Travelpayouts Promo Codes for Registration in 2022

Andrey Novoselov Andrey Novoselov
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The promo codes for registration in Travelpayouts are special codes that allow you to get a commission rising to 90%. Usually, the commission increase is relevant for a limited period, from 1 month to 3 months, depending on the Travelpayouts code that you used during the registration. On this page, you will learn how the codes work and how to get an increased rate not only while creating a new profile but also at any moment of partnership.


Travelpayouts Promo Code: How to Use

The code option is available only for new members. In the registration form, you will find the “Promo code” field:

Travelpayouts promo code: how to use

Filling the coupon code field is optional, you can register without it also.

Please note that creating multiple accounts for unreasonable benefits is not welcomed although we do not have a pre-moderation of accounts. It is also forbidden to create accounts that are your own referrals.

What Profit Can You Get?

Specifying the code during the registration allows you to get an increased commission. Standard commission of partners: 50-60% depending on the sales volume and payment method, you will find further information in the knowledge base. Thanks to the promotional tool, it can be increased up to 90%.

Clear conditions: the final rate and the validity period are always presented in the source where you’ve received the code. For example, an increase to 65% for three months means that if you registered on the first of June, you would have an increased rate for three months (June, July, August) until August 31. However, starting from September, October, November, December and so on, you will have a standard rate.

How to Get a Travelpayouts Promo Code

Promo codes for January, February, March 2022/2023 or another month of the year are not provided as some other services practice. All our codes are connected to events and have limited validity, for example, until April 30 or May 31. Usually, we distribute coupons and promotional codes:

  • On the events we attend (conferences, summits and so on);
  • Sometimes on special days or holidays.

If you miss all, you always can increase your commission rate. To do this, contact us and offer an interesting case that will be useful for your colleagues — members of the travel affiliate market. We will gladly raise the rate to 90% for three months to any author of a standing case. Here are a few examples of previous cases:

To get a higher rate (do not confuse with the promo code!), please contact us. In this case, the increase can be obtained not only while creating a new profile but also at any moment of its existence.