The Momondo Affiliate Program

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Momondo is an online platform that allows you to search for flight tickets at low prices. In addition to flight tickets, Momondo offers travelers hotels, car rentals, and other travel services. By joining the Momondo affiliate program, you can monetize your travel blog by recommending the brand’s services.

About Momondo

Momondo operates in over 30 countries and allows tourists to plan the perfect trip in just a few clicks. Everything they need is available on the site, including:

  • Flights
  • Hotels
  • Car rentals
  • And other travel services

In 2006, Momondo started out as a service that allowed users to search for cheap flight tickets. Later, Momondo’s services expanded significantly and, today, the platform is a convenient tool for travel planning.

Momondo is a metasearch engine, which means that it does not directly sell flight tickets, but redirects the client to the supplier’s website (an online travel agency or airline website). The main alternatives to Momondo are WayAway and Skyscanner, offering similar functionality to customers.

Customer reviews of Momondo highlight the following features:

  • Best Price Detector
  • Ticket Creator (ideal tool for flights with multiple stops)
  • Price Alert

In addition, Momondo customers note in their reviews that it is very convenient to find cheap tickets thanks to filters and hints. As a result, even an inexperienced traveler will be able to book a ticket online, and you will earn money on each booking if you join the Momondo affiliate program.

How the Momondo Affiliate Program Works

Momondo pays partners for clicks in the search results. It works like this:

  • You send traffic to Momondo
  • Your audience explores the available deals 
  • You receive income every time a person goes from the Momondo website to the supplier’s website (agency or airline)

The Skyscanner affiliate program works in a similar way. Together with Momondo, these two brands are the main travel CPC affiliate programs among all airline programs. Most other flight affiliate programs operate on the CPA model, which means they share revenue with you based on the sales of flight tickets.

Terms of the Affiliate Program

Commission$0.21 to $0.48
CookieUp to 30 days

The commission of the Momondo affiliate program depends on the user’s device:

  • $0.48 per click-out on desktop and tablet
  • $0.21 per click-out on mobile

According to reviews of the Momondo affiliate program, the revenue per click is within this range. However, in case of low-quality traffic (e.g., audience does not buy anything), Momondo may disconnect partners from the program.

The Momondo partner program is available on various platforms, such as CJ. In addition, Momondo invites affiliates with a large volume of traffic (more than 200,000 monthly visitors) to work directly. Potential partners can reach them via the official email address:

Benefits of Joining the Momondo Affiliate Program

  • Established and reputable brand
  • Momondo is open to working with different types of partners (not just travel blog owners)
  • There are local domains for different countries and Momondo is available in over 30 countries and accepts multiple currencies

All of this makes the affiliate program a good choice not only for affiliates with traffic from the US, but also for affiliates with traffic from other locales. While Momondo offers one of the highest commission rates in the industry, it only pays for clicks on its own flight products. In reviews, partners shared that some clicks are unpaid, which is often due to this particular feature.

Review of the Momondo Affiliate Program

The Momondo affiliate program is one of the most popular airline affiliate programs. For some regions, this affiliate program is even in the top 3. In reviews of the program, it is clear that webmasters value the brand for the payment model with pays them for clicks instead of sales.

Momondo is one of the few CPC affiliate programs in the travel niche. Most other flight ticket affiliate programs work on the CPA model. For some types of traffic, the CPC model may be more lucrative, but to find the best option for you, try some alternative programs first. For high-quality travel traffic, the CPA model is usually more lucrative (e.g., the WayAway affiliate program).

WayAway works in a similar manner to Momondo. Your audience will be able to compare offers from all airlines and online travel agencies to find the best flights in a few clicks. In addition, WayAway offers customers with a cashback (a refund of part of the ticket price), which makes the final cost even lower. For partners, WayAway offers a fair remuneration model by providing payment for purchases made.

By joining the WayAway affiliate program, you can monetize your travel blog by earning on the sale of flight tickets. You will not receive income for clicks. While income is only provided for sales, in the end, with quality traffic, this ends up being more profitable. For comparison, if a ticket cost $1,000, you will receive:

  • Momondo – Up to $0.48
  • WayAway – Up to $17.00

Not every click generates a sale, so you can’t directly compare the CPC and CPA models. However, neither Momondo nor Skyscanner pays for clicks on affiliate links. Instead, you earn per click-out (a click on the Momondo website that go to another site to make a purchase), which often lead to purchases. If you have high-quality traffic that is interested in buying a ticket, the CPA model (pay per sale) can be significantly more profitable.

Join the WayAway affiliate program on the Travelpayouts platform. The WayAway affiliate program is available without pre-moderation.

50% revenue share
30 days cookie lifetime
$10 per sale of WayAway Plus
The WayAway Partner Program
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