Google Flights API — Available Flight Data Solutions for Travel Project Monetization

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More and more travelers book their flights online. Thus, 64% of tourists in the United Arab Emirates reserve their airline tickets on the web. After hotels, flights are the second most popular travel service that travelers prefer to purchase online and can be a good driver for webmasters and content creators to promote flights and earn on flight purchases. In some cases this is possible due to the ticket search in your project.

In this post, we’ve reviewed the Google Flights service, the platform’s API solution, and several ways to earn on flights.

Google Flights API

About Google Flights

Google Travel homepage

Google Travel is a service that helps users organize travel. On, travelers can view available destinations for upcoming trips, browse sights in their selected city, as well as find and book flights, hotels, or other holiday accommodations.

The main advantage of Google Travel is that all information related to booked services is stored in a single place (one’s Google account). This conveniently allows travelers to track the departure of flights, set a reminder to pick up their rental car, or view the address of a hotel they liked in case they want to return there. 

Google Travel also analyzes the history of searches and bookings, while considering user preferences. Thanks to this, travelers can receive personal recommendations for travel destinations.

Google Flights is an flight ticket search service that is part of Google Travel. By using this service, travelers can find and compare tickets from various airlines. 

It’s enough for the user to specify the city of departure and arrival, select dates, and refine the search with filters. After a user selects their desired flight, Google Flights will sort the suggestions by price and offer to buy tickets on an aggregator or airline website.

Flight ticket search on Google Flights
Flight ticket search on Google Flights

To buy the cheapest ticket, users can track the prices of their selected flights. With a single click, they will receive notifications about price changes and travel tips via email.

Google Flights analyzes the cost of flight tickets for the prior 12 months according to the selected destination, season, airline, and other parameters. Based on this data, the service shows whether the cost of the selected flight is typical or not.

Flights typical

About Google Flights APIs

If you want to implement the ability to search and compare prices for flight tickets on your project, it’s not necessary to write code from scratch. Instead, you can integrate the Flights API, which will speed up your website or mobile app and save you time. 

Flights APIs are usually provided by airlines, data services, and other contributors that manage massive amounts of data. One of the providers of this tool is Google Flights, which had two API products until 2018.

QPX for Enterprise (ITA Software by Google)

ITA Software by Google is a technology solution for businesses. Travel companies can implement an API into their businesses to help tourists buy cheap tickets, monitor changes in flight prices, and select alternative flights.

In terms of business benefits, ITA Software helps companies increase revenue by selling related products and facilitating the operation of their websites.

QPX for enterprise is operated by major airlines, such as American Airlines, S7, Delta Air Lines, and many others.

To learn more about ITA Software and integrate this solution into your business, you need to contact the manager of Google.

QPX Express

QPX Express is a Google Flights API for developers that allows webmasters to work with flight data and the cost of flight tickets.

In April 2018, Google suspended support for QPX Express due to low use of the tool.

Google Flights API Alternatives

The development community loved QPX Express due to its ease of use and the fact that it enabled them to make the first 50 requests per day for free. Now, other suppliers, such as Skyscanner and, provide Flights APIs that are no less effective, profitable, and, in some cases, free.

Skyscanner Flights API

The Skyscanner Flights API is an API from the popular online ticket search engine, which compares the prices of flights on over 1,000 travel sites. 

Skyscanner Flights API allows users to search for flight prices from anywhere in the world. The search results are based on Skyscanner’s database. Here are some of the advantages of the API:

  • It’s free
  • You can earn with the Skyscanner affiliate program, which is available on the CJ Affiliate network. You’ll earn every time users will purchase flight tickets using your API
  • The API covers more than 30 markets and languages and over 1,000 travel partners
  • Technical support is offered. The customer service manager will help you integrate the API into your project

You can find out more about Skyscanner Flights API in our article. Flights API has a Flights Search API, which is available for partners connected to the program in the Travelpayouts partnership platform. Here are some of the advantages of the Flights API:

  • It’s free
  • You can earn 3% of your partner’s income by selling flight tickets using the partner tools as part of the program via the Travelpayouts partnership platform
  • Includes two billion prices for over 750 air carriers, including 250 low-cost carriers
  • Round-the-clock customer support

We explained the benefits of the Flights API in this article.

How to Earn on Flights Easier

Some of the Flights API providers mentioned above not only allow you to create a powerful website or mobile application to work with flights data, while also allowing you to earn money by using their API in your project.  

In order to earn money on flights, you don’t need to use an advanced tool such as an API and spend time studying the documentation. The process can be made far easier with affiliate programs. For example, with the with WayAway partner program on Travelpayouts.

About WayAway

WayAway is a flight aggregator that offers cheap flight tickets of major American and global airlines. On the service, travelers can not only find, compare, and buy the cheapest tickets, but also save money on other travel services. 

The WayAway Plus membership plan also helps. For travelers, the annual subscription costs $49. Connect to WayAway Plus to provide users with up to 10% cashback from the booking of flight tickets, hotels, car rentals, and other travel services. Meanwhile, travelers receive real money that they can withdraw to their PayPal accounts.

How Does the WayAway Partner Program Work?

You can join the WayAway affiliate program, place affiliate tools on your website or social media page, and receive commissions for each booking made through your tool.

The tools in the WayAway partner program are no different from the API in terms of flexibility and efficiency. Links, widgets, and banners are easy to integrate into your project.

For example, you can use the WayAway’s flight search form. Simply add it to your website and, every time users use it to search for and buy tickets, you’ll receive a partner reward up to 50% of the brand’s revenue for each flight ticket sale.

WayAway's Flight search form
Flight search form from WayAway

You can earn even more by recommending the WayAway Plus membership plan to your audience. You’ll receive $10 on each WayAway Plus sale.

Join the WayAway partner program now on

50% revenue share
30 days cookie lifetime
$10 per sale of WayAway Plus
The WayAway Partner Program
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