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Despite 2020 having seen a dramatic slowdown in tourism, the market is already beginning to recover. The revenue annual growth rate in the taxi and transfers niche (2020 – 2024) is expected to reach 17.5%, and the market worth is projected at 365 billion dollars by 2024. Join the i’way affiliate program and earn 7% of the booking cost for transfers worldwide.

What Is I’Way

i’way is the first Russian online booking platform for transfers worldwide. It was launched in 2009 and has already carried over 9 million passengers. i’way operates in 600 cities across 120 countries in Europe, Russia, North and South America, Africa, and Asia. 

The company website supports English, Russian, and Ukranian languages. There, you can check the cost of a transfer to the exact location, which doesn’t change in contrast to the airport taxi pricing. 

Meanwhile, you don’t need to worry about indicating the wrong address because the platform uses Google maps to check the destination. Clients can simply enter their hotel name or street in any language, even with typos, and i’way will suggest options. 

Transfer will also be canceled free of charge if the client’s flight was canceled, if the message canceling the flight was sent by Flightstats, or if the passenger cancels before the car has left for the arrival airport (usually, it’s 40-60 minutes before the flight arrives). 

If the flight is delayed, the passenger won’t have to pay for the driver’s downtime. 

Clients can also cancel the transfer or change their information free of charge, with no hidden costs. Optionally, clients can request that the driver meets them with a name plate at the airport or at the train station. This is particularly relevant for those who travel abroad. Calls are expensive, so it’s more comfortable if the driver meets them with a name plate. 

The platform features 24/7 support in English and Russian, with direct phone numbers in 15 of the most popular countries.

Clients can also install the i’way mobile app, i’way assist, from the AppStore or Google Play, which the company strongly recommends doing. There, one can track down the driver’s location on the map and send them a message in the chat, just like in a taxi app. 

The app also sends notifications of upcoming trips and invites passengers to evaluate each one of them. The client can easily find their driver and won’t get lost in a strange place. Passengers who installed the app are ten times more likely to meet the driver and avoid getting lost. Other transfer companies can’t boast the same.

Learn more about i’way and the transfer booking service on the official website

How to Prevent the Spread of Viruses

  1. Drivers wear masks while on duty. 
  2. Cars are regularly ozonized and disinfected.
  3. Every car has hand sanitizer, which passengers can use after getting in the car.

i’way also requests transport partners to provide a set of documents confirming that hygiene requirements are met, including photos and videos demonstrating sanitation, checks for disinfectants, and disinfection registers.

I’Way Affiliate Program

The service offers affiliates a 7% commission of each transfer booking, which is $3 on average. The order is automatically confirmed upon payment.

Join the i’way affiliate program and earn 7% of each booking cost.

I’Way Advantages for Affiliates

  1. Affiliates get about half of the company’s revenue on completed bookings.
  2. The average affiliate revenue for one trip is $3. 70% of orders include round trips, thus bringing double profit.
  3. Average order check is $45.
  4. i’way allows for API integration, helps affiliates prepare content, and shares photographic materials. The advertiser is ready to share the best cases on service integration into main product sales with travel agencies.

How to Make Money With I’Way

  1. The main i’way audience includes B2B clients who are very demanding. The platform partners with the best companies in the regions where it operates, without involving taxi services. All the partners undergo a rigorous selection. It’s a challenging task to become one of the i’way transport partners or drivers.
    Offer transfers to business travelers who value service quality and status. 30% of corporate European travelers fly once a month, 62% fly once a year, and 5% fly 21 to 40 times a year, according to an international business travel agency
  2. i’way doesn’t simply transmit orders to transport partners in regions, the company interviews service representatives and checks documents of drivers and cars. Mention these features to highlight the service reliability and attract both families and solo travelers.
  3. Clients interact with drivers via the mobile app, and i’way can monitor the delivery of services in real time.
  4. Transfer cost includes the driver assisting with client’s luggage. This and safety during transfer are important points for solo travelers, so mention these advantages.
  5. An important benefit which has already become an indicator of high-quality transfer services is free waiting for the passengers for up to an hour after the flight arrives.
    Flights get delayed very often, that’s why clients appreciate free waiting time as they don’t have to worry that their transfer leaves, they’ll have to look for another car, overpay for the driver’s downtime or airport taxi. Describe possible situations with taxi services and show that clients won’t face these types of problems with i’way.
  6. Present in detail how the service is comfortable, because it greatly influences the impression of the whole trip. Clients can request that the driver meets them at the airport and doesn’t have to worry about finding them upon arrival. There is no need to search for a car on the spot or look for cash, because the payment is made when you book, so clients don’t need to connect to Wi-Fi at the airport to order a taxi. A comfortable car and a polite driver with a name plate are already waiting for them at the airport. At the same time, clients don’t overpay. i’way pricing is generally lower than the cost of an airport taxi.

i’way forecast of popular destinations in Turkey for summer 2020 

  • Antalya airport ←→ Belek, Side, Kemer
  • Dalaman airport ←→ Fethiye, Oludeniz, Marmaris

I’Way Target Audience

  • Client’s age is 30 – 60 years old, of which 60% are women and 40% are men.
  • Audience interests include travel, events, culture, sport, active lifestyle, family, and caring for parents.
  • Most often, the i’way audience purchases transfers from a desktop version of the service and finds the website in social media groups dedicated to travel. In general, social media is the best traffic source for the target audience.

Affiliate Tools and Tips on Their Placement

Tools: Link generators, links, and banners. 


  1. The average booking window is from one to 14 days before departure. This is a period between the transfer booking and the departure date. Take it into account when scheduling your posts.
    10% of clients book a transfer one month in advance or earlier
    20% — three to four weeks before the departure
    40% — five to 15 days before the departure
    30% — one to three days before the departure
  2. Mention facts about i’way that will help build trust with the audience, when creating posts and ads:
    — 9 million passengers since 2009
    — 670 cities covered
    — i‘way cars are up to five years old and from C class
    — Car classes include executive, standard, comfort, luxury, minivan, and minibus, even Tesla
    — Cars don’t have any taxi sign as well as ads, which is important for business travelers
    — It’s prohibited to smoke while in a car, for both the driver and the passenger

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