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We launched our new referral program on April 1, 2022. The good news is that you can earn more with the new referral program!

Launching the new Travelpayouts referral program

What is the Travelpayouts referral program?

With Travelpayouts, you can earn in two ways:

  • The referral link with your marker will remain the same. If you shared it anywhere on your blog, email, or social media, it is not necessary to replace it. 
  • The Travelpayouts referral program is global. You can invite referrals from all over the world using your referral link.
  • Partner marketing: Recommend travel services of brands registered at Travelpayouts. 
  • Referral marketing: Participate in the referral program to attract new partners and earn revenue on their sales. At the same time, the referral’s earnings do not decrease, as the revenue is paid to the member by Travelpayouts.

Terms of the new referral program

  1. The member receives 7% on earnings of the referred partner from all affiliate programs.
  2. The member receives revenue for the first two years after the referral’s initial registration.

We launched the new referral program on April 1, 2022.

What will happen to partners who earned with the previous Travelpayouts referral program?

  • For all referrals connected less than two years ago, the referrer will start to receive a 7% revenue on earnings from all affiliate programs immediately.
  • All members with the referrals who joined Travelpayouts over two years ago and have great incomes will receive emails from us shortly, in which we’ll explain the process of moving to the new referral program.    

Join the Travelpayouts referral program

To start earning with the Travelpayouts referral program, you don’t need to register for any individual referral programs. Every Travelpayouts partner is given a unique referral link immediately after registering in our network. Here are the instructions on how to find a referral link on the Travelpayouts dashboard.

  1. Click the “Invite” button in the referral program block in your Travelpayouts personal account.
  2. Copy the referral link with your marker.
    the referral link with your marker
  3. Share the link with your audience in a chat, on social media, or on your blog. 

Statistics on the referral program are displayed in the “Reports” section on the “Referrals” tab.

Statistics on the referral program on the “Referrals” tab
Statistics on the referral program on the “Referrals” tab

How to get more referrals and start to receive a good income

To earn a good income through the Travelpayouts referral program, you should do two things: 

  1. Tell your audience about the possibility of earning in the travel niche via Travelpayouts. 
  2. Help your referrals start earning with Travelpayouts. You will receive 7% on the earnings of referred partners from all affiliate programs. Therefore, the more they earn, the higher your income will be.

There are some ideas for content that will help you get more referrals and help your referrals begin earning with Travelpayouts.

Tell your audience about the possibility to monetize travel content

  1. Publish a review of the Travelpayouts partnership network. Many have heard about partnership marketing, but not everyone knows about the opportunity to monetize travel content.
  2. Publish a review which compares various partnership networks that offer the possibility of earning by promoting travel services.
  3. Share your own experiences earning with Travelpayouts.

Encourage your referrals to start earning with Travelpayouts

It is hard to start doing something when you don’t see any result and don’t even know how to start. Encourage your referrals to work with Travelpayouts.

What to mention: 

  1. Various partner tools and the cases in which they are useful.
  2. Various platforms where you can create and monetize content, such as blogs and social media.
  3. How to earn your first money with Travelpayouts. For example, buying an activity for yourself using a partner link and receiving a reward from Travelpayouts. 
  4. A selection of partner programs that make it easy to start out in partner marketing.

There are several ways to invite referrals. For example, during a private conversation, you can discuss partner marketing and Travelpayouts and then suggest registering using your referral link.

You can ask questions about the new referral program in the comments below.

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