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As travel is gradually rebounding, more people are looking for a change of scenery after months spent at home. Renting a campervan is an amazing way to explore the outdoors, while enjoying a safe vacation. PaulCamper, Europe’s largest camper-sharing marketplace, offers travelers over 10,000 camping vehicles in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, and the UK. Read on to learn more about the program and help your audience organize an enjoyable getaway, whether they want to explore a new city, spend some quality family time, or escape to nature.

Paul Camper

About Paulcamper

PaulCamper homepage screenshot
PaulCamper homepage screenshot

PaulCamper is Europe’s largest camper-sharing marketplace and lists more than 10,000 privately owned campers and caravans. Starting out as Germany’s first online platform for sharing campervans, PaulCamper has extended its coverage over the years and now also offers rentals in Austria, the Netherlands, and many locations across the United Kingdom, including London, Edinburgh, Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow, and more.

PaulCamper book a campervan in the UK
Hire a campervan with PaulCamper in the UK

With PaulCamper, lovers of the outdoors can rent their dream campervan close to home and receive fully comprehensive insurance, all the necessary equipment, and a specific mileage that is agreed upon upfront at no extra cost. Campervan owners, in turn, can rent out their vehicles to other travel enthusiasts and boost their income, while enjoying fully comprehensive rental insurance from the company.

Renting a campervan is easy and requires only three steps. Travelers submit a request to the vehicle owner. Next, they discuss the details or even meet in person and see the van beforehand. Once they reach an agreement, they can finalize the reservation and accept the owner’s offer!

Hire a campervan in Edinburgh
Hire a campervan in Edinburgh

Advantages for Clients

  • A large selection of over 10,000 vehicles to rent
  • Full insurance coverage will keep the traveler and the vehicle safe on the road
  • No extra cost charged for additional equipment
  • A wide coverage across the United Kingdom and Europe

Paulcamper Affiliate Program

With PaulCamper, affiliates can earn 20% of order sale amount cut from the PaulCamper commission received on campervan rentals, €100 for each new owner onboarded. Commissions are paid for sales made on both the desktop and mobile versions of the website. All transactions are qualified and paid out within 90 days. The advertiser provides a 30-day cookie lifetime. Affiliates can also take advantage of the link generator, links, and banners to promote the program.

PaulCamper’s ideal partners are travel publishers, owners of content sites in niches such as outdoor, travel, moto, camping, etc., as well as qualified cashback and deals providers. The program is available in English, Dutch/Flemish, and German. Geotargeting includes Austria, Germany, Netherlands, and the UK. Note that only sales made via are eligible.

Advantages for Affiliates

  • 20% commission cut from the PaulCamper commission received on a camper booking
  • Up to €100 on each owner onboarded
  • Program is available in English, Dutch/Flemish, and German

How to Earn Money With Paulcamper

To help you integrate PaulCamper’s affiliate program into your project, we’ve gathered some relevant information about the offer.

Overview of the Campervan Travel Market

The campervan niche is growing and becoming a promising field for affiliate marketers to explore. More than 100,000 travelers book campervans with PaulCamper every year to enjoy outdoor experiences. At the beginning of the pandemic, the interest in travel greatly decreased, but soon more people than ever before rented a campervan, as doing so provided increased freedom and allowed them to discover new locations. In 2021, PaulCamper achieved the milestone of having more than 10,000 camper owners on the platform. The camper trend is likely to continue well into 2022.

As for popular destinations, PaulCamper’s clients make unique trips to visit various destinations. Most renters stay in their own country, but some decide to travel throughout Europe.

Popular Products

The most popular products at PaulCamper are campervans and semi-integrated models. 

  • Campervans are usually compact and rather small. They have basic features: one bed (sometimes more), a fridge, and one or two simple cooking stoves. 
  • The semi-integrated car looks bigger and the living space is partially integrated with the cab. Above the driver’s seat, there is no alcove or storage space, which makes the overall height of campervans lower in comparison to that of many motorhomes. The advantage of a semi-integrated car is that it has more room for everyone and allows renters to bring what they want with them on the trip. When renting a campervan, one must consider their fuel efficiency and size, especially when driving on narrow roads.

Target Audience

PaulCamper’s target customers comprise two groups of travelers: groups of two persons (normally young couples) and groups of three to four people (mostly married couples with one or two kids). Many parents believe camping is good for their children’s health and prefer to plan their trips in advance.

Campervan owners who list their vehicles on PaulCamper are 30 to 50 years old. They like the idea of sharing life experiences by sharing an unused vehicle. They also like the idea of easily earning some extra money for their next trip.

Content That Converts

To create enticing content and calls to action to convert visitors into customers, take into account the following points:

  • PaulCamper is Europe’s top camper sharing community
  • Travelers can easily find a campervan in their local area
  • All owners that list vehicles on the platform have been previously approved by PaulCamper and are experienced camping lovers that can provide travelers with useful tips
  • Camping equipment, agreed-upon mileage, and insurance are all included

To reach an audience of campervan owners, consider the following:

  • They can provide the experience of camping with others who are interested, but don’t own a campervan
  • They would have an opportunity to earn some extra money in an easy way, because their campervan would not be used year-round anyway
  • They can set the price per night and have control over who can rent their campervan by approving or declining specific renters
  • Having insurance with one of the most well-known insurance companies in the world should make them feel safe enough to rent out their vehicle

To help you create content that converts, here are the best-performing blog posts on the PaulCamper website:

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