How to Find Bloggers in Your Niche and Contact Them

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Whether you are a blogger looking for cross-promotion or a seller who needs the proper advertisement, cooperating with an influencer can be a profitable strategy for your business. But where can you find such a partner? This post encapsulates several ways to research the niche and reach a blogger of your preference.

Blogger Search and Outreach

Blogger outreach is a strategy of finding influencers in your niche and contacting them with an offer. What kind of bloggers should you focus on? First, what they do should be relevant to your business, and second, there better be a large community whom you’ll be able to contact through this blogger. 

So, the question arises on how to find bloggers to promote your product on the internet. Start off by googling something like “niche+bloggers” and explore the blogs you’ve found. We’ve compiled some of the best ways to get in touch with influencers.

Check the Contacts Page

Most often, bloggers place their contact information on the “Contacts” page of their website, so it’s the best place to check first. But some influencers prefer to hide their information to avoid irrelevant offers from merchants. You can also look here for contact information:

  • Terms and conditions
  • FAQ
  • Privacy policy
  • Pricing
  • Donate us page
  • Write for us page, etc.

Use Whois

If the website doesn’t contain any details on how to reach its owner, use Whois. The platform collects information on domains and, in most cases, can provide contact information. For example, we’ve looked up the Migrationology blog on Whois, and this is  what we got:

You’ll only be able to see contacts if the website owner hasn’t hidden them on purpose. Otherwise, Whois shows website hosting companies as well, so you can send a request to their address. 

Search on Google

Another simple yet efficient way to find contacts is through Google. Just enter “contact site:” and let the search engine do the rest.

Try Email Finders

Try email finders

These tools help find email addresses of people or companies. For example, is a Chrome extension that collects data from the internet and provides emails, names and jobs of the website owners you’re interested in. Then, it screens for valid addresses and allows you to launch email campaigns and check whether your messages have been opened.

Hunter allows you to find contact information with the help of a domain name, containing over 200 million email addresses in its database. Contacts+ is another online platform that looks up contacts and checks their accuracy as well as eliminates duplicates. Anymail Finder allows you to find and verify email addresses of employees from any company.

Use Blogger Outreach Tools

Save time and effort with the special platforms listed below. They present thousands of bloggers who are ready to cooperate so that you don’t have to make countless attempts to try finding an active influencer.

  • NinjaOutreach has a large database of over 4 million influencers from all walks of life and helps find the right one for your marketing campaign, which you can also manage on the platform. 
  • claims to be the world’s largest community for the influencer marketing industry, accounting for over 150K active users. 
  • Klear features bloggers in 60,000 topic categories and provides their contact information.

Another way is to explore some of the best article writing services where many bloggers are also present.

Social Media

If scrolling the web for contacts doesn’t help, consider unleashing the potential of social media. 

  • Need to find bloggers on Facebook? Type in relevant keywords in the search box on Facebook. You’ll see both influencers and communities, and Facebook allows you to contact them directly.
  • Need to find bloggers on Instagram? The best way is to search with relevant hashtags. For example, type in #traveler to find travel and lifestyle influencers.

When you identify relevant bloggers, look through their subscriptions to find more opportunities. Networking on Instagram is a common thing. If you’re wondering how to find bloggers in your area, add a location hashtag, e.g. #NewYork or #NY, etc. 

  • Need to find bloggers on Twitter? In contrast to other platforms, Twitter allows users to share their contact information in their bios. Many bloggers take advantage of this in order to find more networking opportunities. Another way is to show your interest by tweeting something like: “@_username_ hey, I have an offer, how can I reach you?” 

It’s not only crucial to know how to find bloggers and influencers, but also to check how impactful they are. Social Blade is a program that every marketer should have in their toolbelt. It allows you to check the blogger’s presence on social media such as YouTube, Twitch, Instagram or Twitter, and track their growth. 

Post a Backlink

By this point, you have already got a few ideas on how to find bloggers for your brand. If none of these strategies have worked and you’re wondering how to find bloggers to collaborate with, place a backlink on your website to the website you want to cooperate with. 

Bloggers who are interested in promotion always monitor their backlink profile, so they’ll see a new link and may contact you. You can either insert a backlink in a relevant context or directly express your desire to cooperate.

How to Contact a Blogger

Once you know how to find bloggers to collaborate with, it’s time to make a proposal. How do you go about sparking their interest to start communicating?

  1. First, carefully explore the blog you want to cooperate with. It will help you understand its owner’s preferences to come up with a valuable offer in contrast to the irrelevant proposals they might be getting.
  2. Stay concise and clear when writing a letter. It should be informative but not too long. You can start by expressing your interest and understanding of what the blogger does and then move on to the offer. 
  3. Fill in the subject line. It is the first thing a blogger will check once the email reaches their inbox, and without a subject line, your letter might look unprofessional. Much like the letter itself, the subject line should be short yet informative.

НOw to Find Bloggers to Collaborate With

There are several ways of blogger outreach, depending on your niche, location, preferences, etc. To find an influencer, first try Google, then social media or outreach tools.

If you are interested in a particular platform, for example, how to find bloggers on Amazon, look through the users’ idea List to find active followers. Once you have a blogger in mind, prepare a clear and concise offer, and send it.

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