We Invite You to Our First Webinar

Andrey Novoselov Andrey Novoselov
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We are proud to invite you to join our first webinar on May 23!

In this webinar, you will learn the best way to develop, promote and monetize your website or application. We invite three professional speakers.

Initially, Nikita Gurovskiy from Travelpayouts will tell you the latest trends and changes in our Travel Affiliate Network.

Then, Alex Tachalova, an independent marketer, will help you to create a content strategy that will actually bring you traffic and money. You’ve probably been told millions of times that all you need to do to gain success (and money) is to write quality content. However, we are sure that through trial and error, you’ve discovered that Google doesn’t rank content without links, which means you’ll need to create a content strategy to guarantee that all your posts will generate enough links to start ranking high in Google searches. In this webinar, Alex will share how you can design this strategy by:

  • Uncovering why links matter in SEO;
  • Learning what types of posts generate links within the travel industry;
  • Analyzing how other travel websites are earning links;
  • Utilizing the power of influencers and outreach.

Lastly, Ivan Kozlov, our VP Mobile, uncovers our new mobile SDK. He will tell you why our super affiliates use it and how it helps to generate them a lot of money. Besides that, Ivan uncovers some key facts about competition levels in different App Stores. Finally, he reveals main techniques and secrets on generating installs for your new app.

You will be able to ask your questions to every speaker.

The webinar is free, but there are only 1,000 slots available! Register now!

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