliate reward will be $20.

Tips for Earning With EKTA

Use Different Communication Channels

To increase traffic, you need to experiment and try different channels to attract an audience, such as:

  • Websites
  • Social networks
  • Newsletters

Using a variety of channels will help you reach more audience segments, thereby attracting customers. For example, talk about the products on your blog and share your personal experience with travel insurance, or promptly announce the company’s promotional offers to your audience in an email newsletter.

Build on the Company’s Excellent Reputation

The feedback from EKTA customers is overwhelmingly positive. The technical support team is quick to follow up on negative comments, correct client problems, and provide feedback.

Tell Your Audience About EKTA Offers

Communicate with your audience to understand their needs and increase their confidence in the product. This will allow you to intelligently formulate an offer and sell the product. For example, spread the word about the bonuses or seasonal discounts available in EKTA’s loyalty program. 

You can read more about current offers on the company’s website.

Emphasize the Benefits of EKTA

The company takes the time to give individual attention to each of its customers and develop tailor-made tariffs. Emphasize the unique and modern ways of arranging the insurance. The company’s customers will be able to purchase the product without any problems in multiple convenient ways, including:

  • directly on the company’s website
  • in the EKTA insurance app
  • via bots in messengers
  • with the help of support service managers

Inform your audience about the convenience of the service, such as its reliability and time-saving efficiency. Express how EKTA’s customers feel calm and confident, as the support managers help solve all their questions, even while they are abroad.

Follow Market Trends

The COVID-19 situation forced insurance companies to revise their tariff conditions. The travel market, like any other, is subject to changes, so you need to keep an eye on travel trends. This will allow you to alert your audience to current travel packages and tell them about the best deals.

Join the EKTA affiliate program and earn money in this promising insurance vertical.

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