Target Audience and Popular Destinations for Summer 2019

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The Intui contest with a total prize pool of $1,000 is going on! To make it easier on you, our colleagues from the Intui affiliate program prepared material that will answer the two questions: who is the target audience and where they would go this summer. target audience and popular destinations for summer 2019

Target Audience

15-25% of travelers who buy tickets online want to order a transfer. In order to sell transfer services, you’ll need to tell your potential customer how this transfer will make their trip easier and better. We’ve reduced all the travelers who often order transfers into four main categories and presented ways in which transfer services can help each one of them on the road.

Who Orders Transfer

  1. Independent travelers with children or luggage including as sports equipment, for example.

For them, transfer solves the following problems:

  • Going by public transport which is already super uncomfortable, long and hard, but they also need to hold your child and luggage at the same time.
  • It takes forever to arrive at their hotel because the children are acting out after an exhausting flight.
  • They need a big car with car seats for children.
  • It is uncomfortable to take a shuttle bus. It makes a few stops along the way, but won’t stop upon request.
  • With transfer, you can go anywhere you need to, like your hotel, airport or a theme park, for example.
  1. Big groups of 5+ travelers.

For them, transfer services solve the following problems:

  • A standard taxi is insufficient for such a group, and ordering a few taxis is expensive.
  • Considering a large number of travelers, the overall expenses on public transport are comparable to transfer costs.
  • It will be cheaper to take a transfer and go on a tour than simply buy a tour package.
  • A transfer is particularly important if you are in an exotic country. Public transportation is not always good, and local people may not speak English. It is easier to order a transfer to ensure comfortable transportation.
  1. Huge corporations booking for their employees.

For them, transfer solves the following problems:

  • It is possible to order a luxury class car.
  • The transfer will be waiting for the employees in the airport, so they won’t be late for their meetings, because they won’t have to look for a car themselves.
  • If there is a group of employees, it is easier to order a big car.
  1. Travel agencies booking for their clients. Almost every tour package includes a transfer from the airport to the hotel, or it is possible to add it on.

In this case, there are two ways of generating income. If your blog or website is aimed at travel agents, they will be able to book transfer for their clients through your affiliate link.

If you are a provider of holiday packages, there is another way of increasing your income with Travelpayouts. You can add widgets or affiliate links to your website and offer your clients the option to book a transfer themselves if it is not already part of their package.

For them, a transfer solves the following problems:

  • Going from the airport to the hotel is often stressful. It takes forever because a bus normally stops at multiple different hotels, and you have to leave your hotel very early because journey is time-consuming. On the flipside, a transfer doesn’t stop along the way and the time of departure is calculated considering traffic.
  • Also, there are many irritating stops at souvenir shops. A transfer doesn’t make such stops.
  • cars have WiFi, and you can charge your phone, making the trip much more comfortable.
  • A good transfer experience makes the whole tour package look better.

Next, we have a list of possible complaints that you might hear from travelers. Answers to each one of them can be themes for separate articles. We will illustrate each type of complaint with an example of content that you can provide.

A Transfer Is Much More Expensive Than a Taxi.

You should explain that this is not always true. A transfer might be a bit more expensive, but on the flipside, it is more comfortable. Sometimes, a transfer costs the same as taxi or even less. Its main advantage is that a traveler knows the price of the trip in advance. As for taxis, there are a lot of additional costs such as night fare, luggage fee or even a charge for time wasted on traffic. A traveler can often be clueless about the final price of the trip, especially if it is the first time in a new country.

Types of content to deliver:

  1. Articles “How to get from the airport to the city center of <name of the city>” or “How much it costs to get from the airport to the city center of <name of the city>”. You can compare public transport, taxi and transfer services.
  2. Travel budget. Choose one country or city, calculate the travel budget including transfer and tell more about the advantages of such transportation.

I Can Only Book a Transfer From the Airport to the Hotel

For many people, a transfer means only getting from the airport to their hotel. Actually, you can book a transfer from anywhere to anywhere. For example, from your hotel or even a bus stop to sights or a shopping mall. Pros are obvious: You’ll move around exclusively with your friends or family, and the trip won’t have unnecessary stops unless you ask for one.

Types of content to deliver:

  1. Articles “How to get to <sight>”. Compare a few transportation options in different respects, like their cost and level of comfort.
  2. “What to do in <city name>”. Offer a list of activities or even an itinerary for a few days and suggest how to get from one destination to another.

Booking Online Is Hard

For many tourists, it seems easier to catch a taxi or book through an app. A transfer is something usual for them, as a part of a package tour.

Types of content to deliver:

  1. Detailed information about how to book a transfer.
  2. Review of the service.

I Don’t Know What Car to Choose

It might be a problem to choose a car.

Types of content to deliver:

  1. Talk about cars that you can book with
  2. Suggest specific cars for families and companies, for example: “What car to book for a family of 5 people”.
  3. Advise them to choose a car depending on the situation: “What car to book a trip to <sight>”. This is particularly relevant for getting to remote locations.

Popular Destinations for the Summer 2019

In the table below, you can see landing pages for each destination. Every landing page has a list of popular transfer itineraries, so that a traveler doesn’t have to memorize the destination and simply select it from the list. The average transfer price is 60 EUR.

CountryLanding page

Greece is one of the destinations with the highest average check. Specially for our blog, prepared links to popular transfer itineraries in tourist cities in Greece:






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